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Straw Golem Rebaled - Forge

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This mod is a spiritual successor of the original Straw Golem mod for modern versions of Minecraft.

Forge Version. Fabric Version Here

This mod adds a helpful (and awfully cute) little golem to do some of your farming for you


  • Automatic harvesting, replanting of crops & delivery to a nearby container
  • Can specify which container to deliver by shift right clicking golem and then container with an empty hand
  • Supports modded crops and containers, stem grown blocks like pumpkins and melons, and more!
  • Can add a whitelist / blacklist in config


  • Golems have a 7 day lifespan by default. This is configurable
  • Certain actions, like carrying a heavy block, being in water or the rain add an additional -1/tick penalty each (cumulative)
  • Lifespan can be restored with wheat. 1 wheat = 1/4 minecraft day
  • Strawgolem health is capped by their lifespan %. A golem with 3.5 days remaining will have a max health of 1 heart
  • Lifespan is indicated via HWYLA or by their decaying texture. When they're very old there's a fly that hovers around 'em


  • Loves apples! They will follow you if you hold one
  • Golems get hungry in 2 days by default. This is configurable
  • If they don't get an apple in time, they will sit and pout until you give them one!
  • Each apple gives them another day before they're hungry again


  • Iron Golems get curious sometimes, and will pick straw golems up for inspection
  • Farm animals get hungry sometimes, and will take a little monch. Don't let their health get too low!
  • Raiders seem to really have it out for straw golems. Make sure to protect them!

  • I've always tried to make the mod pretty configurable so modpack makers can have their way with it.
  • Crops can be whitelist or blacklist, harvesting, replanting and delivery can all be toggled
  • Crop detection range can be edited
  • Lifespan and hunger defaults can be changed, or disabled alltogether. Lifespan penalties can also be toggled individually
  • Tether system can be toggled and altered
  • Misc features like shivering, iron golem pickup can be toggled as well

What are you waiting for? Let's get farming!

If you like this mod, be sure to check out my other ones!

Oh, and yes, feel free to include my mod in modpacks!