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Picture that shows the title of this mod with a Stonebrick Fortress during sunset behind the text


Works serverside too so vanilla clients can connect!



Recent News: Lucky Banner update!
In v3.2.0+ RS, you can find cool banners in
RS Structure's chests if another mod or datapack
gives you the Luck status effect or attribute!
Plus, more bug fixes and RS Mansions has a bit more loot.


Past News: End Strongholds added!
See if you can find these extremely rare structures
that are over 8000 blocks from the dragon island!
Buffed Underground Bastion loot a bit.
Re-adjusted many spawnrate configs default values.
(Delete RS shipwreck config for new value that makes them more common

And report any bugs or issue with my mod to me!





    Repurposed Structures is a mod about taking existing vanilla features and structures and creating new variants or modifications to them! Originally, most of the structures and features in this mod was actually made for my Ultra Amplified Dimension mod. but then I realized these features and structures would look great in the Overworld as well so I decided to take those structures and features and split them into their own mod and continue to add MORE biome variants of vanilla structures! And over time, some other people even help contribute more vanilla styled structures!


    Currently, this mod has:

- Jungle Fortresses which are Nether Fortresses using Stonebrick blocks and spawns in Jungles!
- 11 Dungeons variants
- 14 new Mineshaft types
- 10 new biome variants of Villages
- 15 new Temples variants
- 2 new biome variants of Igloos
- 13 new Pillager Outposts
- 4 new types of Shipwrecks
- 7 new Mansion types
- 5 new Witch Huts types
- 3 new kinds of Ruins! (2 on land. 1 in Nether)
- An End themed Ruined Portal

- A Nether themed End City
- A Nether Stronghold
- An End Stronghold

- An Underground Bastion in Overworld
- 6 new Desert Well variations were made for other biomes 


    If you have trouble finding one of these structures, just start typing `/locate repu` into the chat and you should see my structures pop up! For example, typing `/locate repurposed_structures:stronghold_nether` will find the closest RS's Nether Stronghold to your location in the Nether dimension. :) All structures can be found easily from anywhere!


    Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can this mod work serverside and let vanilla clients connect?
A: Yep! This mod does not add any new blocks or mobs so it can be ran entirely serverside and is safe for vanilla clients.


Q: Does this mod work with YUNG's Better Strongholds mod?
A: Yes indeed it will. Do note, RS's Nether Stronghold will still spawn in Nether biomes and be unchanged. Same for End Strongholds.


Q: Does this mod work with YUNG's Better Mineshafts mod?
A: Yep! This mod works with YUNG's Better Mineshafts lol. I added code to make our mods compatible. Both of our mineshafts should spawn in the world.


Q: Does this mod conflict with ___ mod?
A: Highly unlikely. My mod adds structures to biomes directly so any conflict would be extremely rare. Best way to know is to just try my mod with the other mod. If you find they do conflict somehow, PLEASE let me know so I can investigate and release a fix! :)


Q: I heard this mod has banners in chests but none show up for me. Why?
A: You'll have to use the latest version of Repurposed Structures and have the Luck status effect or attribute. Luck is not able to be obtained in vanilla so you'll have to use another mod or datapack. The banners are more like a cool easter egg collectable so check out what mods or datapacks can give you some Luck! Good luck and have fun collecting banners!


Q: The advancements are annoying! I want to turn them off!
A: There are datapacks to turn off the advancements. Scroll down to the "PRE-MADE DATAPACKS" section farther down and open the spoiler to get the disable advancements datapack!


Q: How can I change the language that this mod uses?
A: You can use a Resourcepack to add new languages and help contribute! Click here for more info!


Q: Can I use this mod in a modpack?
A: Yep! You can use this mod in a modpack :)


Q: Can I modify the source code of this mod to make changes?
A: You can but just make sure you respect my license which is LGPL. That means, if you plan on distributing a modified Repurposed Structures jar, you should open source it by making the modified source code visible and licensed under an open source license. But truthfully, if you want to make a change, ask me first or make a PR into my mod as I might actually add it to the base mod itself! 


   Extra Details about everything in this mod!

Note: all chest loot info can be found here in the loot table files for the structure! :


If you are using the latest version of RS and another mod or datapack gave you the Luck status effect, you can find unique and cool banners in all of RS's Chests and Shulker Boxes in structures! There are over 85+ banners so have fun collecting! Some are recolors of the same pattern to help give you more options if you like a pattern but wanted a different color. 


Village Variants

Note: Some village houses will have custom loot to match their biome better but nothing too crazy for balance reasons. The Nether based villages are full of fully armored Piglins and have fully unique chest loot.




-Badlands Village

-Birch Village

-Dark Forest Village

-Jungle Village

-Swamp Village

-Mountains Village

-Giant Taiga Village

-Oak Village

-Crimson Village

-Warped Village



Badlands Dungeons spawner's mob rates

48% : Husk

25% : Cave Spider

17% : Skeleton

8% : Spider

2% : Illusioner 


Dark Forest Dungeons spawner's mob rates

43% : Zombie

20% : Spider

20% : Skeleton

15% : Vex

2% : Illusioner 

1% : Creeper


Desert Dungeons spawner's mob rates

73% : Husk

13% : Spider

12% : Skeleton

1% : Llama

1% : Illusioner 


End Dungeons spawner's mob rates

86% : Endermite

12% : Enderman

2% : Phantom


Spawns Shulker Box instead of Chests to hold the loot but spawns less frequently than Chests.


Icy Dungeons spawner's mob rates

75% : Stray

25% : Cave Spider


Jungle Dungeons spawner's mob rates

37% : Zombie

25% : Parrot

18% : Spider

18% : Skeleton

1% : Chicken

1% : Creeper


Mushroom Dungeons spawner's mob rates

if above Y = 64

96% : Rabbit

4% : Mooshroom


if below Y = 64

96% : Bat

4% : Mooshroom


Nether Dungeons spawner's mob rates

if above Y = 30

44% : Zombified Piglin

20% : Strider

26% : Magma Cube

10% : Blaze


if below Y = 30

44% : Zombified Piglin

20% : Strider

25% : Magma Cube

10% : Blaze

1% : Wither Skeleton


Snow Dungeons spawner's mob rates

37% : Stray

25% : Cave Spider

24% : Zombie

12% : Spider

2% : Snow Golem


Swamp Dungeons spawner's mob rates

24% : Zombie

24% : Drowned

16% : Spider

16% : Skeleton

9% : Vex

1% : Slime


Ocean Dungeons spawner's mob and loot rates

Chest loot

45% : Normal Dungeon loot

33% : Shipwreck Supplies loot

13% : Small Ruins loot

8% : Big Ruins loot

1% : Buried Treasure loot

plus a few various other ocean-themed loot


Mob Spawner in Frozen Ocean biomes

96% : Drowned

3% : Squid

1% : Turtle


Mob Spawner in Cold Ocean biomes

96% : Drowned

3% : Salmon

1% : Turtle


Mob Spawner in neutral Ocean biomes

96% : Drowned

3% : Cod

1% : Turtle


Mob Spawner in Lukewarm Ocean biomes

96% : Drowned

3% : Pufferfish

1% : Turtle


Mob Spawner in Warm Ocean biomes

96% : Drowned

3% : Tropical Fish

1% : Turtle



All other Mineshafts has Cave Spider Spawner unless otherwise specified. And chest loot is specifically tailored to every Mineshaft with some having very unique loot and others having loot that's barely different.




-Birch Mineshafts

-Desert Mineshafts

-Jungle Mineshafts

-Savanna Mineshafts

-Stone Mineshafts

-Taiga Mineshafts

-Swamp Mineshafts

-Dark Forest Mineshafts

-Icy Mineshafts (has Stray Spawners)

-Ocean Mineshafts (has Drowned Spawners)

-Nether Mineshafts (has Blaze Spawners)

-Warped Mineshafts (has Blaze Spawners)

-Crimson Mineshafts (has Blaze Spawners)

-End Mineshafts (has Endermite Spawners) and will also naturally spawn Endermites over time)



Chest loot is using a barely modified Woodland Mansion chest loot with most changes being the food. Mansion spawnrates are set to be very rare by default as to not clutter your world. This can be changed in configs.


Cartographers may sell maps to these mansions in their level 4 trades




-Birch Mansion

-Taiga Mansion

-Jungle Mansion

-Oak Mansion

-Savanna Mansion

-Desert Mansion

-Snowy Mansion


Nether City (Nether themed End City without the ship)

Will spawn Blazes often and Wither Skeletons very rarely inside the city over time


Spawns several Wither skeletons upon first generation


Maps to Nether Cities can be found in Nether Ruins or very rarely, in chest in Cartographer buildings in Warped/Crimson Villages


Chest loot is highly Netherite based to reflect the danger of the city



Underground Bastions

Spawns only Skeletons over time inside instead of other monsters


Skeletons at initial spawning may have swords, be slightly faster, and wearing stronger armor


Reduced the chances of Underground Bastions not having a stable, unit, or treasure room. Most of time, there will be a massive room underground for the bastion.



Warm Land Ruins

May contain maps to Underground Bastions in ungenerated chunks


High amounts of Wheat surrounding the ruins


Hot Land Ruins

May contain maps to Underground Bastions in ungenerated chunks


Nether Ruins

May contain maps to Bastion Remnants or Nether Cities


Jungle Fortress

Can naturally spawn Wither Skeletons over time but it is extremely rare


May spawn Drowned upon first generation with some armor in the flooded hallways


Will have 2 Silverfish Mob Spawners as well as random blocks sometimes being infested already


End Ruined Portals

Chest Loot is heavily high-leveled gold based. May also contain maps or End City maps.



All Overworld Outposts

 All Overworld Repurposed Structures Outpost will spawn Pillagers over time. And chest loot is nearly identical to the normal Pillager Outpost loot but some changes has been done to make the loot fit the biome theme they are in.


Some of the "aged" version of the Outpost towers are more unique in their decay or aged looks. This is based on how Vanilla Outpost tower can be either normal or "overgrown" with Mossy Cobblestone.  


Overworld Variants:


-Birch Outposts

-Desert Outposts

-Jungle Outposts

-Giant Tree Taiga Outposts

-Stone Outposts

-Badlands Outposts

-Taiga Outposts

-Oak Outposts

-Icy Outposts

-Snowy Outposts (can have trapped Snow Golems as well)


End Outpost

Can naturally spawn Phantoms over time


Spawns with Chorus Plants and some Shulkers mobs


Chests loot is heavily combat based with stuff that is effective against Phantoms


Nether Brick Outpost

Can naturally spawn Piglins over time


Chests loot is heavily combat based with gold gear


Warped Outpost

Can naturally spawn Piglins over time


Chests loot is heavily combat based with gold gear


Crimson Outpost

Can naturally spawn Piglins over time


Chests loot is heavily combat based with gold gear



Nether Wasteland Temple 


5 to 14 Arrows of Harming II


Has one hidden Zombified Piglin spawner


Nether Basalt Temple


5 to 14 Arrows of Weakness I


Has one hidden Magma Cube spawner


Nether Crimson Temple 


5 to 14 Arrows of Harming II


Has one hidden Zoglin spawner


Nether Warped Temple


5 to 14 Arrows of Harming II


Has one hidden Enderman spawner and 1 Strider spawner


Nether Soul Temple


A mix of Arrows of Slowness and Fire Charges


Has two hidden Skeleton spawners



 Nether Pyramid

Has two hidden Zombified Piglin spawners 


 End Pyramid

Has great loot but also has hidden Endermite spawners. Also has custom banners!


 Badlands Pyramid

Has two hidden Husk spawners 


 Icy Pyramid

Made of lots of Ice! Might have some Blue Ice mixed in too.


Snowy Pyramid

Has two hidden Stray spawners 


 Flower Forest Pyramid

Has lots of bigger explosion radius Creepers 


 Jungle Pyramid

Has a high amount of Silverfish infested blocks 


 Ocean Pyramid

Has 4 Drowned with Tridents. They have a small chance of dropping Trident or their Turtle Helmet 


 Giant Tree Taiga Pyramid

Nothing too out of the ordinary...


 Mushroom Pyramid

Has no traps and much greater quantity of loot! 



End Shipwreck

You may find maps and if you are EXTREMELY lucky, maybe an Elytra in their chests! They can also have unique Firework Stars and rarely, Dragon's Breath too!


Nether Bricks Shipwreck

(Can naturally spawn Wither Skeletons over time)


You may find maps and if you are EXTREMELY lucky, maybe an Elytra in their chests! Also, they got unique banners!


Crimson Shipwreck

(Can naturally spawn Wither Skeletons over time)


You may find maps and unique Firework Stars in their chests! Also, they got unique banners!


Warped Shipwreck

(Can naturally spawn Wither Skeletons over time)


You may find maps and unique Firework Stars in their chests! Also, they got unique banners!



Nether Stronghold

Spawns beyond 2817 blocks from the center of the Nether Dimension at and below lava level. 


Can naturally spawn Blaze, Zombified Piglins, Wither Skeletons, Skeletons, and Magma Cubes over time


Storage rooms has 4 chests instead of 1 due to them not having much loot naturally.


The Silverfish spawner at the Portal Room is now a Blaze spawner.


Extra spawners are added to storage room, the room with the pillar that holds 4 Torches, and fountain room.

The mob rates are the following:

50% : Blaze
30% : Zoglin
20% : Zombiefied Piglin


End Stronghold

Spawns beyond 8000 blocks from center of the End Dimension. Will only generate inside islands too with their entrance being the lowest piece hanging down!


Can naturally spawn Endermites over time with many Shulkers spawned only once at structure generation


Shulker Boxes are used in place of Chests.


Library rooms are filled with Lapis Blocks instead of Bookshelves.


Endermite spawners are added to portal room, storage room, the room with the pillar that holds 4 Torches, and fountain room.


Witch Huts

Will spawn Witches and Cats over time like vanilla Witch Huts.




- Oak Witch Hut

- Taiga Witch Hut

- Birch Witch Hut

- Dark Forest Witch Hut

- Giant Tree Taiga Witch Hut


Grassy Igloo and Stone Igloo loot

The basement's chest and Brewing Stand uses the normal Igloo's.


Grassy Igloo has a Bed, Crafting Table, Furnace, and a Lantern.


Stone Igloo has a Blast Furnace, Campfire, 1 Iron Ore, a Lantern, a Bed, and a Stone Pickaxe on Crafting Table. 




 Badlands Well

1% chance of having a Bell

Each of the 5 blocks inside has a 15% chance of being a Gold Ore


Forest Well

1% chance of having a Bell

Each of the 5 blocks inside has a 30% chance of being an Iron Ore


Mossy Stone Well

1% chance of having a Bell

Each of the 5 blocks inside has a 12% chance of being an Emerald Ore


Snow Well

1% chance of having a Bell

Each of the 5 blocks inside has a 30% chance of being a Lapis Ore


Nether Well

1% chance of having a Bell

Each of the 5 blocks inside has a 8% chance of being a Chiseled Quartz block and a 50% chance of being a Quartz Ore


Mushroom Well

1% chance of having a Bell

Each of the 5 blocks inside has a 30% chance of being a Redstone Ore or Iron Ore






    You can configure this mod with configs and datapacks! See the "PRE-MADE DATAPACKS" section further down for already made datapacks that do a bunch of stuff such as turning off advancements! 


    To reach this mod's config file, go into the config folder that is above the mods folder and go into the repurpsoed_structures-forge folder to change the configs. The config is split up into many files for better organization and ease of editing. Then exit/restart Minecraft for all changes to take effect. Do note that the config will affect all worlds so keep that in mind


    Config details:

    Right now, there are lots of config options. The big one that you may be interested in is the spawnrate config for every structure and yes, you can even fully turn off the structures too. The config comments will help walk you through on how to adjust the rates. Furthermore, you can even blacklist dimensions or biomes as well! For some structures, you can change the maximum and minimum y value that they can start their generation at and far more! Check out the config for everything you can do!


Furthermore, you can make datapacks to modify or change a huge amount of stuff in my mod including modifying how structures look! Here's a flat world of all the pieces of my nbt-based structures. Use this to make editing and overriding structure pieces easier with datapacks: 
Repurposed Structures - pieces world (click here)


If you want to change the loot tables that the structures in this mod uses, you can override my loot tables with a data pack! Here's a datapack with the default loot tables: 
Repurposed_Structures-Loottables (click here)


The mob spawner for all none-nbt based structures can be changed with datapacks as well! You can download the spawner datapack here and change the entries inside the json files to add, remove, or change mob chances in spawners!:
Repurposed_Structures-Mob_Spawners (click here)

And all structure pieces such as Wells, Villages, Outposts, Shipwrecks, Pyramids, and Igloos can also be overridden with datapacks. Furthermore, the template pools that holds structure pieces for Villages and other structures can also be overridden with datapacks to add your own pieces to the villages or other structures! You can find what pieces or pools can be replaced and their filenames here:
Overridable structure nbt files (click here)
Overridable structure pool files (click here)


For the expert datapackers, there's actually a hidden neat way to add new pieces to any Jigsaw Structure without overriding their pool file! (Villages, outposts, all of RS's structures minus mansions, etc) For example, instead of overriding `data\repurposed_structures\worldgen\template_pool\village\birch\houses.json` to add new houses to my Birch Village, replace `worldgen\template` in the datapack with `pool_additions` and have the template pool file only have the entries you want merged into the main pool file. Repurposed Structures will detect these files from ALL datapacks and merge the pool_additions pool entries into the actual template pool file that the path points to. Yes, Repurposed Structures will read all pool_additions files from all datapacks that even have the same path so that the datapacks do not override each other's pool_additions! Neat stuff! And it works with other pools too! Just make sure the piece you are adding has a Jigsaw Block with the right name so the actual structure can connect and spawn the piece. 

To help you with this cool pool_additions feature, this 18 minute tutorial should help walk you through creating a building, saving it, and adding it to RS's structures with a datapack!


Let me know if you think of a new config option that you would need and I will try and add it! :) 





Since the overwhelming majority of my structures uses nbt files, template pools, and/or processors, you can override all of this with datapacks! That means you can customize the blocks in those structures with other mod's blocks or add pieces of other mod's villages into RS's villages! If you decide to use the datapack below, download it, go into your world's save folder, and put the zipped folder into the datapack folder. Now when you load the game, the datapack should take effect! (Also, you can share mod-compat datapacks you made to me and I'll add it below after I check it out and like it!)


    Datapacks made:

pm095's datapacks! (1.16.5 only)

A user named pm065 has made a ton of compat datapacks between RS and other mods! You can check out and download their datapacks from here:

Currently, they have dedicated datapacks for RS compat with:

-Farmer's Delight

-Buzzier Bees

-and more to come!


Ice and Fire pack! (1.16.5 only)

Want Repurposed Structures's Villages to have a chance of having Ice and Fire's Scriber buildings? We gotcha fam! Slap on this datapack with their mod on and you will find their buildings in Repurposed Structure villages now!

Download link: Repurposed_Structures-Ice_and_Fire

Ice and Fire Mod:


Savage & Ravage pack! (1.16.5 only)

Want Repurposed Structures's Outposts to look like Savage & Ravage's outposts? No problem! Slap on this datapack with their mod on! Savage & Ravage should be updated to v3.1.0 or newer for best results.

Download link: Repurposed_Structures-Savage_&_Ravage

Savage & Ravage Mod:


Environmental pack! (1.16.5 only)

Repurposed Structures's swamp villages will use Environmental's wood and blocks with this datapack! I hope it looks good!

Download link: Repurposed_Structures-Environmental

Environmental Mod:


Farlanders Spawn in Warped Villages pack! (1.16.2 to 1.16.5 only)

Snorps made a datapack to spawn Farlander's mobs in Repurposed Structures's Warped Villages! Check it out!

Download link:

Farlander Mod:


Disabled Advancement pack!

Add this datapack to the world's datapack folder to make Repurposed Structures's advancements never trigger ever! No popup. Nothing in Advancement screen. Use this if you want no more advancements at all.

Download link: Repurposed_Structures-Disabled_Advancements


Vanilla Loottable pack!

Add this datapack (the .zip file) to the world's datapack folder to make all RS structure's loot tables to use the same loot table as the vanilla structures that they are based upon. For example, Nether Pyramids now uses vanilla Desert Temple loot table. This can be helpful if you do not want RS structures to have customized loot tables

Download link: Repurposed_Structures-Vanilla_Loottables


Translation Resourcepack!

For clients without this mod on and is connecting to a server that does have Repurposed Structures on, the clients can put on this resourcepack (the .zip file). This allows the clients to switch to other languages that comes with the resourcepack such as Spanish or Simplified Chinese. More info in the link.

Download link: Repurposed_Structures-Translation_Resourcepack


Special thanks to:

/r/l-ll-ll-l_IsDisLoss from Reddit for allowing me to use his Nether Pyramid and Nether Crimson Outpost design! 
cannon_foddr for allowing me to use his Nether Brick Outpost and End/Nether Bricks Shipwreck design!
miguelforge for allowing me to use his Crimson and Warped Shipwreck, End Ruined Portal, Nether Ruins, and other designs!


*If you find an issue, glitch, or have a suggestion about my mod, let me know! But if you don't have a GitHub account to report in the Issue tab above, just comment what the problem is below and I'll try and get back to you ASAP! Or you can contact me on Discord at the link below :) 



Discord Link to #telepathicgrunt-mods channel for my mods! :

discord-logo-png-free-transparent-png-logos-discord-png-logo-300_300 (PNG)  | BeeIMG


My Patreon page if you wish to help donate to support me! :

Patron page for TelepathicGrunt


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