Global Data- & Resourcepacks

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Global Data- & Resourcepacks

Now with Resourcepacks!

This mod is a small utility for Mod pack Creators in 1.13+
With data packs being a great way for mods to design their content more data driven,
it's easier then ever to customize your Mod pack experience, right?
Wrong! There is no way for mod packs to provide such a data pack,
besides providing a separate download and let the user do the work.

But that's not a good solution, therefore we decided to provide you a better solution!

Important Notes!
Data- & Resourcepacks need a valid pack.mcmeta file.
Your packs won't be loaded if they are missing it, or it's malformed.

The `global_data_packs` folder might not always get created, the reason for this is unknown.
But you can create it on your own without any risks.



This mod adds a global_data_pack folder that mod packs can use to ship their data pack together with everything else.

It does also automatically put a valid "pack.mcmeta" into that data pack, so that Minecraft does recognize it as one.  But, feel free to modify it when you want.


This mod adds a folder ("global_data_packs") into which you can add all the dapatacks you want.
You can either add them as a normal folder, or zipped.
Datapacks get prefixed with "modpack" when using the /datapack command

And since 1.16 also with resource pack support

Similar to the "global_data_packs" folder you can create a folder called "global_resource_packs".
That one allows you to share resource packs together with your modpack (those are force enabled!)


For a guide about Data packs, please visit the Minecraft Wiki.



Modpack Permissions:

While this mod is ARR (All Right Reserver) you've got full permissions to use this mod in curseforge hosted modpacks.