1,468 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 20, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


What does this mod do?

This mod lets you create scripts in JavaScript language to manage your server, add new blocks and items, change recipes, add custom handlers for quest mods and more! (Actually, that's about it for now)

How to use it?

First, create kubejs folder in your minecraft directory. Create a .js file with any lower-case name without special symbols (a-z 0-9 _ are allowed) and just write your code in there.

I don't know JavaScript

There's examples and pre-made scripts on kubejs.latvian.dev.

Can I reload scripts?

Yes, use /kubejs reload. Note: Not everything is reloadable. Some things require you to restart game, some only world, some work on fly.

Where is the documentation/wiki?

It's built-in. Use /kubejs docs command.

How does this mod work?

It uses Nashorn, built-in JavaScript parser to read scripts, shipped with Java 8 and above. There shouldn't be a case where this doesn't exist in your Minecraft, but if that's the case, please report!

Ok, but what if it.. doesn't work?

You can report issues on GitHub.

I have more questions/suggestions!

You can find me on Discord, in #kubejs chat channel.