The Undergarden

695,067 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 20, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

Undergarden LogoDeep underground, a forgotten land awaits.



What is the Undergarden?

The Undergarden is a dark, subterranean world located deep below the bedrock of the Overworld. The flora here has adapted to their conditions and can grow anywhere, independent of light. Strange creatures call these dark lands home, and are plagued by the invasive Rotspawn, monsters originating from a chaotic, mysterious realm.



- A whole new dimension to explore, build, and survive in

- Over 10 unique entities

- 9 biomes

- Ores that have their own properties when made into tools and weapons

- Over 10 music tracks created by Screem

- Over 10 advancements to guide you on your journey

- 4 special potion effects

- 1 structure

And more to come in the future...


How to enter the Undergarden

To enter the Undergarden, you must first craft a Catalyst.


You can craft a Catalyst using the recipe below:

catalyst recipe
Once you have made that, create a frame in the shape of a Nether portal using Stone Bricks. Activate the Undergarden portal by right clicking the inner bottom of the frame with the Catalyst.

activated portal

You can also use bricks derived from the Undergarden to create the portal.