Untamed Wilds

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Untamed Wilds


Untamed Wilds is an open-source mod that aims to expand the exploration component of Minecraft through the introduction of high-quality mobs and world-gen


This mod requires Citadel and will not run without it


General Features:


  • All mobs/features are created as part of Worldgen. They also do not respawn (outside of specific circumstances and breeding/growing)
  • Mobs featured in this list encompass a multitude of Species; Species are dynamically assigned to each Biome depending on its features from a list of weighted entries, providing out of the box compatibility.
  • Smaller mobs can be picked up (depending on the mob) to ease their transportation, larger mobs need to be transported by using Cage Traps.
  • While the default parameters aim to be "believable", a plethora of Config options allow the user to replicate Vanilla behaviours (such as breeding being triggered through the favourite item)
    • A very WIP guidebook is provided through Patchouli (book + any piece of hide). Content in the book has been generated from data sourced from Wikipedia, processed through the NLTK Python library and manually edited.


List of Mobs:


πŸ– Aardvark

Aardvarks are nocturnal animals that can be found in Savannas, where they will roam around, digging for food, occasionally finding an Aardvark cucumber.

Aardvarks provide an alternative source of Rabbit Hide in a biome where it can not be reliably found.


🐻 Bear

There are currently 8 different species of Bear, ranging from the humble Black Bear to the elusive Cave Bear. Bears can be found in Jungles and most Cold and Temperate biomes, expect to find Polar Bears in snowy biomes, Brown Bears in mountains and Black Bears in Forests

Bears are dangerous mobs, as players disturbing sleeping Bears, or trying to approach Bear cubs in the presence of an adult Bear will result in a mauling, furthermore, some of the bigger Bears may actively hunt Players for food too. Additionally, some hungry Bears may raid your chests (or any inventory) in search of food, so protect your supplies carefully.

On death, Bears drop meat, fat, bones and their fur


Baby Bears can be tamed with the following foods:

-Black Bear: Sweet Berries

-Blind Cave Bear: Raw Beef

-Brown Bear: Raw Salmon

-Cave Bear: Potatoes

-Giant Panda: Bamboo

-Polar Bear: Animal Fat

-Spectacled Bear: Apples

-Sun Bear: Honeycombs


πŸ… Big Cat

7 species of Big Cat can be found in the wild (with a few more NYI). Big Cats can be found in most Land Biomes.

Many species of Big Cat will actively hunt players if hungry enough, albeit their elusive nature should make these events rare. Furthermore, approaching Big Cat cubs will enrage their mother.

On death, Big Cats drop some bones and their fur (which can be used as Leather and/or turned into Carpets)


Baby Big Cats can be tamed with the following foods:

-Lion, Snow Leopard and Tiger: Raw Beef

-Jaguar and Leopard: Raw Porkchops

-Mountain Lion: Raw Rabbit


πŸ¦› Hippo

The Common Hippo is currently the most dangerous animal implemented in the mod. Hippos can be found in Swamps and Savannas in herds ranging from 2 to 6 individuals.

Hippos are highly territorial and will actively attack Players (and any threatening creature) that step into water, however, do note that Hippos outside of water are much more peaceful, only attacking in retaliation.

On death, Hippos drop a sizeable amount of high-quality meat, leather, bones and animal fat


🦏 Rhino

Rhinoceros are large, horned grazers, usually found alone in Jungles, Savannas or Snowy Tundras in one out of 6 species.

Rhinos are neutral, but will attack any threatening creature that approaches it's offspring. However, their charge attacks, while devastating, can be dodged.

On death, Rhinos drop a sizeable amount of high-quality meat, leather, bones and animal fat.


Baby Rhinos can be tamed with Watermelon Slices



Hyenas are pack hunters that can be found in Savanna/Mesa biomes. While individually weak, some species will spawn in large packs.

On death, Hyenas currently drop nothing.


Baby Hyenas can be tamed with Rotten Flesh.


🐟 Ocean Sunfish

2 Species of Sunfish can be found in the deeper Oceans, usually basking in the surface.

The Ocean Sunfish is a slow, passive mob, albeit it's sheer size makes it a threat to Boats if collided with. On death, Ocean Sunfish drop 1-6 Tropical Fish, providing a source of this fish outside of Tropical Biomes


🐟 Trevally

5 Species of Trevally can be found in non-cold, non-frozen Oceans. Trevallies are schooling fish, and can be bucketed up for transportation.

While they mostly provide ambience, they drop some Fish on death.


🐟 Arowana

6 Species of Arowana can be found in water bodies in Jungles and Swamps, including 2 rare variants. Arowana are known for jumping out of water, and can be bucketed up for transportation.

While they mostly provide ambience, they drop some Tropical Fish on death.



10 Species of Shark can be found in all oceans. While most Sharks freely swim in the ocean, 3 variants won't leave the bottom of the Ocean.

Sharks are apex predators in the Ocean, and while not openly hostile to Players, they will hunt anything that has been wounded.


🐟 Football Fish

The Football Fish is a rare species of fish which can be found in the bottom of Deep Oceans, with one out of 3 skins. Football Fish are slow, but highly agressive hunters, and they can be identified by their rotund body and their bioluminescent lure.

Football Fish only provide ambience to an otherwise lacking part of the oceans.


πŸ•·οΈ Tarantula

8 Species of Tarantula will populate the warm biomes of Minecraft, and as Critters, can be picked up by right-clicking with an empty bottle.

Tarantulas are highly agressive against other Critters, and will even attack Tarantulas of different species (however, multiple Tarantulas can coexist if they are the same species). Tarantulas may drop a piece of String on death


🐚 Giant Clam

4 Species of Giant Clam may be found in the seafloor of Lukewarm/Warm shallow Oceans, Giant Clams can be dug up and transported with a Shovel, albeit it may take multiple tries to do so.

Giant Clams make for good decoration for Tropical fish tanks, and have no predators. On death, Giant Clams may drop Pearls and/or Giant Pearls, these gemstones can be crafted into Blocks, sold to Fishermen villagers or they can be socketed into  Tetra tools, providing minor protection


🐍 Snake (small)

17 Species of Snakes inhabit most non-cold Biomes of Minecraft, it should be noted that this mob only represents smaller snakes. As Critters, they can be picked up by right-clicking with an empty hand.

Some species of Snake are venomous, with certain species being potentially deadly, and they will attack any mob that steps on them, so watch your steps.


🐒 Softshell Turtle

7 Species of Softshell Turtle can be found in tropical Biomes, Rivers and Swamps, and as Critters, can be picked up by right-clicking with an empty hand.

Softshell Turtles are elusive animals, and surprisingly fast for a Turtle when in Water. They will attack fish if hungry enough, and will bask in sunlight during noon. Softshell Turtles drop 0-2 Turtle Meat pieces, which can be further crafted into Turtle Soup


🐒 Tortoises (small)

6 Species of Tortoise can be found in most non-cold biomes, and as Critters, can be picked up by right-clicking with an empty hand.

Tortoises are very shy animals, and will hide in their shell when approached. Small Tortoises drop 0-2 Turtle Meat pieces, which can be further crafted into Turtle Soup


🐸 Giant Salamanders

3 Species of Giant Salamanders can be found in Rivers and Mountain pools, and can be scooped up in a bucket.

Despite their lazy appearance, Giant Salamanders are voracious predators, and will swallow whole any mob which fits in their mouth, killing it instantly.



Frequently Asked Questions:

>Mod crashes on launch!

Install Citadel

Please, submit any other bug report in the associated GitHub issue tracker


>Will this mod be released to Fabric and/or [version]?

No. Other modders are welcome to do so though


>Help, I can't find any mobs

UntamedWilds mobs will only spawn during World Generation, so you will need to either explore new chunks to find mobs, or start a new world. I am looking into having alternative ways to obtain mobs in existing worlds (through Villager trading, retroGen, etc.)


>I don't like X, can it be changed/disabled?

A lot of config options are provided to tweak the mod to fit your needs. Mobs can be individually disabled, and options are provided to make mob breeding behave like vanilla.

>Does this mod work with [Biome mod] and/or [WorldGen mod]?

It should! Mobs are dynamically assigned to each Biome based on the Biome ~~Temperature and Type~~ Category.



There is no official Discord server for this mod. Moderating/managing a sizeable Discord server might as well be a full-time job, one I'd rather not do.


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