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Dynamic Trees +

 Dynamic Trees


Project Goal

     This is an official extension of Dynamic Trees. This mod aims to expand the scope of DT by creating dynamic foliage that is not strictly a tree and would not otherwise be included within the original Dynamic Trees mod.



  • 4 distinct species of cacti, each with a unique look and aesthetic. One of them is secret :)
  • Different species can be found in deserts and badlands biomes
  • Behavior is now closer to vanilla berry bushes, slowing down movement and prickling only while moving against them (can be changed back to default through config)
  • They will no longer destroy items on contact (can be re-enabled through config)
  • Saguaro cacti will produce fruits that are edible, harvest when you see them open, yummy!


Huge Mushrooms (1.18.2 and above only)

  • Red and brown huge mushrooms that grow and fall like dynamic trees
  • Fell them with a silk-touch axe to get the stem and mushroom blocks, otherwise you will get the mushroom items
  • Mega variants of both mushrooms that spawn naturally in mushroom fields biomes. You can also obtain them using potions of gigas.
  • Ocasional spore particles create a mystical ambiance under huge mushrooms



  • Badlands will be populated by saguaro cacti. This species is a direct port of the cactus in the 1.12.2 version of Dynamic Trees
  • Deserts will be populated by pillar cacti and pipe cacti to add some interesting variety
  • Dark forests will be sparsely populated with both red and brown huge mushrooms (1.18.2+ only)
  • Mushroom fields will be filled with red and brown mushrooms, and their mega variants (1.18.2+ only)

pillar cacti and pipe cacti in a desert

saguaro cacti in a badlands desert

Huge mushrooms in a Mushroom Fields biome (1.18.2+ only)

Huge mushrooms in a Dark Forest biome (1.18.2+ only)

Seeds and Caps

  • Just like the base Dynamic Trees mod, each new species has its own custom item to be able to plant and spread them.
  • While cacti still have seeds, mushrooms reproduce by the use of spores. With Dynamic Trees Plus we have opted to make caps the mushroom's "seed" items as they technically do contain the spores in them, and they are easier to distinguish in the inventory.



     This mod requires Dynamic Trees 0.10.0+ to function in 1.16.5 and Dynamic Trees 1.0.2+ to function in 1.18.2.


Project Scope

Examples of in scope features

  • Plant-like structures that are NOT trees
  • Provide advanced growing versions of vanilla plants
  • Zero to minimal configuration. Should work out of the box with sane settings or defaults
  • Provide interfaces for other mod developers to expand the mod with add-ons, new trees, effects, mobs and other things. If you need a hook then lemme know :)
  • Response to seasonal changes
  • To achieve compatibility with other popular mods when appropriate
  • Stylization should not deviate from the Minecraft aesthetic. All parts of a block model should be comprised of rectangular prisms with each face aligned to 1/16 meter(a standard minecraft texel)


Examples of out of scope features

  • Species of foliage not implemented in vanilla Minecraft(such as those in Oh the Biomes You'll Go, Pam's Harvestcraft, Natura, Biomes O' Plenty). For compatibility with these please refer to the Addons section in the main Dynamic Trees page.
  • Creature entities, mobs, and/or particles(ents, squirrels, monkeys, fireflies, etc)
  • Fruit(other than vanilla Minecraft tree fruit products: apples, cocoa beans)
  • Dungeon loot(pointless for this mod)
  • Tree villages, villagers and/or trading posts
  • Swings or other gadgets commonly attached to trees
  • Magic, energy systems, XP drops, enchantments
  • Tools and/or apparel(in survival, admin tools might be okay)
  • Grafting
  • Tree genetics and/or pollination, such as that in forestry
  • Automatic fertilizers, detectors, or any kind of machine for interacting with the tree

     Features like these will never be implemented. I'm not suggesting that these are bad ideas or wouldn't be fun but they are indeed outside the scope of what this project is meant to accomplish.

     Those wishing to implement out of scope features are welcome to do so in a separate expansion or compatibility mod. Popular mods tend to experience scope creep and featuritis. Ultimately you end up with jet packs, metal ore trees, nyan cats, flaming super death cactus swords, and 15 kinds of creepers. I won't have it.


Technical Details

Under the hood

  • Trees grow using a combination of a cellular automata algorithm for leaves and branch network logic for trunk and branches
  • No tile entity rendering is used. Rendering is done with BakedModels for better performance with large numbers of tree nodes
  • Leaves are only updated with updateTick() so chunks are re-rendered when dirty no more than with vanilla crops
  • A DropCreator interface is used for creating seed drops and other items. New drop creators can be registered by other mods to expand existing or new tree behavior
  • Worldgen uses a custom variation of Adaptive Incremental Stippling(AIS) using the PoissonDisk Distribution for high quality and non-overlapping tree placement
  • Season data available here


License, Permission and Modpacks

     Permission is hereby granted to use this mod in ANY mod pack or server. Please don't ask for permission to use the mod in your mod pack after I've already told you that you can, it's annoying. Attribution would be nice but I don't require it. You are not allowed to re-publish this mod to other sites without providing a CurseForge download link and my permission.  Did I mention that you have permission to use this mod in your mod packs?.. Good! You were paying attention!


Bugs and Issues

Use the issues link at the top of the content section for reporting bugs. The comments section was removed because it was abused.