Not Enough Creativity

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JEI (Forge) or REI (Fabric) in cheat mode is highly recommended alongside this mod. Creative+ does away with vanilla's item lookup in favor of a bigger inventory.


This mod is required on both the server and client.


Not Enough Creativity (NEC+ for short) adds an NEI-inspired "Creative+" mode with a few bonuses. You can enter it by clicking "Switch to Creative+" in the Creative "Survival Inventory" tab. The Creative+ inventory, unlike the normal Creative inventory, is entirely server-sided. This fixes a lot of the glitches with the Creative GUI, most of which are various kinds of item desync or deletion. The server-side inventory system in Minecraft is much more stable and better tested.


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Easy Downloads

These all link to files here on Curse, just provided here because Curse's UI for a mod that's available for multiple loaders across multiple versions is hot trash.

Fabric 1.17.x
Fabric API recommended
Fabric 1.16.x
Fabric API recommended
Forge 1.16.x
  Forge 1.12.2




Along the top there are Abilities. From left to right, they are:

  • Super Speed: Quadruples your air speed.
  • Free Flight: Unlocked full-3D flight with no velocity or plane restriction. Similar to MCEdit and older modded flight from the Classic WoM client and Singleplayer Commands.
  • Long Reach: Increases your reach from 4 blocks to 12 blocks.
  • No Clip: Disable collision, like a spectator.
  • Night Vision: Enable fullbright. Does not have the vanilla Night Vision potion fog or flashing effects.
  • Pick-Swap: Move unique items into the upper inventory instead of deleting them when pickblocking with a held item. Also remove the first matching item from the upper inventory when pickblocking. Makes the upper inventory act sort of like a cache of recently used blocks. Removed in 1.3.0
  • No Break Delay: Disable the Creative break delay, allowing breaking blocks like a gold pick through netherrack.
  • Allow Damage: Enable damage and show your health bar. You still can't die except by the usual things that can kill Creative players.
  • Instant Kill: Greatly increase your punch damage to get rid of pesky mobs without carrying a sword around. Also suppresses drops from killed mobs.
  • No Item Pickup: Prevents picking up items, to avoid inventory clutter.
  • Dark Mode: Make the GUI darker.


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