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Jellyfishing is a small Vanilla+ mod inspired by Spongebob that adds new mechanics, food, resources, and gear to the game.


Jellyfishing adds a few variants of Jellyfish that spawn in the Jellyfish Fields, a new ocean biome made of brand new materials.

You can catch them with a Jellyfish Net and release them

Jellyfish produce Jellyfish Jelly by dropping one every so often, similar to chickens and eggs.

Jellyfish Jelly can be used as a food, or to make items and blocks.  Jelly blocks are similar to honey and slime blocks, but with boosted effects.

Seanut Bushes are a new plant that can be found in the Jellyfish Fields, and grow seanuts which can be used to make various items, such as Seanut Butter.

Pineapples are a new plant native to the jungle. It grows faster when on farmland, and can be made into various decorative blocks

The plundering enchantment will allow you to obtain extra loot while Jellyfishing, including Wads of Grease, which can be used to create weapons and armor.

Spatulas are a new weapon type that fling your enemy into the air when attacking.

The Air Suit is a new set of armor that will provide water breathing when the entire set is worn, and also provide protection from Jellyfish stings.

The Karate Glove is a weapon that deals 4 damage, but can attack very quickly

Bubble Wands can be obtained by jellyfishing with plundering or trading with wandering traders.  They place temporary bubble blocks which pop after 20 seconds.





 Textures by:


Coda1552 (Twitter)

Chikorita Lover (YouTube Channel)

codysquirtle (Instagram)



Bold Muddy


Music Disc By WhirlingWinds

(YouTube Channel)

Biome Music by TurtwigX

(YouTube Channel)


Logo/title by UserAnimated (TwitchYoutubeCurseForge)



Check out this mod spotlight by BoredStudentIRL, which shows many of the features in-game


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