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This mod is a small utility for modpack creators in 1.13+
Usually datapacks have to be copied into every world seperately,
this mod changes this. It adds the possibility to define global Data- & Resourcepacks.
Additionally you can choose whether they are required or optional. (Only in newer versions)


Datapacks inside the resourcepacks folder, are force enabled by default, you can change this inside the configuration file if you want.
But it allows you to install datapacks the same way as mods using the Curseforge launcher.

@Modpacks authors, follow these rules, or your pack might be rejected!  Resource- and Datapacks, which are available on Curseforge, MUST be installed trough the launcher.   Additionally you aren't allowed to move them out of the "resourcepacks" directory, use the mods config if you don't want all of them to load.



  • 1.13

    In 1.13 you can create a new folder 'global_data_pack' and just put your datapacks in there. Those will be required and therefore force enabled for the user.
    Datapacks must be .zip files.

  • 1.14-1.15

    From 1.14 to 1.15 a folder with the name 'global_data_packs' can be created,
    all datapacks put into it will be required and force enabled.
    Datapacks can be zip files, or normal folders.

  • 1.16+ (Mod version 1.10+)
    The mod adds a new config file 'global_data_and_resourcepacks.toml',

    It contains a list of folders into which you can put your data-/resourcepacks.
    You can also specify a pack directly, rather than a folder if you'd like to,
    this can be used to set the order of packs (further down = higher priority).
    The default config contains a couple of examples.

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  • Normal curseforge permissions apply, this means that all modpacks hosted on Curseforge can use this mod freely.