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Better Fps - Render Distance[Fabric]

Better FPS Render Distance is a mod which adds a few performance improvements to increase fps.
This is the fabric version of Better Render distances, for the Forge version click here: Forge

Render distance:

By default minecraft renders everything in a square radius, this is changed to a 3d circular radius which can be stretched horizontally via config or video option(video options button is not available with optifine). The higher the stretch the less caves below you will be rendered, esp distant ones. Provides about 10-35% less chunk sections to be rendered and thus gives a neat fps boost.
Adds "HRdistStretch" Option which allows you to stretch the circular render distance in horizontal direction, so instead of a circle you get an ellipsis. Aka: Set it higher and less far chunk parts sections lower/higher than you will be rendered. To see it visually just stand on a tall mountain/fly up and set it to the max of 10.
Visual example for render distances:


Incompatible with very many players (VMP) mod.
Only required on clientside. Can be put on serverside but does nothing there.

If you enjoy this mod consider supporting the development, any support is greatly appreciated.

The development is an unpaid free-time activity, so any support helps being able to spend more time on it.
You can support me on Patreon or just spreading the word around.