Dad's Sewing

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Dad's sewing adds plushies and carpets to decorate your house with, and a couple of fun hats.

To start, try putting wool, carpet, hay and glass into a stonecutter - or, in 1.16.3, one can craft a sewing machine instead.


Now there's also scarecrows that repel animals, straw hats that let crops give XP on harvest and specialized potion for increasing yields of any farmland crop.


Announcement: works on servers since version 5.3!


Decoration tip: items from this mod retain their size in item frames.

Fun fact:you can wear plushies in a head slot. Try to wear, say, a pig!

Daily broadcast from Evil Inc: this mod will become more than a sewing mod in the future. The evil plan is to go all over the place with decoration and tie as much decorations as possible into something useful or fun.


If you feature this mod in a video or use it in a modpack, feel free to do so. Just leave a link in the comments so dad could come and admire your work. It helps a lot.


This mod needs YOU! Please, drop me a coin on my Ko-fi page so I can continue making cool and cute mods and give me more ideas for mods and features when you do.

I promise to add at least one plushie each time cup of coffee is bought, and, if you are donating, you can request a plushie/hat of your choice based on an idea, mob or a skin :>


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