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BetterEnd (Forge)

This is the official port of the Fabric mod BetterEnd. All artistic credits and rights for the assets and most of the code of this mod go to BetterEnd's authors. You can find the original mod here


This mod gives a whole new look to the End dimension, by adding new biomes, blocks, mobs and gameplay mechanics. Each biome is unique in its appearance and has its own set of features.




1) Why the new biomes are not generating in the End?

As of 1.4.1 most issues with biomes not generating should have been fixed, but there is still a possibility that you are using another mod or a datapack that uses its own end biome source. If that is the case you still would need to manually change the biome source for the end dimension inside your world level.dat to: betterendforge:betterend_biome_provider. Use NBTExplorer to open the level.dat file.

2) Will you backport this mod to the X version?

Unfortunately no, as the differences between the 1.16 and earlier versions are too many, and would require a complete rewrite of the mod.

3) Will you keep updating this mod?

Yes, compatibly with my free time. Updating to future version of minecraft is also very likely.

4) Will you add features of your own to this mod?

Simple answer, no, and please, do not ask for it or make suggestions about features you would like to see in this mod. This is intended as a faithful port, so only the original features will be added. If i want to add content of my own to the End, i will create another mod for that.

5) How to make rituals work?

You can use JEI to see all the available infusion recipes, pay attention to the positioning of ingredients on the pedestals and make sure you add the central ingredient last. You can install Patchouli to read the guide book, which shows how to setup infusion rituals and eternal rituals.



Mod compatibility and integrations:

Note: if a mod isn't listed here it doesn't mean it is not compatible. In fact every mod is considered compatible unless proven the opposite. Mods listed here are either aimed integrations or popular mods that interacts with the End or world generation in general, and may be object of frequent questions.

  • JEI: this mod allows you to see all the new recipes and crafting mechanics (anvil smithing, alloying and infusion).
  • Patchouli: install this mod to read BetterEnd's ingame guide book.
  • Deadly End Phantoms: if you install this mod, specters will spawn in the shadow forest biome instead of vanilla phantoms.
  • Oh The Biomes You'll Go: compatible with BetterEnd. In the future when BYG is installed BetterEnd will enhance some of their End biomes.
  • The Outer End: compatible with BetterEnd.
  • The Endergetic Expansion: compatible with BetterEnd.
  • Terraforged: compatible with BetterEnd. Be sure to choose BetterEnd world type as the End dimension controller.
  • Biomes O' Plenty: compatible with BetterEnd as of 1.4.1 patch, doesn't require manual end biome source editing anymore.



End City for BetterEnd (Forge)

End City for BetterEnd (Forge). Original Fabric version by IchPhilipp, ported by Shap_po



You are free to include this mod in your modpack. If you do so, a mention to this page and the page of the original mod is appreciated, but not required.



Another little mod of mine: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/two-players-one-horse

Vemerion's mods: https://www.curseforge.com/members/vemerion/projects


If you have mod ideas you would like to see implemented, port requests or old mods that you wish were revived feel free to send me a pm, i will evaluate your request if it catches my interest!