Easy Magic

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Easy Magic enables enchanting tables to retain their inventory contents even after closing the interface.

📚 Contents:

Enchanting tables now have an Inventory, meaning any items placed in their two slots will stay in those slots. Even after the enchanting screen is closed! To put this new capability to good use, enchanting tables will Render Their Contents in the world. There are two different rendering modes to choose from.

Rerolling Enchantments has become extremely easy. The enchanting screen now has a dedicated button to do just that at a small cost of some lapis lazuli and a few experience points (not full enchantment levels to not ruin your level progress for enchanting as much). Costs are fully configurable and can even be set to completely free.

Enchanting tooltips will show not just a single random enchantment, instead they show the Complete Outcome of the enchanting process. This feature is disabled by default.

Additionally, to enable some basic automation, Hoppers can be used to input and output items in the following ways.

  • Top: Input for enchantable items
  • Sides: Input for lapis lazuli
  • Bottom: Output for enchanted items

And Comparators work, too! They will output a signal strength of 0, 1, 2, or 3 depending on the amount of lapis lazuli items placed in the table. More than 3 items don't make a difference.

Bookshelves no longer require Air Blocks between themselves and the enchanting table to count towards the current enchanting power. Instead, any block without a collision box, such as water, torches, or grass can be placed in between. Also the Number Of Bookshelves required for maximum level enchantments can be configured.

📷 Media:

Reroll enchantments with the click of a button    All, one or no enchantments can be shown on the tooltip
Floating rendering for enchanting table contents    Flat rendering for enchanting table contents
Enchanting with bookshelves works underwater    A semi-automated setup for bulk enchanting using hoppers

💡 FAQ:

Q: How do I configure this mod on Forge?
A: Install my Config Menus for Forge mod and do it directly in-game!

Q: How do I configure this mod on Fabric?
A: Editing configs directly in-game has not yet been implemented. Instead when in a world run the /config showfile <modid> command by choosing either CLIENT or SERVER (depending on the mod), then click the file name (ending with .toml) that appears in chat to be able to manually edit the config file in a separate editor. After saving the file, the config will automatically reload in-game after a couple of seconds, so no game restart required.

Q: Where can I download this mod for Fabric on versions of Minecraft before 1.19?
A: Older downloads are found on the old project page.

Q: I just installed Easy Magic and it's not working!
A: No new capabilities will be added to existing enchanting tables. You will need to manually break and replace the block. Same goes for converting enchanting tables back to vanilla after removing the mod.

Q: The new button for rerolling enchantments added to the enchanting screen is incompatible with my resource pack!
A: The client config has an option to keep the book from the vanilla screen, the rerolling button will simply not be visible then. Rerolling still works as before, just by clicking the book now.

Q: I want anvils to keep and render their contents as well!
A: Sure thing, check out my Easy Anvils mod which does just that and more.

Q: I'm using Apotheosis' or Quark's enchanting system, will Easy Magic work as well?
A: Sadly no, Easy Magic only supports the vanilla system and will be overridden by other mods introducing their own.

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