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Comforts is a mod that adds sleeping bags and hammocks to Minecraft. These items can be used just like beds except they do not set a player's spawn point on use, safely preserving a player's spawn point at their home base. Just like beds, they also come in 16 different colors! The difference is that sleeping bags can be stacked and are more convenient to use on adventures and hammocks are like an inverse bed, turning day to night.

Configuration Options:

Auto Use Sleeping Bag - Set to true to automatically attempt to use the sleeping bag when right clicking it in hand. You can still place it down like normal by sneaking

Sleeping Bag Debuffs - List of debuffs to apply to players after using the sleeping bag (Format: [effect] [duration(secs)] [power])

Well Rested - Set to true to enable a feature that prevents players from sleeping again after a configurable amount of time after sleeping

Sleepy Factor - When Well Rested is true, determines how long players must wait after sleeping before sleeping again (larger numbers = can sleep sooner)

Leisure Hammocks - Set to true to enable sitting on hammocks. Sleeping in hammocks is still possible by sneak-right-clicking with an empty hand.

Sleeping Bag Break Chance - The chance that a sleeping bag will break after sleeping in it

Insulated Sleeping Bags Tough as Nails Compatibility Feature - Set to true to warm players up after sleeping in sleeping bags (amount of warmth provided depends on how long they sleep)


Sleeping Bag

The recipe for the sleeping bag is simply three pieces of matching color wool in a straight line.

You can also dye a regular White Sleeping Bag into any of the other colors!


The recipe for the hammock cloth is simply a piece of colored wool in the center, sticks to the top and bottom, and the rest of the slots are strings.

You can also dye a regular White Hammock Cloth into any of the other colors!

Please refer to this guide for instructions on how to build the hammock.

Planned Features

  • All suggestions are welcome, there are no planned additional features at the moment


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