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Silent Lib (silentlib)


Contains shared classes used by several of my mods, to make them easier to update and maintain. The 1.16.3 version works on 1.16.4/5 as well.




NBT Viewer

Available in version 4.2.3 and up, for Minecraft 1.14.3+.

The "sl_nbt" command can be used to view the NBT of a block, entity, or item in an easy to read format. Unlike the vanilla "data get" command, this opens a new UI and formats the text for easy reading. The output is also color-coded, and 32-bit integers are displayed in both decimal and hexadecimal. From there, you can also export the NBT to a JSON file (possibly useful when reporting bugs).

Removed Features

Guide Books

Removed in 1.13+

Version 2.1 introduced a guide book system. Any mod is welcome to utilize it. The design is heavily inspired by the booklet from Actually Additions.

The guide book allows buttons to quickly get to the mod's config GUI or achievements page (if implemented). A search box and an entry with all chapters is also included by default. A book is made of entries, entries contain multiple chapters, and chapters are one or more pages.

Guide book from Silent's Gems

This is the Silent's Gems guide book. Currently this is the only mod that uses the guide book system, but creating a book is extremely easy. The hardest part is writing the actual text!

Cross Compatibility (Legacy)

This is discontinued in recent versions. The text in this section is left here for legacy reasons. Getting a mod to run on 1.10.2 and 1.11.2 is relatively simple. Supporting 1.12.x as well... not so much. In order to provide a better experience for players on 1.10.2 and 1.11.2, I have cut support for those versions. Only the 1.12.x versions of my mods are currently being updated.

For 1.10.x/1.11.x Players

Silent Lib allows some mods to run on multiple Minecraft versions. Mostly, this is limited to 1.10.2/1.11.x (10/11) compatibility. The 1.12.x versions mods have cut support for 10/11, it's just too messy. Download the version of Silent Lib marked with your Minecraft version (1.10.2, 1.11.2, etc.), then download the other mod(s) marked "universal". Yes, I realize this is a bit confusing. I wish there was a better way. But if you are using the Curse/Twitch client, the correct files should be downloaded automatically.

This feature is heavily inspired by McJty's CompatLayer. I borrowed ideals/code from there and modified it to fit my needs. Credit where credit is due.


List of Silent Lib Mods

May or may not be up-to-date (updated 2021-04-24). I release new mods occasionally. But I'll try to keep this updated. Some of my mods do not use Silent Lib, mostly smaller mods that add no blocks or items.

Required By (and Actively Maintained)

Required By (but Discontinued/Suspended)

Help! (FAQ)

It crashes!

Make sure Silent Lib and all mods that depend on it are up-to-date first. Mismatched versions are a common cause of crashes. If updating does not help, report it on the issue tracker of the mod that seems to be at fault. Usually the other mod is responsible. I may have forgotten to publish an update.

Where is [insert ancient version like 1.12.2 here]?

The files are still there, but they are appropriately hidden from the main page. Go to the "Files" tab, click "View All," then select the ancient game version that you for some reason have a desire to play. Research project for your history class or something?