Redstone Pen

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Adds "one pen to draw them all" - and helps with simpler Redstone handling.


Block Signal Connectors: Especially for compact wiring it is desirable to decide weather a Track shall power the block underneath or not. Therefore the Pen-Tracks do normally NOT connect to the block they are drawn on. To change this, simply add an explicit connector by clicking the centre of a Track with a Pen (see the round blob in the image). Tracks do intentionally not pass indirect power (through blocks) to other Tracks, so you can power said blocks from independent routes without interferences:

Block Signal Connector


Redstone Quill and Pen Items

Craft and use them to draw or remove thin Redstone Tracks. Multiple independent tracks through one block are possible. There are two versions:

- The Redstone Quill uses Redstone dust directly from your inventory.

- The Redstone Pen stores Redstone in the item, and can be refilled in the crafting grid with Redstone Dust or Redstone Blocks.

- Both allow to inspect the current signal of a block, track, wire, or device by sneaking while you hold the pen/quill and look at the block of interest.

- Both do not destroy blocks when left-clicking, except blocks with no hardness (like grass, repeaters, or comparators).


Redstone Relays

Relays are like redstone powered "solenoids" that move a Redstone Torches side back or forth. Therefore they re-power ("re-lay") Redstone signals to 15. They can be placed on solid faces in all directions. Output is only to the front, inputs all sides except above. The internal mechanics (relay types) define what happens at the output side. Relays also detect the indirect power from blocks they are placed on, and can be used pass Track signals through blocks.

- Redstone Relay: Straight forward Input-On-Output-On relay. Different from a Repeater it has no switch-on delay, but instead a switch-off delay of one (redstone-) tick. 

- Inverted Redstone Relay:  Input-On-Output-Off relay. Switch-on delay 1 tick, no off delay.

- Bi-Stable Redstone Relay: Flips when detecting a pulse at the input (input off->on --> output changes).



Quill recipe


Pen recipe






- The mod is inspired by the 1.12 Redstone Paste mod (bit different, okay, but I was simply missing the Paste in 1.13+).

- Thanks to tryaq for the Pen item model design!

- Brief Intro/How-To posted on the Tube here:



Known Issues (until I pushed that project on the hub ...)

- When you "repair" the Pen and add Redstone to an already existing stack in the crafting grid, the pen damage is not updated. Simply click (take and place) the stack again until there's a way to resolve that problem in the mod ;-).


Current mod list by me



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