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By: Boodlyneck (Starts at 7:31)


Minecraft version 1.16.1/2/3 & 1.15.X are no longer supported (No backports).
Recipes are subject to change, please use JEI/NEI to see the current recipes.
This is the only official place for downloads! Downloads from other sites could be modified.


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Datapack to disable Panel (Vertical Slab) recipes:
BC&A disable panel recipes

Community Discord for my mods:


- Most blocks are vanilla resource pack compatible (uses vanilla textures).
- If you are having any issues/bugs test the latest version of the mod before submitting a report.
- Feel free to leave suggestions for new features in the comments, if your suggestion fits the vision and scope of the mod I will consider adding it. Also, make sure to report any issues you discover while playing under the 'Issues' tab.

- Yes, distributed with credits to the source on GitHub (Which an unmodified release has), and in accordance with the MIT license.

Panels (vertical slabs):
- Every vanilla 1.16 slab has a corresponding panel variant.
- Can be crafted in the stonecutter (like slabs).
- Can be crafted in the crafting table as a three-block vertical line (slab pattern put vertical).
- Can be water-logged.

- Variants: Stone, Sandstone, Cobblestone, Bricks, Stone Bricks, Quartz, Red Sandstone, Purpur, Prismarine, Mossy Stone Bricks, Mossy Cobblestone Smooth Stone, Smooth Sandstone, Smooth Red Sandstone, End Stone Bricks, Basalt, Polished Blackstone Bricks & Quartz Bricks.
- Are crafted in the stonecutter.
- Has connected models, pillars of the same type connect (cobblestone, sandstone, bricks, quartz, nether bricks).
- Can be water-logged.

- Variants: Oak, Spruce, Birch, Acacia, Jungle, Dark Oak, Crimson & Warped.
- Has connected models.
- Crafted with 3x Slab and 4x Fences in the wood of choice.

- Variants: All woods (8 variants).
- Right-click to sit in (shift to exit).
- Right-click while holding a pillow to add it to the stool.
- Crafted with  2x Slab, 2x Fences.

- Can be placed on the ground or on a stool.
- Right-click to sit in (shift to exit).
- Variants: All wools (16 variants).
- Crafted with 2x Wool and 2x String.

- Variants: Oak, Spruce, Birch, Acacia, Jungle, Dark Oak, Crimson & Warped.
- Right-click to sit in (shift to exit).
- Has connected models.
- Crafted with 3x Slab, 2x Fences and 1x Stick [SSS, FStF].

- Variants: All wool colours.
- Right-click to sit in (shift to exit).
- Has connected models.
- Crafted with 2x Wool, 2x Pillow and 2x Iron Rod  [ W , PWP, I I].

- Variants: Oak, Spruce, Birch, Acacia, Jungle & Dark Oak.
- Craft with one of the desired leaves block, receive two hedge blocks.
- Has connected models.
- Acts like a fence.
- Can be water-logged.

Barrel Planter:
- Trees won't grow in them.
- Right-click with a hoe to turn the dirt into farmland.
- Farmland doesn't require water and can't be trampled.
- Crafted with dirt & a barrel.

- Variants: All planks combined with Andesite, Diorite, Granite & Blackstone (32 variants).
- Crafted with 5x planks & 3x slabs (must be all same the wood & stone type, see 'Images' tab).
- Has a 27 slot inventory.
- Cannot be opened when a solid block is in front of the counter.
- Can be water-logged.

- Variants: All planks.
- Crafted with 6x panels, 2x slabs (must be all the same wood).
- Has an 18 slot inventory.
- Can be water-logged.

- Variants: All planks.
- Crafted with 2x panels, 2x chests.
- Has a 54 slot inventory.
- Mirror model when holding the sneak button.
- Can be water-logged.

Bedside Table:
- Variants: All planks.
- Crafted with 3x panels & one table in a shapeless recipe (must be all the same wood).
- Has a 9 slot inventory.
- Can be water-logged.

- Variants: All planks (8 variants).
- Crafted with 6x panels & 3x slabs (must be all same wood, see 'Images' tab).
- Has 18 slots for books (regular, written & enchanted).
- Provides 1 enchant-ability per 3 slots populated with books for the maximum total effect of 6 vanilla bookshelves.

- Variants: All planks (8 variants).
- Crafted with 9x slabs (must be all same wood).
- Has a 6 slot inventory.
- Displays the 6 stacks on the shelf.

Support Bracket:
- Variants: All planks (8 variants).
- Attaches to solid surfaces, pillars, walls & fences.
- Crafted with 2x Slabs, 1x Panel, 1x Stick [SS, P/] or [SS, /P]

Shop Sign:
- Can be placed in 8 orientations (North, East, South, West, Up X/Z, Down X/Z).
- Attaches to solid surfaces, pillars, walls & fences.
- Crafted with 4x panels & 2x iron nuggets (can be any wood type).
- Displays an item on both sides.
- Right-click with the item to place, Shift + Right-click to remove it.

Iron Ladder:
- Self-supporting
- Can be water-logged.
- Crafted like regular ladders but using Iron Rod instead of sticks. (Iron Rod is crafted like sticks but with two iron ingots)
- Craft Rough Iron Fence by smelting Iron Fences.

Iron Fence:
- In two variants.
- Has all the properties of vanilla fences.

Midi Speaker:
- Play note block sounds using a real or virtual midi device. (Suggest: LoopMIDI)
- Select the sounds to use in the GUI.
- Midi devices are discovered when launching the game, make sure your device is connected before starting the game.
- Enable or disable individual features of this block in the configs, midi input is disabled by default.
- Crafted with 4x Logs, 2x Note blocks, 2x Iron Ingot & 1x Planks [LNL, LNL, IPI].

- Candle/Soul Candle (Light with Flint & Steel, put out with an empty hand, mounts on walls and floor, shapeless crafting: 1x Gold Ingot, 1x Large [Soul] Candle).
- Large Candle (Light with Flint & Steel, put out with an empty hand, shapeless crafting: 3x Honeycombs, 1x String).
- Large Soul Candle (shapeless crafting: 1x Large Candle, 1x Soul Sand/Soil).

- Plays snake.
- Variants: All planks (8 variants).
- Crafted with 6x Iron Ingot, 1x Comparator, 1x Quartz, 1x Glass Panel [IGI, IQI, ICI].

- Detects entities in a 4 block range in front and outputs a signal with a strength dependant on how close the nearest entity is.
- Crafted with 6x Cobblestone, 2x Redstone Dust, and 1x Emerald [CCC, RRE, CCC].

Redstone Diodes:
- Vanilla Repeaters can be placed on walls facing up and down (can't be locked).
- Vanilla Comparator can be placed on walls facing up and down.

- 7 new paintings.
- Rough Iron Block (Smelt Iron Block).
- Gravel Path (Right-click Gravel with a shovel).
- Crossrail (4-way rail intersection, 4x Iron Ingot & 5x Sticks [ISI, SSS, ISI]).
- Panels are interchangeable with Quarks Vertical Slab in recipes.
- Combining two Slabs / Panels in crafting will give the full block.
- Right-clicking Stone / Nether / Blackstone bricks with a pickaxe will turn the block into its cracked variant.
- Recipes: Yellow + Blue = Green dye, Yellow + Black = Brown dye.

- Located at: '<minecraft install>/config/buildersaddition-common.toml'.
- MIDI_ENABLE: main midi enable (default: true).
- MIDI_INPUT_ENABLE: enable midi input from client device, need to be set true when using a midi device (default: false).
- MIDI_SOUND_ENABLE: enable client audio from midi speaker (default: true).
- MIDI_NOTE_LIMIT: Max number of played notes per second (default: 75).
- INV_ACCESS_BLOCK_CHECK: Whether a storage block should check if it is blocked.  (default: true)
- REQUIRE_FLINT_AND_STEEL: Whether Flint & Steel is required to light a Candle. (default: true)

- en_us, sv_se.
- ru_ru Thanks to vanja-san.
- pt_br Thanks to Mikeliro.
- zh_tw Thanks to Pancakes0228.
- es_ar, es_es Thanks to Yupoman & EdicionGamerYT.
- tr_tr Thanks to alierenreis.
- de_de Thanks to spiderfromi. 



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