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Shulker Box Slot (Fabric/Forge/Quilt)

Shulker Box Slot is a mod that uses the Curios API (Forge) and Trinkets API (Fabric/Quilt) to add a new slot, the Back slot, to the player inventory and allows the shulker boxes to be placed into this slot, either directly or through right-clicking with the box held in hand. While a shulker box is in this slot, the player can use a keybinding, default 'X', to directly access its contents. This allows the player to interact with a shulker box's contents more freely and easily without the need to place it down, to sacrifice an inventory slot to keep it around, or to need to search through a player's inventory for the box.



Please report all bugs, issues, and feature requests to the issue tracker.

For non-technical support and questions, join the developer's Discord.


All source code and assets are licensed under LGPL-3.0-or-later.


Donations to the developer can be sent through Ko-fi.