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Better Villages - Forge


This mod enhances the villages in Minecraft by improving existing structure, making them feel more alive and engaging to explore.

Better Villages improves the overall appearance and layout of the villages, adding new design of the houses. The mod aims to create a more immersive and realistic experience for players.

Better Villages is a great mod for players who enjoy exploring and interacting with villages in Minecraft, and it provides new gameplay options and challenges for those looking to add some variety to their Minecraft experience. If you're looking to enhance your Minecraft gameplay and experience, Better Villages is definitely a mod worth checking out!"

Already available:

  • Plains Village
  • Snow Village
  • Savanna Village
  • Desert Village

To come in the next versions:

  • Taiga Village


Datapack Compatibility for better compatibility:



  • Repurposed Structures
  • Waystones
  • More Villagers
  • Mca reborn
  • Immersive Engineering
  • Guard Villagers
  • Advanced Peripherals
  • PneumaticCraft
  • Bountyfull
  • ChoiceTheorem's Overhauled Village
  • Stealing The Villagers




You want more loot to collect when you looting a village? Yes ? Ok

Check the mod "Stealing The Villagers" This mod added an improved shears which allows to cut the pockets of the villagers and get the loot fallen from their pocket. Each villager has a unique loot table, the loot table corresponds to the profession of the villager you have stolen..


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