Enhanced Mob Spawners

114,391 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 22, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.4


Adds ability to Silk Touch spawner and retrieve Monster Egg from it + custom configuration.


+ Make Mob Spawners minable with silk touch

+ Right-click on a mob spawner and it will drop its monster egg corresponding to what type of entity inside.

+ Adds a 4% chance for all entities to drop its monster egg (can be changed in config)

+ Adds Spawner Block in Creative Tabs (decorations)

+ Modify Mob Spawner stats such as count, speed and range. Example: make spawner active for a maximun of 128 blocks! Vanilla is 16

+ Customize what you want inside mod configuation file

+ Toggle spawner ON/OFF with ingame config menu or Redstone (mod v1.7.8)


Client configuration (1.6.5 mod version, very similar to other mod versions):

Change values in the file located at: .minecraft/config/spawnermod-common.toml

 If you have used older versions of this mod - make sure you delete old config files!


Server configuration (1.6.5 mod version)

Change values in the file located at: your_forge_server_directory/config/spawnermod-common.toml


Goal of this mod is to add more functionality to the original minecraft spawner. This mod makes the player able to move mob spawners ability to fully control what type of entity inside by making it possible to retrieve the Monster Egg.


Feel free to use it any mod pack but please give credit :)


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