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For people who want a harmless way to escape and build their own world; for all the creatives and for the people who just want to have fun — this modpack might be what you're lookin' for.
Though I mention vanilla quite frequently, BaerCraft isn’t a vanilla-plus modpack despite potentially appearing that way on the surface. I wanted to appeal to many different aspects of the game such as being creative, progression, difficulty, functionality and enjoyment. I’ve tried to make progression a lot slower since there is so much content, though there’s plenty of things to do along the way. That being said, I wanted to make it challenging as well since I felt like Minecraft was fairly easy even on the hardest difficulty. You’re meant to take your time on everything, but also give you an entire world to explore and escape to when you need it. Though, you’re free to play in any way that you want; as long as you’re having fun.
There isn't only one way to play this modpack. While that's also the case with just about every other one, I made sure to add enough content to just about every aspect of the game so you don't just play to the end and never touch the game again. You'll always be able to come back and never have the same experience as before. This pack does not only focus on one aspect of the game, as it's aimed to provide many optional things to do so that every type of player has a chance to enjoy it. Technology is not required and the quests are not required. Most aspects of the pack are completely optional to give players as much freedom to play as they like. If you're not a fan of tech mods, then don't worry! You don't need to use them as there's plenty of other things to do.
As someone who was desperate for an escape from reality, I learned how important it was for people like myself to find that perfect thing. I’ve also always had a difficult time expressing myself in a creative way, but Minecraft has always been one way for me to have freedom to create whatever I want. I’ve always used games for both of those things as well as just having fun. I kept all of that in mind when I first started taking this project “seriously” and wanted to appeal to basically everyone. I know I’ll never be able to please everyone out there, but I can always try! I’m really bad as describing things, so please don’t judge a book by its cover!

Pretty important: the use of OptiFine or Rubidium is highly recommended, however some players seem to run fine without. Though, it will most likely improve your FPS and overall performance. so I suggest trying to see what works best for you! ADDITIONALLY, MAGNESIUM IS NO LONGER RECOMMENDED OR SUPPORTED FOR BAERCRAFT. IF YOU CRASH OR NOTICE EXCESSIVE USE OF HARDWARE, STOP USING IT AND I DO NOT ASSIST IN RESOLVING ANY ISSUE WITH THE MOD.



Customizations! — There are tons of customizations made to the pack. Almost all of the configs have been carefully changed to appeal to the overall theme of the modpack and to make small improvements/adjust gameplay accordingly. There are a ton of custom datapacks either adding custom content or changing the existing content added by mods like loot tables, settings, etc. I've made sure to write scripts to change a ton of recipes to make them easier, balanced, or even harder for the sake of progression. Even dragonsteel has a completely different recipe than most people are used to. There's always a ton of custom things being added/altered in almost every update!

— BaerCraft features heaps of new mobs ranging from cute, peaceful, annoying, mystical, loud, and plenty of in between. There are way too many to list. I plan on adding many mods that introduce plenty of new creatures and bosses!
Building! — I’ve included many mods that contain a ton of building materials for those who enjoy creating things in either survival or creative. There’s hundreds of new blocks and decorations you can use as of now, but much like every main feature in BaerCraft, I plan on adding even more so your ideas can easily come to life — at least in Minecraft.
Creativity! — This is similar to the paragraph above, but I’ve really tried to add a bunch of different materials and objects to bring your bases, spawn or general creations to life. The possibilities for your builds are endless. If you add technology to the mix, who knows what your mind can build! Sometimes I get overwhelmed at all the things I have to choose from when I’m building! There's also tools like WorldEdit, Not Enough Creativity and Chisels and Bits to help you create anything you'd like. 
Collecting/Quests! — I really enjoy games that offer plenty of things to do ranging from pointless things to the actual gameplay. There's plenty to do in this modpack and there isn't just one way to play it either. There’s plenty of utterly pointless things to do much like collecting items, finding many different tameable mobs, but not limited to: armor sets, non-vanilla weapons, non-vanilla tools, animal trophies, creature skulls, knickknacks, etc and much more coming in the future! I decided to combine the quest book and BaerCraft's custom advancements to make it feel less quest-based, as the quests are not required to progress! They're there to provide you with something to do if you're into that sort of thing.
Technology! — While I’m not a redstone/tech expert, I do occasionally play around with it, but I know many of other people love it more than me. That’s why I’ve decided to include a few technology/redstone mods that stick mostly to the vanilla look and feel. I’ve made sure to include mods that are well-known and loved. The few technology mods that are included are: Applied Energistics 2, Create, Immersive Engineering, Thermal Expansion, Thermal Cultivation, Thermal Foundation and Redstone Pen.
World Generation! — I’ve always felt like Minecraft was super lackluster when it came to making the world feel alive, so I’ve tried my best to change that. I’ve made sure to completely overhaul the caves to make them feel much more animated and cave-like along with adding a few things to make the world more lush. Underground is full of minerals and gems. Even though I’ve already included mobs, I want to add it again to emphasize that there are a ton of new mobs making the world feel much less alone and giving you plenty of friends, or enemies, to meet along your journey. There's plenty of new biomes to explore, but not an overwhelming amount that makes it feel like you're in a completely different game.
Dimensions! — On top of the new Nether Minecraft introduces in 1.16.5, a few of the mods included expands it in a few ways like adding new structures, mobs, loot, etc. Aside from the Nether, I’ve made sure to spruce up the End a ton with many new mobs, structures, biomes and improving the look of it overall so it’s not as bland as before. Aside from the exisiting dimensions, there are 5 new dimensions; 8 dimensions in total - . We have the Atum, the Bumblezone, the Undergarden, the Everbright and the Everdawn. They all are so unique in their own ways. They are all quite large, too, so you'll have more than enough to discover. 
Various Improvements! — While I'm continuing to work on many different improvements, there's still plenty of improvements to basically aspect of the game. A few of them are: when the game crashes, it'll take you to the menu instead of taking you back to the launcher (most of the time), there's an option to have an alternate sprint key, there's an option to have a separate key for sneak and dismount, double tap while flying, you can pause the game without having to click escape (you can still use escape though), water in cauldrons render as opaque, end portals render from all directions, boats can float upwards, mobs can cross rails, player takes damage when falling while in a boat, many mouse tweaks to allow players to quickly move items in and out of chest or while crafting, no more experimental settings when loading into worlds, entity culling to majorly improve FPS, speeding up the process of loading up the game without sending your CPU into overdrive, a mod to lower your frames while your AFK or tabbed out so your GPU can take a rest until you return, a mod that shows evidence of overall improvements to many aspects of the game, optimizing mob spawning and AI, world generation, chunk loading times, block ticking, explosions, and so, so much more!


Game doesn’t always completely quit, but instead takes you to the title screen if it crashes.
A few handy tools for all the creatives (like WorldEdit, NotEnoughCreativity, etc)
Enhanced visuals and ambiance.
A complete cave overhaul.
Dynamic trees.
Expanding forests.
Way better mineshafts plus biome variants.
There’s seasons.
Apple trees!
A few new biomes in the overworld and the End.
Many recipe tweaks.
Tweaked behavior of several mobs making them more difficult.
Increased health and damage cap. 
Tokens which can give you super op enhancements.
You can change the color of the enchantment glint on armor and weapons.
Absolute overhaul of Strongholds. They are massive and contain a bunch of op loot.
No anvil cap.
Enchantment descriptions.
Different textures for many of the enchantment books.
Potions and enchantment books stack to 16.
You can customize elytras using dye or a banner
The Nether spreads from the portal, but it's preventable.
Added a bunch of new dungeons.
Added new structures.
Hundreds of new blocks.
Tons of new passive, neutral and hostile mobs.
You can increase your pet's health by right-clicking it with a heart crystal!
There's terracotta walls, stairs and slabs.
Chests, ladders, etc now have wood-specific variants.
Shulker storage overhaul. 
Chest storage overhaul.
You don’t trample crops if you’re wearing boots with feather falling.
Expanded the amount of crops for all you farmers out there.
There's a new tool called a scythe that functions like a hoe and can harvest crops in a circular or square shape (depending on material) and can even replant them for you!
There’s a blood moon and harvest moon.
Your health is now divided into 8 parts: head, body, arms and legs.
Redstone mechanics have been improved.
There's a redstone pen that allows you to draw redstone on any surface. It allows for much more compact and intricate machines.
Dragons can spawn in clusters underground, so if you make one mad, it can make the other 2-5 mad as well! They also don’t spawn in every biome anymore. (I’ve recorded 9 connected dragons dens by the way).
Piglins and pillagers are more difficult.
Ghasts spawn a tiny bit more than normal.
Rabbits also spawn more and in more biomes.
The default world type is set to “Large Biomes” so it makes things a bit more challenging.
There’s a minimap and a world map.
Item placed in an enchantment table stay in the slots if the player exits the GUI. 
It now takes 22 bookshelves to perform enchants at the highest level.
Bookshelves no longer require airblocks between themselves and the enchanting table.
When a player dies, their items are placed into a gravestone and are given an obituary to locate their gravestone.
There are mutant versions of zombies, creepers, endermen and skeletons.
There are glowing vanilla flowers, grass, ferns, leaves and saplings that glow as bright as glowstone to serve as an alternative way to light up your builds!

(Mainly for servers, but still available for single-player worlds) -

You can send mail to other players using Endermen!
If you stand still for a certain amount of time, you're considered "AFK" so other players can sleep and let the night pass.



I've done most of the things I had originally planned, but I have a lot more plans now that I've accomplished my original plans :)




Have you ever wanted to rip your own fingernails out, but also chug your 6th Monster energy drink of the night just because you couldn’t get enough of a modpack? Well, Trash Panda Craft might be the perfect pack for you!

Trash Panda Craft focuses on adventure, magic, difficulty and progression. While also being hardcore, a main focus is on enjoyment. It’s no fun playing a hardcore modpack just because it’s hard! This modpack adds spice to every corner, but in a pleasant way. It’s not so spicy that it just hurts, but rather has the perfect amount of spice and flavor so that it’s fun along the way.


Somewhat outdated. I will try to update this as soon as possible. For now, please just reference the "Relations" page

Additional Lights
Adorn (Juicebus)
Advancement Frames (MehVahdJukaar, plantspookable)
Advancement Plaques (Grend_G)
Alex’s Mobs (alex1the1666)

AmbientSounds 5 (CreativeMD, ariafreeze)
AppleSkin (squeek502)
Apple Trees Revived (Dav729)
Applied Energistics 2 (AlgorithmX2, Ridanisaurus, thatsIch, FireBall1725, TeamAppliedEnergistics)
Aquaculture 2 (Shadowclaimer, Girafi, CFGrafanaStats)
Architect’s Palette (Jsburg)
AstikorCarts (MennoMax, Pau101)
AttributeFix (DarkhaxDev)
Atum 2: Return to the Sands (Shadowclaimer, Girafi, CFGrafanaStats)
Baer’s Additions (antibxng)
Basalt Blocks (Legopitstop)
Bettas (Coda1552)

Better Advancements (way2muchnoise)
Better Animals Plus (itsmeowdev, cybercat5555)
Blue Skies (ModdingLegacy, Lachney, silver_david, KingPhygieBoo)
Better Compatibility Checker (Gaz_, nanitedev)
Better End (Beethoven92, vemerion, paulevs, yaki_yaki, Bulldoq83)
YUNG’s Better Mineshafts (YUNGNICKYOUNG)
YUNG's Better Strongholds (YUNGNICKYOUNG EveCommander, telepathicgrunt)

Better Villages (jtl_elisa, JTorLeon_Studios, TemLMAOOO)
Big Brain (almightytallestred, mcvinnyq)
Biomes O' Plenty (Forstride, TheAdubbz, GlitchfiendMods)
BountifulBaubles (Cursed1nferno, CFGrafanaStats)
Builders Crafts & Additions (MRHminer)
Camera Mod (henkelmax)
Charm Reforged (svenhjol, Coranthes, SokyranTheDragon, f43nd1r, WarlordWossman)
Chisels & Bits (AlgorithmX2, OrionOnline)
Chromato Creeper (xx1th)
Chunk Animator [Fork] (HarleyOConnor)

CleanCut (Rongmario, fake_domi)
Creatures and Beasts (rubyr1derr)
CoFH Core (TeamCoFH, KingLemmingCoFH, covers1624, Zeldo, skyboy026)
Curious Armor Stands (ochotonida)

Curios Elytra Slot (TheIllusiveC4)

Curios Shulker Slot (TheIllusiveC4)
Comforts (TheIllusiveC4, CFGrafanaStats)
Controlling (JaredIII08, CFGrafanaStats)

Corpse Complex (TheIllusiveC4)
Cosmetic Armor Reworked (LainMI)
CraftTweaker (Jaredllll08, kindlich, CFGrafanaStats)
Create (simibubi)
Create Crafts & Additions (MRHminer)
Curios API (TheIllusiveC4, CFGrafanaStats)
Cursed (DarkhaxDev)
Customizable Elytra (Hidoni)
Dad’s Sewing (dad_navi)
Default World Type (MelanX)

Default Options (BlayTheNinth, CFGrafanaStats)
Desolation (y4z0n, raltsmc)

DiscordRichPresence (ErdbeerbaerLP)
Drink Beer (Lekavar, marblegatekeeper)
Dungeon Crawl (XIROC1337, CFGrafanaStats)
Dungeons Mobs (the_infamous_1, catscythee, eight_hp, dragonboy5091, carlo_andre01)
Dynamic Surroundings (OreCruncher)
Dynamic Trees (ferreusveritas, cadaverous_queen, HarleyOConnor, supermaissimo0310)
Dynamic Trees - Biomes O' Plenty (ferreusveritas, cadaverous_queen, supermaissimo0310)

Dynamic Trees - Oh The Biomes You'll Go (supermassimo0310, HarleyOConnor, SuperCoder79, Corgi_Taco)
Dynamic Trees Plus (supermassimo0310, HarleyOConnor, ferreusveritas)
Dynamic Trees Quark (supermassimo0310)
Easy Magic (Fuzs_)
Enchantment Descriptions (DarkhaxDev)
The Energetic Expansion (TeamAbnormals, Timinations, SmellyModder, minecraftabnormals, endergized, bageldotjpg)
Ender Mail (Chaosyr)
Enhanced Mob Spawners (br4nder5) 
EnhancedVisuals (CreativeMD, fonnymunkey)
Entity Culling (meldexun)
Etched (oldjaackson, Farcr, Ozelot5836)
Extra Boats (TeamAbnormals, martianarchitecture, bageldotjpg)
Fairy Lights (pau101, CFGrafanaStats)
Falling Leaves (Cheaterpaul, RandomMcSomethin, 1LiterZinalco)
FancyMenu (Keksuccino)

Farmer's Delight (vectorwing)
FastFurnace (Shadows_of_Fire)

FastSuite (Shadows_of_Fire)
FastWorkbench (Shadows_of_Fire)
Feder's Scarecrows (itayfeder)
FerriteCore (malte0811)
Fins and Tails (Coda1552, ninnih_, dinomaster_tazzstrife, MrEsuoh, TeamDraco_)
First Aid (ichttt)
First Join Message (Serilum)
Flux Networks (sonar_sonic, BloCamLimb)
FPS Reducer (bre2el)

Frikinzi's Fauna (afrikinzi)
Frozen Up (ninnih_)

GameStages (DarkhaxDev)
Gilded Ingot (intijir, gh1acciosicymemes)
Global Data- & Resourcepacks (JTK222)
Gobber (kwpugh, Milliath)
GraveStone Mod (henkelmax)
Hourglass (DuckyCrayfish)
Ice and Fire: Dragons (alex1the1666, javaraptor)
Immersive Engineering (BluSunrize, Damien_hazard, Sky_Som, malte0811, CFGrafanaStats)
Immersive Petroleum (Flaxbeard, TwistedGate)
In Control! (McJty)
Infernal Expansion (InfernalStudios, jonah_fuses, Nekomaster1000, swanx1, Dayton__10, HellionGames, CaelTheQuail)
Iron Shulker Boxes (ProgWML6, Alexbegt)
Item Physic Full (CreativeMD)

ItemStages (DarkhaxDev)
Just Enough Items (JEI) (mezz, CFGrafanaStats)
Jade (Snownee_, MalayP)
JEITweaker (Jaredllll08, CFGrafanaStats)
Jellyfishing (BlueDuckYT, SaikoChan, Coda1552, Evo_934, naryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, muddy_foot, codysquirtle)

KubeJS (LatvianModder, MaxNeedsSnacks, shedaniel)

Lazy DataFixerUpper(LazyDFU) (tuxed)
Ma Enchants (Maciej916)
Market Crates (Ifaoanl)
Macaw’s Bridges (sketch_macaw)
Macaw's Doors (sketch_macaw)
Macaw’s Fences and Walls (sketch_macaw)
Macaw’s Paintings (sketch_macaw)
Macaw's Trapdoors (sketch_macaw)
Macaw's Windows (sketch_macaw)
Merchant Markers (Grand_G)
Minibloom (Evo_934, bagu_chan, the_infamous_1)

MmmMmmMmmMmm (Target Dummy) (MehVahdJukaar, luigiounch, bonusboni)
Mouse Tweaks (YaLTeR)
MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod (MrCrayfish)
Mutant Beasts (Chumbanotz)

Mutant More (alexandersfunandgames, this_is_stupid123)
Nature's Compass (Chaosyr)
Neat (Vazkii)
Nekoration (DevBobcorn2)
Neko's Enchanted Books (Nekomaster1000)
Nether Portal Spread (Serilum)

Nether's Delight (lumpazl, soytutta)
Not Enough Crashes (NatanFudge)
Not Enough Creativity (unascribed)

Oh The Biomes You'll Go (AOCAWOL, YaBoiChips_, Corgi_Taco)
Omnis Backpacks (sammysemicolon, theOGQueso)
The Outer End (BlueDuckYT, ChemicalCoyote_, TheU1t1mateGuy, eight_hp, s_l_i_c_e, DragonEnder4033, squibfishe_, LudoCrypt, GiantLuigi4, MooseOnTheRocks, Pyrocide11)
Overloaded Armor Bar (tfarenim)
Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 - Food Core (MatrexsVigil, Rhodox)
Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 - Crops (MatrexsVigil, Rhodox)
Pam’s HarvestCraft 2 - Food Extended (MatrexsVigil, Rhodox)

Pick Up Notifier (Fuzs_)
Phireworks (HorribleNerd)
Polymorph (TheIllusiveC4, CFGrafanaStats)
Powder Power (kwpugh, Mikeliro, Dev_Enter)
Quark (Vazkii, mcvinnyq, wiresegal)
RandomPatches (TheRandomLabs)
RandomTP (Picono435)
Redstone Pen (wilechaote)

Refined Pipes (raoulvdberge, Zebronator)
Repurposed Structures (telepathicgrunt, cannon_foddr, andrew0030, miguelforge)

Rereskillable Rereforked (floris0106)

RoadRunner (MaxNeedsSnacks, Ridanisaurus, malte0811)
Scaling Health (SilentChaos512, cyborgmas)
Scythd (lunekiska)
Serene Seasons (TheAdubbz, Forstride, GlitchfiendMods)

Shret Nether (shreksrighttesticle1)

Simple Shops (wolforce)

Skillcloaks (Mindoth)
Smooth Boot (UltimateBoomer)
Snow Pig (uraneptus)
Snow Under Trees (bl4ckscor3)
Sound Filters (Tmtravlr)
Spartan Weaponry (ObliviousSpartan, xwerffx)
Spawner Bug Fix (MacTso, lupicus)
Starter Kit (Serilum)
Straw Golem Reborn (CommoforeThrawn, Fr3nderman, Allaryin)
Subterranean Wilderness (Melonslise, Paint_Ninja) - link to license
Supplementaries (MehVahdJukaar, plantkillable, spiritwold_twitch)
Sword Displays (sokratis12GR)
The Bumblezone (telepathicgrunt, andrew0030, Commoble, bageldotjpg)
The Undergarden (Quek04, screembob)
Thermal Expansion (TeamCoFH, KingLemmingCoFH, covers1624, Zeldo, skyboy026)
Thermal Foundation (TeamCoFH, KingLemmingCoFH, covers1624, Zeldo, skyboy026)

Tips (DarkhaxDev)

Toast Control (Shadows_of_Fire)

Untamed Wilds (raytrace82)
Valhelsia Structures (ValhelsiaTeam, mcvinnyq, Khytwel, StalDev, Vaelzan)
Vanilla Block Variants (BarionLP)
VanillaTweaks (StrikerRocker, AbsolemJackdaw)
Waystones (BlayTheNinth, CFGrafanaStats)
When Dungeons Arise (Aureljz, banananugetz, diamondtown_)
Whisperwoods (itsmeowsev, cybercat5555)
WorldEdit (sk89q, wizjany_, me4502, octylFractal)
Wyrmroost (UkanGundun, WoldSh0tz, Kingdomall, Shannieann)
Wyrmroost Spawn Control (pwnagepineapple)
Xaero’s Minimap (xaero96)
Xaero’s Worldmap (xaero96)
Xplosives Mod (SWDTeam, RedDash16_, rainbowdestiny_mc)

Libraries — 

Abnormals Core (TeamAbnormals, oldjaackson, SmellyModder, bageldotjpg)

Architectury API (shedaniel, MaxNeedsSnacksm Juicebus)
AutoRegLib (Vazkii)
Bookshelf (DarkhaxDev)

Caelus API (TheIllusiveC4)
Citadel (alex1the1666)
Collective (Serilum)
Creative Core (CreativeMD)
GeckoLib (ThanosGecko, AzureDoomC)
Konkrete (Keksuccino)
Kotlin for Forge (thedarkcolour)

Iceberg (Grend_G)

Library Ferret (jtl_elisa, JTorLeon_Studios)
Patchouli (Vazkii, williewillus)
Placebo (Shadows_of_Fire)
Pollen (moonflowerteam, oldjaackson, ozelot5836)

Rhino (LatvianModder, MaxNeedsSnacks)
Silent Lib (SilentChoas512)

Mods no longer used, but were once implemented — 

Dead Guys Untitled Deep Dark
RPG Backpacks (D12MX)
Craftable Deeds (Ellpeck, DB20xx)
Botany Pots (DarkhaxDev)
Clumps (Jardedlll08, CFGrafanaStats)
Enhanced Celestials - Blood Moons & Harvest Moon (Corgi_Taco)
Krypton Reforged (TeamDeusVult)
FakeBlocks (henkelmax)
Llama Steeds (Jusanov)

Project Brazier (JTK222, ItsMieMus, lkanno, 0Mr_x0)


Hwyla (TehNut)

Brutal Bosses (someaddon)
Exotic Birds (ThePavoReality)

Starlight x Create (SirOMGitsYOU, Spottedleaf, AeiouEnigma)


Special thanks!

Big thanks to Sub from our Discord for making our title screen, CurseForge banners and modpack resource pack :)
Thank you to proddyllama and Coda1552 for letting me include the resource pack “Wyrms and Pixels”!
Thank you to Ron0 for letting me include the resource pack “Frostbite and Brimstone”!
Thank you to IcyCaeli for letting me include the resource pack "Ore Variants"!
Thank you to DapperLoosh for letting me include the resource pack "Colourful Alliums"!
Thank you to VulpTheHorseDog for letting me use their lavender texture from Druidcraft
Shout out to FireNH on PlanetMinecraft for creating an awesome datapack to make the Nether generate up to y-256!


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