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1.12 version requires Baubles! 1.14+ versions require Curios!

Albedo is also recommended on 1.12

1.12 versions below v0.1.0 require FlameLib.


BountifulBaubles adds a handful of useful items, mostly baubles, inspired by games such as Terraria. Many of these items can be found in dungeon chests; others can be crafted.



Item List (as of 1.12):

  • Balloon - increased jump height
  • Cobalt Shield - functions as a regular shield, and gives knockback immunity
  • Obsidian Skull - fire resistance, and immunity to burning
  • Obsidian Shield - functions the same as a cobalt shield, and gives fire resistance + immunity to burning
  • Sunglasses - immunity to blindness
  • Forbidden Fruit - immunity to hunger and nausea
  • Vitamins - immunity to weakness and mining fatigue
  • Ring of Overclocking - immunity to slowness, +7% move speed
  • Shulker Heart - immunity to levitation
  • Ring of Free Action - immunity to slowness and levitation, normal movement speed through cobwebs
  • Black Dragon Scale - immunity to wither
  • Bezoar - immunity to poison
  • Mixed Color Dragon Scale - immunity to poison and wither
  • Ankh Charm - immunity to blindness, hunger, nausea, weakness, mining fatigue, slowness, levitation, poison, and wither.
  • Ankh Shield - functions as both obsidian shield and ankh charm.
  • Flywheel Ring - stylish RF storage
  • Advanced Flywheel Ring - even more stylish RF storage
  • Recall Potion - teleports you to your spawn point
  • Magic Mirror - teleports you to your spawn point
  • Wormhole Potion - teleports you to other players
  • Wormhole Mirror - teleports you to your spawn point or other players
  • Lucky Horseshoe - immunity to fall damage
  • Gluttony Pendant - eat faster, buff on eating food
  • Pride Pendant - buff while at max health
  • Wrath Pendant - slight damage increase, buff on dealing critical hit
  • Broken Heart - lethal damage decreases max health instead
  • Cross Necklace - increased period of invincibility on taking combat damage
  • Flare Gun - shoots flares. Requires Albedo.
  • Phantom Prism - applies and removes Botania phantom ink. All visible baubles from this mod should be compatible.


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