Craftable Deeds

1,877,709 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 13, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5   +3

Commission for DB20xx

This Mod allows you to craft Deeds that claim a standard map size (8x8 chunk area) of land with a nether star surrounded by paper or next to a map in the crafting menu.  After claiming an area make a Deed Pedestal with three gold ingots and three netherite.  After placing the deed in the deed pedestal all blocks above the y value of 15 in the mapped chunks won't be breakable by other players and they can't open containers, this can be changed in the deed pedestals GUI as well as having players attacked by loyal mobs in your deed areas.  You can't open deeds in claimed chunks and chunks can be claimed and unclaimed with the craftabledeed commands.  If a player finds your deed pedestal they can deactivate it by right clicking it, resulting in a explosion and the drop of a nether star, the area becoming claimable again after a configurable amount of time.  You can configure explosions breaking blocks, what dimensions the deed can be used it, what mobs act as loyal to the player, what blocks can be interacted with, and a whitelist of blocks that can be broken in deed areas.