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The banner logo for The Bumblezone with a friendly and hostile bee shown below the mod name.


[Click here for the 1.16.5 Fabric version of this mod!]

Recent 1.16.5 News: 

Added compat with Buzzier Bees's,
Resourceful Bees's, and Charm's Villagers!
Pokecube compat is now added too!

Reduced buzzing volume in dimension,
adjusted Wrath of the Hive to be longer,
Comb Cutter enchantment for swords/shears,
using Honey Blocks on Slime turns them 
to Honey Slime, and now music is added!


Check out the Changelog for more info!
And don't forget to delete old pre-2.4.0 Bumblezone's
config files so it refreshes with the new config changes!





   The Bumblezone is a dimension filled with Honeycomb Blocks, Honey Blocks, Honey Crystals, Sugar Water, and few new bee-related Blocks! The dimension itself looks like it is the inside of a bee nest! You will find giant walls in rows with canals of water between them along with giant columns providing support to the ceiling all over. The walls and columns are riddled with honeycomb holes and if you look carefully, you may find hidden caves inside! By default, traveling a block in this dimension is the same as traveling 10 block in the Overworld. (A movement factor of 10. For reference, the Nether has a movement factor of 8 so traveling a block in the Nether is the same as traveling 8 blocks in Overworld). If you don't like this system, you can change the teleportation mode or movement factor in the configs! The other mode of teleportation available is leaving the dimension will always place you back at the exact spot you were at when you threw the Enderpearl to enter The Bumblezone! The's a third options that is a hybrid of these two teleportation modes so check out the config and read the description there for more info.


   But that isn't all! Within the dimension, bees are extremely protective of their honey. If you pick up a Honey Block, take honey from a Filled Porous Honeycomb block or Honeycomb Brood Block with a Glass Bottle, or you drink a Honey Bottle, all bees around you will get a speed, absorption, and strength potion effect and will become VERY angry at you! You will know you are in DEEP trouble when you get the Wrath of the Hive icon showing you got that effect and the fog in the dimension become more red! The bee will swarm you like crazy and will kill you unless you come very well prepared. A full set of unenchanted Diamond gear will not be enough but if you use a Bane of Arthropod V Diamond Sword, you might stand a chance. (but you can nerf the bees in the config if you find them too strong or buff them if you want to die!). And Bumblezone's experience can be enhanced when you have certain mods on such as Buzzier Bees, Potion of Bees, Beesourceful, or Productive Bees! 


For more info on all the blocks and what mods Bumblezone has direct support for, just click each spoiler in the section below! And yes, you can use this mod in a modpack!





An image that organizes and shows off all of the items and blocks that The Bumblezone has added.




BLOCKS - 10 new blocks and 1 new liquid

 Filled Porous Honeycomb Block

-Use Glass Bottle on this block to obtain a Honey Bottle and turn this block into a Porous Honeycomb Block. However, you will get a Wrath of the Hive effect if you do this. A Dispenser with a Glass Bottle can also pull honey out of this block and turn it into a regular Porous Honeycomb Block.


-You walk 10% slower on this block but barely noticable.


-Use a Silk Touch pickaxe to drop this block. Otherwise, mining it will drop a Honeycomb and a Porous Honeycomb Block.


-Attaching a Comparator to this block will always output a redstone power of 1.


 Porous Honeycomb Block

-Use a Honey Bottle on this block to turn this block into a Filled Porous Honeycomb Block.


-When mined, this block drops itself.


 Honeycomb Brood Block

-Watch the larva inside grow through 4 stages over time! When at the 4th stage and this block gets ticked, it will spawn a baby Bee only if the hole in front isn't blocked off and there is less than 10 bees within 50 blocks of the block. After the bee is spawned, the block then resets back to having a stage 1 of the larva. Sometimes, a baby Honey Slime might spawn too!


-The Larva grows much faster in The Bumblezone dimension but will still grow outside of it. You can speed up the larva stages by feeding it Honey Bottles which always results in growth or feed it Sugar Water Bottle which sometimes results in growth. You can use a Dispenser with Honey Bottles or Sugar Water Bottles right next to the block to automate the growing and spawning of bees with this block!


-If you use a Glass Bottle on this block, you will get a Honey Bottle, turn this block into an Empty Honeycomb Brood Block, and you will get Wrath of the Hive effect. A Dispenser with a Glass Bottle can also pull honey out of this block and turn it into an Empty Honeycomb Brood Block.


-If you are near this block and you have Wrath of the Hive, this block will grow the larva and spawn bees much, much faster! Stay away from these blocks when bees are unleashing their wrath!


-When mined, this block drops Empty Honeycomb Brood Block and a Honeycomb and since you killed the larva, you get Wrath of the Hive effect as well. But if you use a Silk Touch pickaxe, you can get Honeycomb Brood Block instead without angering the bee or getting the effect.


-Attaching a Comparator to this block will output Redstone power based on what stage the larva is in the block (1 to 4 power).


 Empty Honeycomb Brood Block

-Does nothing by itself. Merely a decorative block.


 Honey Crystal

-A pretty translucent crystallized honey block that can face any direction and can only be placed on solid sides of blocks.


-This block can be waterlogged but will transform any water liquid placed into it into Sugar Water instead.  


-Can be found underwater or in caves in The Bumblezone dimension. This is a non-renewable resource so treasure them! They are most common in Hive Wall biome and lest common in Sugar Water biome.


-When mined, this block drops Honey Crystal Shards (works with Fortune enchantment). If you mine with Silk Touch, this block drops itself instead.


 Sugar Water

-Looks like a lighter/cloudier version of regular water and spawns at sealevel for The Bumblezone dimension..


-Entities swim slower in this liquid and the liquid will slowly heal any Bee touching it when the bee isn't taking any damage at the time.


-Sugar Cane placed on any block adjacent to Sugar Water will grow much faster and taller! The effect can be stacked up to 4 times (surround the block the Sugar Cane is on with 4 Sugar Water).


-When the flowing form of this liquid touches Lava, Sugar Infused Cobblestone will be made. If Lava touches the source block of Sugar Water, Sugar Infused Stone will be made instead. 


-Source blocks can be picked up and placed with a Bucket. Using Glass Bottles on this liquid will give you Sugar Water Bottle.


-Uses the water tag so that anything that checks for the water tag will work with Sugar Water. For example; keeping Coral alive or hydrating Farmland blocks. See this page for more details on what the water tagged blocks can do:


 Sticky Honey Residue

-A very sticky block that can be placed on multiple solid surfaces at once and is created by smelting the following in a Furnace: Honey Crystal blocks, Honey Crystal Shards items, Honey Crystal Shields, or vanilla's Honey blocks. Breaking this block will drop nothing.


-When any entity touches this block, they move extremely lowly. This block can also be climbed if it is on a wall.


-You can quickly delete this block by right clicking it with water bucket, sugar water bottle, bottle of water, or a wet sponge in your hand as if you are washing away the stickiness.


-Flowing fluids and pushing pistons will break this block as well.


 Sticky Honey Redstone

-This block does everything Sticky Honey Residue can do and can be created by crafting 1 Sticky Honey Residue with 1 Redstone. 


-When an entity gets stuck on this block, this block outputs a redstone signal of 1 which is pretty useful for Redstone contraptions!


-When activated, this block will power whatever block it is attached to and also power through that block as well like turning off a Redstone Torch on the other side. If Sticky Honey Residue is attached to the floor, it will power any adjacent blocks attached to it as well such as Redstone dust on the floor.


 Sugar Infused Stone

-If placed in a Furnace, the sugar can be quickly burned off for some quick cheap XP.


-When mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe, this block drops itself. Otherwise, this block drops Sugar and Cobblestone.


 Sugar Infused Cobblestone

-If placed in a Furnace, the sugar can be quickly burned off for some quick cheap XP.


-When mined with a Silk Touch pickaxe, this block drops itself. Otherwise, this block drops Sugar and Cobblestone.


 Beeswax Planks Block

-Merely a decorative block that can be found forming the ceiling and floor boundaries of The Bumblezone Dimension.


-Can be used to craft Bee Nests Blocks by placing 8 Beeswax Planks blocks in a circle with a Honeycomb in the center at a Crafting Table! The crafting shape is the following with B being Beeswax Planks and H being Honeycomb item.




ITEMS - 4 new items

Sugar Water Bottle

-Obtainable by using a Glass Bottle on a Sugar Water source block.


-Drinking this will give you half a bar of hunger and the Haste 1 effect for a short period of time. Sugar rush!


-Can be fed to Honeycomb Brood Block by hand or Dispenser for a 30% chance of growing the larva.


-Can be fed to any mob that extends BeeEntity to heal them slightly and spawn a heart particle. If fed to bees angry at you, there is a 7% chance of removing Wrath of the Hive effect off of yourself and escape a death of stingers!


Sugar Water Bucket

-Obtained by using a Bucket on Sugar Water source block or crafting Water Bucket with Sugar. Can be used to move the water around.


-Works with Dispensers too! The Dispenser can place the Sugar Water like any other buck of fluid.


Honey Crystal Shards

-Obtained by mining or breaking Honey Crystal blocks.


-When eaten, this item restores 2 hunger.


-Can be smelted to create Sticky Honey Residue block.


-Can be used to craft and repair Honey Crystal Shields! The recipe to craft the shield is the following with # being Honey Crystal Shards:
# # #

# # #



Honey Crystal Shield

-A shield that starts off super weak but becomes much stronger the more you repair it to the point it has about double the durability of vanilla's Shield! But beware, trying to block fire damage and explosive damage with the shield will destroy the shield very quickly! Yes, Fireballs and Fireworks will also greatly damage the shield so be careful!

-The shield can be repaired with Honey Crystal Shards and the recipe to craft the shield is the following with # being Honey Crystal Shards:
# # #

# # #



-The valid items for repairing the shield can be changed with a datapack overriding the "the_bumblezone:honey_crystal_shield_repair_items" item tag. 


-Any mob that physically hits your shield when you're blocking will apply a 4 second slowness effect on the mob due to the honey's stickiness!


-This shield can be enchanted with Unbreaking or Curse of the Vanishing. (Mending cannot be applied as that would make the shield way too overpowered at maximum durability)


-Can be smelted in a Furnace to make 5 Sticky Honey Residue.


MOBS - 1 new mob

 Honey Slime

-Donated to The Bumblezone from the folks who made Buzzier Bees! Their texture and code has been ported to this mod. Thank you Bagel!

-Honey Slimes will spawn throughout The Bumblezone and sometimes from Honeycome Brood Blocks.


-They are passive mobs until they are hit. Then they will chase you for a bit!


-Using a Glass Bottle on Honey Slime will give you a Honey Bottle but make the Honey Slime angry! They will regain their honey state over time but can be sped up by having them move over Honey, Filled Porous Honeycomb, Sticky Honey Residue, Sticky Honey Redstone, or Honeycomb Brood blocks.


-When covered in honey, they can fall from higher heights and take no or reduced damage!


-They can be lured with Sugar and fed it to breed with other Honey Slime mobs.


-Using a Honey Block on vanilla's Slime mob that are small or medium sized will turn them into passive Honey Slimes! Making the Honey Slime available outside the Bumblezone dimension!


Enchantments - 1 new enchantment

 Comb Cutter

-Can be applied to Swords and Shears


-Only 1 level but will make the tool mine all comb based blocks super fast! It will also mine wax, hive, and nest blocks slightly faster.


-Can be used to double the Honeycomb output from Beehives and Bee Nests.


-Newer versions of Resourceful Bees will allow Comb Cutter tools to be used to double their Beehive/Beenest outputs too.



-Any arthropod mob without "bee" in the name, any pandas, and any bears will get a weak version of Wrath of the Hive and nearby Bees will attack them.


-Any mob damaging a bee will get Wrath of the Hive effect and a bunch of angry bees coming after them.


-Picking up Honey Blocks, taking honey from a Filled Porous Honeycomb Block, or taking honey from a Honeycomb Brood Block will give you Wrath of the Hive effect.


-Having Wrath of the Hive will turn the dimension's fog red, play Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky Korsakov, make nearby Honeycomb Brood Blocks grow and spawn bees much faster, and the dimension will spawn even more Bees a bit away from you to hunt you down! Grab your Bane of Arthropod sword!


-Feeding angry bees a Sugar Water Bottle has a 7% of removing the Wrath of the Hive effect, heals the bee a bit, and calms nearby bees. Feeding the bee a Honey Bottle instead has a 30% chance of removing the effect and greatly heals the fed bee.


-When feeding a Bee, you have a chance of getting Protection of the Hive effect where nearby Bees will attack anyone who attacked you!


DIMENSION - It's like the insides of a Bee Hive!

-Contains only 3 biomes: Hive Wall Biome, Hive Pillar biome, and Sugar Water Floor Biome. Hive Wall Biome creates the flat walls of the dimension. Hive Pillar biome creates the large support columns that upholds the space. Sugar Water Floor takes up the rest of the space with low land and filled with Sugar Water.


-Spawns Bees at a high rate and Slime mobs too. Will also spawn Spiders, Cave Spiders, Endermen, and Phantoms at a very low rate (with Phantoms be rarest).


-Walls in the dimension has Honeycomb Holes filled with Honey Blocks and has a few Honeycomb Brood Blocks (some will be empty). There is also a cave system inside the walls/pillars that are only exposed through the space that Honeycomb Holes creates.


-Bee Dungeons can be found in the caves where they are filled with Honey Crystal Blocks and has lots of Honeycomb brood Blocks. 


-Spider Infested Bee Dungeons can be rarely found in the caves where they are filled with Honey Crystal Blocks, Empty Honeycomb Brood Blocks, Cobwebs, Spider Spawner, and Cave Spider Spawners. These dungeons can make a great XP, Spider Eyes, and String farm! 


-Honey Crystal Blocks will be scattered throughout the dimension either underwater or inside the caves. They are most common in Hive Wall biome and lest common in Sugar Water biome.


MUSIC - 2 new songs

Honey Bee by Rat Faced Boy (also goes by AcidBurp and Gerald Tenderfly)

-The music will play occasionally in the dimension. It's pretty cool! You can get a Music Disc of the song from Wandering Traders to play in Jukeboxes! But if you want to download the song, be sure to buy it from BandCamp here to support the musician!


Flight of the Bumblebee by Rimsky Korsakov

-When you get Wrath of the Hive, a midi version of this song will play! I gotten the public domain sheet music for it, ran it through Anvil Studio, and produced the song that you can hear when you are in DEEP trouble! A Music Disc for this song can also be obtained from Wandering Traders too. 


MOD COMPATIBILITY - Interacts directly with 8 other mods!

 Buzzier Bees

-Crystallized Honey Block will be incorporated into the terrain generation above sea level! 


-Bee Dungeons and Spider Infested Bee Dungeons will now generate several random candles from Buzzier Bees including scented versions!


-With the Honey Wand, you can take/add honey from Filled Porous Honeycomb Blocks and Porous Honeycomb Blocks without angering bees. 


-The Honey Wand can also take honey from Honeycomb Brood Blocks but since you killed the larva, you get Wrath of the Hive effect and angry bees coming at you!


-You can feed bees with Sticky Honey Wand or Honey Soup and can calm angered bees.


-Using a Bottle of Bee item on a Empty Honeycomb Brood Block will revive the block into a stage 1 Honeycomb Brood Block. This can be done by hand or by a Dispenser facing the block.


-Buzzier Bees' custom Bee Nest and Bee Hive blocks can be used to teleport to Bumblezone dimension.


-Many Bumblezone items are added to Buzzier Bees's Apiarist villager now too!


Productive Bees -

-Enderpearls thrown at their hive blocks or their Expansion Boxes attached to a hive will now teleport you to The Bumblezone!


-Productive Bees' will also rarely spawn in The Bumblezone dimension from regular spawning or from Honeycomb Brood Blocks in the dimension. All of their types of bees have equal chances of spawning.


-Productive Bees' Honey Treat item has a 40% chance of removing the Wrath of the Hive effect from you when you feed the treat to bees unlike the Honey Bottle's 30% chance. The treat will also heal bees a lot more too!


-The Honey Treat can also be fed to Honeycomb Brood Blocks to grow the larva! In fact, there's a 20% chance the larva may grow two stages at a time instead of 1 when fed this item. 


-Productive Bees's many Honeycomb variants will spawn in The Bumblezone dimension!


-Some honeycomb variants can only spawn in Spider Infested Bee Dungeons.


Resourceful Bees

-Enderpearls thrown at their hive blocks or their validated Apiary blocks will now teleport you to The Bumblezone!


-Resourceful Bees' will also rarely spawn in The Bumblezone dimension from regular spawning or from Honeycomb Brood Blocks in the dimension. All of their types of bees have equal chances of spawning.


-Resourceful Bees's Wax Block will spawn at the floor of the dimension sometimes and can be found in the caves and holes!


-Resourceful Bees's many Honeycomb variants will spawn in The Bumblezone dimension! Some honeycomb variants can only spawn in Spider Infested Bee Dungeons as well. Both dungeons can spawn Resourceful Bees Honey Block variants too.


-Bumblezone's Comb Cutter enchantment can be applied to Reosurceful Bee's Scraper tool! Newer versions of Resourceful Bees will allow Comb Cutter tools to be used to double their Beehive/Beenest outputs too.


-Many Bumblezone items are added to Buzzier Bees's BeeKeeper villager too!



-Bee Dungeons and Spider Infested Bee Dungeons will have Charm candles!


-Many Bumblezone items are added to Charm's BeeKeeper villager too!


Pokecube AIO

-Pokecube's Weedle, Combee, and Cutiefly evolution lines now spawn in Bumblezone! 


-Feeding Honey Brood Blocks will now have a chance of spawning a lvl 1 Weedle, Combee, or Cutiefly.


Potion of Bees

-Their Potion of Bees item can be used to revive a Empty Honeycomb Brood Block into a stage 1, 2, or 3 Honeycomb Brood Block by right clicking or using a Dispenser!


-Their Splash Potion of Bees item can be thrown onto a Empty Honeycomb Brood Block to revive the block into a stage 1, 2, or 3 Honeycomb Brood Block! If you have the splash potion in a Dispenser facing the block, it'll revive the block without bees going everywhere.


Carrier Bees

-When Wrath of the Hive effect is on, Carrier Bees, Fumble Bees, and Bomble Bees will spawn between 10 and 30 blocks away from you and are angry!!

-If you are using a shield to block, the spawnrate of Bomble Bees increases! No cheesing with shields now!

-Carrier Bees will spawn holding an item! The items they can hold are the following (stuff higher on the list is more common):

- Dandelion
- Cornflower
- Sunflower
- Lily Of The Valley
- Lilac
- Rose Bush
- Blue Orchid
- Peony
- Poppy
- Allium
- Azure Bluet
- Oxeye Daisy
- Orange Tulip
- Pink Tulip
- Red Tulip
- White Tulip
- Yellow Terracotta
- Yellow Glazed Terracotta
- Yellow Concrete
- Yellow Concrete Powder
- Yellow Banner
- Yellow Bed
- Yellow Carpet
- Yellow Wool
- Yellow Dye
- Blaze Rod
- Orange Terracotta
- Orange Glazed Terracotta
- Orange Concrete
- Orange Concrete Powder
- Orange Banner
- Orange Bed
- Orange Carpet
- Orange Wool
- Orange Dye
- Honeycomb
- Glowstone Dust
- Magma Cream
- Lantern
- Jack O Lantern
- Apple
- Wheat
- Hay Block
- Horn Coral
- Horn Coral Fan
- Horn Coral Block
- Pufferfish
- Blaze Powder
- Blaze Rod
- Chorus Flower
- Flower Pot
- Brick
- Clay Ball
- Sponge
- Lead
- Bell
- Spectral Arrow
- Map
- Music Disc 11
- Music Disc 13
- Music Disc Blocks
- Golden Apple
- Golden Carrot
- Glistering Melon Slice
- Gold Nugget
- Golden Horse Armor
- Golden Hoe
- Golden Shovel
- Golden Leggings
- Diamond Horse Armor
- Diamond Hoe
- Diamond Shovel
- Netherite Scrap
- Netherite Hoe
- Netherite Shovel
- Turtle Egg


Aurum's More Blocks (AMB)

-Sugar Infused Cobblestone and Sugar Infused Stone will get a slab, stairs, walls, pressure plate, and button form!



   Also, be sure to check out the images page for several screenshots of what the world looks like!

   Small video I made about some main parts of my mod!





    Entering the dimension is super easy! Just throw an Enderpearl at any Bee Nest or Beehive (even modded ones works!) to enter inside it and spawn into the dimension. To teleport out of the dimension, you can either dig down and fall below Y = 0 (don't worry, you won't die as I made sure of that) or climb your way to above Y = 256. The mod will see you are trying to leave and it'll take your coordinates in The Bumblezone dimension, convert it to the correct coordinate in the original dimension you came from and will try to place you near any Bee Nest or Beehive at that spot (or it'll create a new Bee Nest to place you next to if you does not find one already). Through normal use, you cannot use the mod to jump between dimensions but you can use it to travel long distances in any dimension you want. Just be sure to enter The Bumblezone from the dimension you want to fast travel in and then exiting The Bumblezone will put you back into that dimension.


Picture showing how to enter The Bumblezone by a player throwing an Enderpearl at a Bee Nest







   To reach most of this mod's config files, go into the serverconfig folder in the world's save folder to find them. These configs are applied per-world so keep that in mind! The mod compat config will be in the regular config folder above the mod folder because it has to be loaded much earlier. This config file will be applied to all worlds.


However, some of the customizations for this mod are in JSON so you just need to make a datapack to override those settings. In fact, some block tags used in this mod can be used to blacklist modded combs from being imported into the dimension! Here's the files that a datapack can override:  But be sure to look at the config file too as blacklisting modded bees are in there instead.


  There are several config options currently for the mod. Some affects the dimension and lets you control how bright the fog is (forge config), what the movement factor of the dimension is (JSON config), and whether exiting the dimension will always place you back at Overworld instead of previous dimension you came from (forge config). Many other configs lets you customize the Wrath of the Hive effect so you can change how long it lasts, how far bees has to be to be angered and boosted, how strong the effects given to bees are, whether Wrath of the Hive can be triggered outside The Bumblezone, show particles of the effect, or just turn off the effect completely. Lots of options! Take a look at the in-game config and JSON files and let me know if there's any config option that would be super helpful for you to have with this mod. :)


  Also, fun fact! If you use a datapack and make a biome under "the_bumblezone" namespace, this mod will recognize the namespace and spawn that biome in the dimension!!


The ID for the dimension is the_bumblezone:the_bumblezone if you need it. Also, if you need the ID for any Bumblezone's block, item, or biome to add into other mod's configs files, check out the en_us.json file here as the ID names of all the stuff is on there. For example, "block.the_bumblezone.porous_honeycomb_block" would be read as the_bumblezone:porous_honeycomb_block for the ID.



For the list of changes in this mod, click the Source tab and check out file.

This helps me keep track of what I had done so far. 



*If you find an issue, glitch, or have a suggestion about my mod, let me know! But if you don't have a GitHub account to report in the Issue tab above, just comment what the problem is below and I'll try and get back to you ASAP! :) 


Discord Link to #telepathicgrunt-mods channel for my mods! :

discord-logo-png-free-transparent-png-logos-discord-png-logo-300_300 (PNG) | BeeIMG


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