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Hourglass is a Minecraft Forge mod that gives you control over the passage of time. It allows you to customize the length of the day-night cycle and alters the Minecraft sleep mechanic by accelerating the speed of time.




This mod (optionally) replaces the vanilla sleep functionality with a smooth and natural transition to morning by accelerating the passage of time while you're in bed. In multiplayer, time will pass faster depending on the percentage of players who are currently sleeping. This removes the need for any sleep voting system or player threshold, as any number of players can have an impact on the duration of the night.

Hourglass allows for customization of the day-night cycle duration, and can control day and night speed independently. Rather than the vanilla duration of 20 minutes, you can slow down time to make a day in Minecraft last as long as a day in real life, or speed up the passage of nights for a more forgiving experience.

Hourglass also provides a number of time effects that may speed up the progression of various elements in Minecraft to match the current speed of time. Some examples include crop growth, grass growth, weather, potion effects, furnaces, hoppers, etc. Most of these time effects are disabled by default but can be enabled by setting their associated config options.




Supported mods and general compatibility notes can be found in the Compatibility section on GitHub.




/hourglass config <config-key> [<value>]

Modifies or displays the current value of the specified config option.

If the <value> argument is omitted, this command will display the config option's current value.

Some configurations are not available through this command and need to be accessed via the config files.

/hourglass query timeSpeed

Displays the current speed at which time is elapsing.

/hourglass query sleeperCount

Displays the ratio of players sleeping in the current dimension.




All configuration values can be changed at runtime without reloading the game.

While many of the configuration options are accessible through via the config command, some can only be accessed by visiting the mod's config files. Most of the options are located in the mod's server config file in both single-player worlds and multiplayer servers. A few client-specific options also exist in the client config file.

Modpack developers may customize the Hourglass server settings in their modpack by first tweaking the server settings in a test world and then moving the file to the ./defaultconfigs folder of their modpack. Forge will move all files in the defaultconfigs folder into the serverconfig folder of all newly created worlds.

When customizing Hourglass, the speed of time is controlled using a multiplier. A value of 1 is equivalent to vanilla speed (20 minutes for a full day-night cycle). Setting daySpeed and nightSpeed to 0.5 will cut the speed of time in half, doubling the duration of a full day to 40 minutes. Likewise, doubling the configured speed to 2.0 will result in a shortened day lasting only 10 minutes from one morning to the next.

Warning: Setting daySpeed and nightSpeed to values higher than 3600 may be unsafe for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

More configuration details can be found in the default config files on GitHub.


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