Big Brain

468,980 Downloads Last Updated: May 28, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5


Big Brain is a mod that focuses on adding smarter ai for the many mobs of Minecraft!


The Buckler

Bucklers are a new item, which allows you to dash at 9 times your regular speed upon use, while dashing you gain the ability to shield bash mobs for 6 to 8 damage. This comes at a cost of having significantly reduced turn speed, losing the ability to jump while charging, and not being able to use this while in water. This item also has a 12 second cooldown.

This item has two enchants:

Turning allows you to gain full turn control while charging and lets you charge for 1.5 seconds instead of 0.5 seconds, but removes the ability to shield bash mobs.

Bang replaces the shield bash with a explosion that varies in size depending on what level the enchantment is, the explosion however deals self damage to you and the buckler, so use it wisely.


This item can be found by looting bastion chests, or killing a piglin brute.

All Animals

All non-flying and non-tamed animals except for cats and foxes will attempt to find shelter when it's night or raining. 


All the other animals have special features, cows give leather, which can be used to make armor, chickens have feathers that are used to make arrows, sheep even have wool, that you use to build things. Pigs on the other hand don't have any advantages.

This mod changes that, pigs now have a larger litter size of 2 - 6 piglets, giving the player a reason to consider breeding pigs for their farm. 

Piglin Brutes

Piglin brutes aren't just pink vindicators anymore! While they do their job of being a challenge in bastions well they could still have a little more to them.

They now spawn with bucklers, allowing them to charge at you and knock you back pretty hard, but are still pretty dumb and could be tricked to charge right into a lava pit. Keep in mind that they are affected by the bucklers turn speed reduction.

Piglin brutes have a 10% chance of dropping a buckler when killed.


Pillager  combat can get boring, most of the time they charge you with no regard for their lives.

Pillagers are still dumb with this mod, but at the very least care for their own lives.

They now run to another direction while they're reloading, they also move closer to you if they have a multishot crossbow.

Snow Golems

Snow golems snow balls are able to give an entity slowness for 5 seconds when it hits an entity.

All Mobs

These are changes that apply to all mobs:

 -Blindness now affects mob vision, reducing their range by 90%. This stacks with other vision modifiers.

 -A patch for melee mobs resetting their attack cooldown if they were in front of you has been added.

 -A config option has been added to allow all mobs to attack villagers, this is disabled by default and has a blacklist included.

Known Bugs

Installing this mod with improved mobs will cause piglin brutes to ignore the charge cooldown, this can be fixed by simply blacklisting piglin brutes from the UseItems ai in the config for improved mobs.

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