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1.18.2 - 1.19 - 1.20

Looking for a Forge version? Check it out here! 




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Requires Fabric API and Cloth Config (Not required on 1.19.2+)



Mod Showcases (Forge version) (All credits to their respective content creators <3)

[English] All credits to Bloodyneck, bstylia14, Gimme Vidya, and Pwrdown respectively.






[Spanish] All credits to Anthonycraft, HelldogMadness, JoseLuis, and lauchering respectively.






* Biomes shown are from Ecotones


When Dungeons Arise is a massive dungeon generator which gathers plenty of dungeons and generates them randomly on your worlds to ensure glorious adventures and challenges. We have took a step away from standard vanilla structures, resulting in imposing dungeons to lose yourself into.


However, be wary when you venture into a palace in search of precious loot, and don't forget to land safely after raiding a hostile airship. Dungeons will generate foes to keep you away from them... at least until you're ready to walk across countless, dangerous passages...


This mod is currently under steady development. New dungeons will be added in each update! ^^ 



 Anyway, what have we got?


Randomized temples and palaces, fortresses and cities, which spawn different rooms and passages, along with custom loot tables. These often include various vanilla loot tables used by other mods, which means your progress on these dungeons will surely help you progress on other mods that focus on world exploration too!

Other hostile structures such as windmills or houses may also generate on your world, although these ones are fairly easy to conquer... I think... maybe?




Don't you love the smell of gunpowder in the morning?

Hostile ships generate across the seven seas, carrying loot which ranges from gold nuggets to unheard-of treasures.



The sky carries its own secrets: mysterious planes and airships wander aimlessly around the world, without a port to return to... yet? Most of these contain valuable redstone materials, although this kind of loot isn't only available in the skies, but also on the dark alleys of hidden mines. I can't just tell you all my secrets though!


And, of course, we must mention -or at least show- other kind of structures... Mage towers, coliseums, tree houses...


And many more...


* Some of these pictures were originally taken on the Forge version, but all structures are the same.



Can I use this on my modpack?

Yes! Just make sure to give us credit. If possible, link it back to this forum post.

Do these dungeons generate if I add them on a world I already explored?

Yes. You will have to explore further and load new chunks though! Remember to save a backup of your world just in case.

What about Forge?



1.18.2+ uses datapacks. You can download some of them here. If you want to remove flying structures, check this out. Everything can be configured by your own datapacks.



While most original structures from this mod were built by Aurelj, DiamondTown and Zephyrusj, we'd love to thank MercyWhistles and Wyll_ for letting us include some of their structures too.

TelephaticGrunt's Structure Tutorial was used as a reference for internal parts of the mod. This is an awesome modding tutorial and we wouldn't have been able to create this mod without some help.


Special thanks to @banananugetz for creating such a nice logo!