YUNG's API (Forge)

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 This is a library mod for some of YUNG's Forge mods. It's basically a collection of shared utility functions and data abstractions.

Currently, YUNG's API (Forge) is required for the following YUNG mods:

For all you mod devs out there - This provides a lot of useful stuff, especially if you're a worldgen modder!

The API includes the following:

- A custom reimplementation of Jigsaw Manager with improved performance and custom pool element types with support for max piece counts. Check out the Better Dungeons code to see it in action.
- A custom criteria trigger for safely locating any structure. If the given structure doesn't exist, the trigger simply fails rather than instantly passing (unlike vanilla)
- Super simple interfaces for JSON serialization & deserialization, with plenty of type adapters built in
- Simple, lightweight math utilities for vectors and column positions
- FastNoise + OpenSimplex2S integration
- BlockSetSelectors and ItemSetSelectors, which are custom data abstractions that make adding block and item randomization to your structures incredibly simple. I use these for all of my mods!
- Various other miscellaneous utilities

If you're curious, you can check the code for my mods (especially the newer ones) to see how things work. Feel free to ask me any questions on Discord!

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