Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Core

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Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Core


Welcome to the brand new HarvestCraft for 1.14.4 and beyond!  Please read carefully as this is NOT a update of Pam's HarvestCraft but a re-boot.  Pam's HarvestCraft 2 will come in four mods.  This is the first mod.  This mod allows you to create 120+ new foods for Minecraft using vanilla Minecraft ingredients. There are a few generic recipes at the bottom that will work with any fruit or vegetable in any correctly tagged mod.


This mod can be used BY ITSELF or WITH:

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Crops

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Trees

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Extended


Excellent overview by Boodlyneck


TOOLS - All recipes require tools to be created.  See the attached pics for recipes.  In 1.18.2 tools now use different materials (copper ingots, andesite, and terracotta)
- Bakeware
- Cutting Board
- Juicer
- Grinder
- Mixing Bowl
- Pot
- Roller
- Sauce Pan
- Skillet


Foods (numbers either reference my own calculation or actual food restore)

Wheat 1
- Flour (tool_grinder, flour_plants) 2
-- Dough (tool_mixingbowl, flour, water, salt) x2 3 (Dough to Bread recipe (1.16.3-1.0.1))
--- Toast (tool_skillet, bread, butter) x2 5
--- Grilled Cheese (tool_skillet, bread, butter, cheese) 13
--- Carrot Bread (tool_bakeware, crops/carrot, dough) 7
--- Pumpkin Bread (tool_bakeware, crops/pumpkin, dough) 7
--- Pasta (tool_cuttingboard, dough) 4
---- Mac n Cheese (tool_pot, pasta, cheese) 9
---- Noodle Soup (tool_pot, pasta, stock) 10
-- Apple Pie (tool_bakeware, sugar, crops/apple, dough) 9
---Sweet Berry Pie (tool_bakeware, sugar, sweetberry, dough) 7
--- Chocolate Cupcake (tool_bakeware, cocoapowder, dough) x4 2
--- Carrot Cupcake (tool_bakeware, crops/carrot, dough) x4 2
--- Pumpkin Cupcake (tool_bakeware, crops/pumpkin, dough) x4 2
--- Caramel Cupcake (tool_bakeware, caramel, dough) x4 2

-- Batter (tool_mixingbowl, flour, milk, egg) x2 4
--- Chocolate Cake (tool_bakware, batter, sugar, chocolatebar) 7
--- Cheese Cake (tool_bakware, batter, sugar, cheese) 9
---- Pumpkin Cheese Cake (tool_bakware, batter, sugar, cheese, crops/pumpkin) 12
--- Carrot Cake (tool_bakware, batter, sugar, crops/carrot) 9
---- Chocolate Muffin (tool_bakeware, cocoapowder, batter) x4 3
---- Carrot Muffin (tool_bakeware, crops/carrot, batter) x4 3
---- Pumpkin Muffin (tool_bakeware, crops/pumpkin, batter) x4 3
---- Caramel Muffin (tool_bakeware, caramel, batter) x4 3
--- Donut (tool_pot, cookingoil, batter) 8
---- Chocolate Donut (tool_pot, cookingoil, batter, cocoapowder) 9
---- Jelly Donut (tool_pot, cookingoil, batter, jellies) 13

5 crackeritem - tool_bakeware, flour, salt

6 softpretzelitem - tool_bakeware, dough, salt


Milk 2
- Butter (tool_pot, milk) 3
- Cheese (tool_pot, milk, salt) 4
- Cream (tool_mixingbowl, milk) 3
- Yogurt (tool_saucepan, milk) 3
-- Chocolate Yogurt (tool_cuttingboard, yogurt, cocoapowder) 6
-- Apple Yogurt (tool_cuttingboard, yogurt, crops/apple) 7
-- Sweet Berry Yogurt (tool_cuttingboard, yogurt, crops/sweetberry) 5
-- Pumpkin Yogurt (tool_cuttingboard, yogurt, crops/pumpkin) 7
-- Caramel Yogurt (tool_cuttingboard, yogurt, caramel) 6
- Ice Cream (tool_mixingbowl, milk, salt, ices) 6
-- Chocolate Ice Cream (tool_mixingbowl, icecream, cocoapowder) 9
-- Caramel Ice Cream (tool_mixingbowl, icecream, caramel) 9

5 cookiesandmilkitem - took_mixingbowl, milk, cookies

Cocoa 1
- Chocolate Bar (tool_saucepan, crops/cocoabeans) 2
- Cocoa Powder (tool_grinder, crops/cocoabeans) 2
-- Hot Chocolate (tool_saucepan, milk, cocoapowder, marshmellows) 7
- Chocolate Bacon (tool_saucepan, chocolatebar, rawpork) 6
- Chocolate Pudding (tool_saucepan, cocoapowder, milk) 5
- Chocolate Roll (tool_bakeware, dough, cocoapowder, cream) 9

7 chocolatecaramelfudgeitem - tool_bakeware, chocolatebar, caramel

10 smoresitem - tool_bakeware, cracker, marshmellows, chocolatebar

8 trailmixitem - tool_bakeware, chocolatebar, salt, seeds, fruits

Egg 2
- Mayonaise (tool_juicer, egg) 3
- Boiled Egg (tool_pot, egg) 3
- Fried Egg (tool_skillet, egg) 3
- Scrambled Egg (tool_skillet, egg, milk, salt) 7

Apple 4
- Apple Juice (tool_juicer, crops/apple, crops/apple) 9
- Apple Smoothie (tool_mixingbowl, applejuice, ices) 11
- Apple Jelly (tool_saucepan, applejuice, sugar) x2 6
-- Apple Jelly Toast (tool_cuttingboard, toast, applejelly) 12
- Applesauce (tool_cuttingboard, crops/apple, crops/apple, sugar) 10

Melon 2
- Melon Juice (tool_juicer, crops/melon, crops/melon) 5
- Melon Smoothie(tool_mixingbowl, melonjuice, ices) 7
- Melon Jelly (tool_saucepan, melonjuice, sugar) x2 4
-- Melon Jelly Toast (tool_cuttingboard, toast, melonjelly) 10

Sweet Berry 2
- Sweet Berry Juice (tool_juicer, crops/sweetberry, crops/sweetberry) 3
- Sweet Berry Smoothie (tool_juicer, sweetberryjuice, ices) 5
- Sweet Berry Jelly (tool_saucepan, sweetberryjuice, sugar) x2 3
-- Sweet Berry Toast (tool_cuttingboard, toast, sweetberryjelly) 9

- Fried Chicken (tool_pot, flour, rawchicken, cookingoil) 7
- Ground Chicken (tool_grinder, rawchicken) 3
-- Chicken Nugget (tool_pot, groundchickenitem, flour) 3 x4
- Basic Chicken Sandwich (tool_skillet, groundchickenitem, condiments, bread) 12
- Chicken Jerky (tool_cuttingboard, rawchicken, salt) 5
- Chicken Pot Pie (tool_bakeware, rawchicken, crops/potato, crops/carrot, dough) 10
- Chicken Dinner (tool_cuttingboard, friedchickenitem, mashedpotatoesitem, vegetables) 21

Beef 3/8
- Pot Roast (tool_pot, rawbeef, crops/potato, crops/carrot) 8
- Ground Beef (tool_grinder, rawbeef) 4
-- Basic Hamburger (tool_skillet, groundbeefitem, condiments, bread) 13
--- Basic Cheeseburger (tool_skillet, groundbeefitem, condiments, bread, cheese) 17
---- Bacon Cheeseburger (tool_skillet, groundbeefitem, condiments, bread, cheese, rawpork) 25
- Beef Jerky (tool_cuttingboard, rawbeef, salt) 6

11 epicbaconitem - tool_bakeware, cookedpork, dyeRed, dyeOrange, dyeYellow, dyeGreen, dyeBlue, dyePurple, dyePink

Pork 3/8
- Ground Pork (tool_grinder, minecraft:porkchop) x2 4
- Pork Jerky (tool_cuttingboard, rawpork, salt) 6
- Hot Dog (tool_skillet, groundporkitem, bread, condiments) 13
- Bacon and Eggs (tool_skillet, egg, rawpork) 6

Fish 2/6
- Ground Fish (tool_grinder, fishes) x2 3
-- Fish Sticks (tool_bakeware, groundfishitem, flour) 6
- Basic Fish Sandwich (tool_skillet, groundfishitem, condiments, bread) 12
- Fish Jerky (tool_cuttingboard, rawfish, salt) 5
- Fish and Chips (tool_pot, rawfish, flour, fries) 11

Mutton 2/6
- Ground Mutton (tool_grinder, rawmutton) x2 3
- Mutton Jerky (tool_cuttingboard, rawmutton, salt) 5

Rabbit 2/5
- Ground Rabbit (tool_grinder, rawrabbit) x2 3
- Rabbit Jerky (tool_cuttingboard, rawrabbit, salt) 5

Potato 1/5
-- Buttered Baked Potato (tool_cuttingboard, minecraft:baked_potato, butter, salt) 11
-- Mashed Potatoes(tool_mixingbowl, minecraft:baked_potato, butter, salt) 11
- Fries (tool_pot, crops/potato, cookingoil, salt) 6
- Potato Chips (tool_bakeware, crops/potato, cookingoil, salt) 6
- Potato Soup (tool_pot, crops/potato, stock) 7

Carrot 3
- Glazed Carrots (tool_saucepan, crops/carrot, butter, sugar) 8
- Carrot Soup (tool_pot, crops/carrot, stock) 7

Beet 1
- Pickled Beets (tool_pot, vinegar, crops/beetroot) 7

Pumpkin 3
- Pumpkin Soup (tool_pot, crops/pumpkin, stock) 7

Sugar 1
- Caramel (tool_saucepan, sugar, milk) 4
-- Caramel Apple (tool_saucepan, caramel, crops/apple) 9
- Marshmellows (tool_saucepan, sugar) 2
-- Marshmellow Chicks (tool_saucepan, sugar, dyes) 3
- Cotton Candy (tool_pot, sugar) 2

4 gummybearsitem - tool_saucepan, sugar, dyeRed, dyeGreen
4 jellybeansitem - tool_saucepan, sugar, dyeOrange, dyeBlue

- Cooking Oil (tool_juicer, vegetables) x2 2
- Vinegar (tool_pot, vinegar_ingredients) 5
- Fresh Water (water) x8 1
- Fresh Milk (milk) x8 2
- Salt (tool_pot, freshwater) 2
- Stock (tool_pot, stock_ingredients) x2 5

- Sunflower Seeds 1 (1.16.3-1.0.1)

- Roasted Sunflower Seeds 5 (1.16.3-1.0.1)

Generic Food
- Fruit Punch (tool_juicer, fruits, fruits, fruits) 13
- Stew (tool_pot, rawmeats, vegetables, vegetables, flour) 15
- Baked Vegetable Medly (tool_bakeware, vegetables, vegetables) 7
- Fruit Salad (tool_cuttingboard, fruits, fruits) 9
- Meatloaf (tool_bakeware, groundmeats, bread) 12
- P8 Juice (tool_juicer, vegetables, vegetables) 7
- Fruit Crumble (tool_bakeware, dough, fruits, fruits) 10





I give permission to use the above described mod in modpacks that do not cost money (donations, Patreon, etc is fine) so long as you credit Pamela Collins (MatrexsVigil) and Rhodox of the Painterly Pack somewhere in your modpack's description and/or list of mods.  I give permission to modify the above described mod through add-ons, JSON files, or config changes so long as you inform your players of the changes and notify them that these are your changes and not mine.


I do NOT give permission to anyone under any circumstance to distribute, de-compile for non-educational purposes, sell for any currency of any kind, only allow access via payment (donations, Patreon are fine), re-name, be on a server that costs money to play on (donations, Patreon are fine), re-upload/re-distribute 'dead' versions, use textures from, or grossly modify the above described mod for any reason ever unless you get written and dated permission from me.


I would appreciate that any modpack creators and/or server administrators that greatly benefit from having my mod in their pack/on their server donate to my Patreon, but I am not requiring this.


Thank you for abiding by this license.  Feel free to contact me via the above contact information if you need to ask questions or raise concerns.


All rights reserved - None of my artwork is available to be used for FREE in your game EVER. If you want to HIRE ME, please contact me. Thank you. 






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