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Additional Lights




This mod adds many new lights. All 8 types, 2 types fire, Over 200 variations.

( AlTorch(wall,floor), AlLamp(wall,floor), Standing Torch(S,L), Fire Pit(S,L) )







Fire Pit and Standing Torch can be ignited with a right click.

They also need 2 blocks of space.




You can use soul wand to turn it into a soul fire.




  • - Fire does no damage, No fire hazard.
  • - The brightness of soul fire is 10.
  • - When placed in sneak mode, it will not ignite. Also reject signals until it is broken.
  • - [1.16] Piglins are afraid of soul fire. (torch does not work)



Screen Shots:

(Taken in the following environment:  Texture Pack: Faithful x32,  Shader Pack: BSL v7.1.05p2, Map:Falcon's Rock v2.0.0)

The resource pack for faithful x32 of this mod can be downloaded here.
You are free to include it in modpack.
I'm a Moonsama Minecraft player.
Currently busy there, but will continue to update.