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Little showcase of the stuff before release!Darkwood stuff!


Druidcraft is a druid-themed mod that is in an extremely early stage! It's full of 1.14 vanilla-friendly features, and will always receive constant updates. Plans for the future include a spell system, magical plants, runes, rituals, totem-carving, conjuration and more! Plus, it just looks great!


Current features:


- Bone armour, tools and weapons! Stone/chainmail level, but with the durability of iron and a ton of enchantability.

- Industrial hemp for all your string-related needs! Grows up to 2 blocks high and can also be used in the creation of rope, a soon-to-be-placeable block that at the moment can be used to make leads without requiring slime!

- Darkwood trees, a new type of tree bearing a lightweight, ashy wood. If you're the adventurous type, they're found in the darkwood forest, a biome that spawns in cool regions.

- Four new ores! Moonstone, amber, rockroot and fiery glass. They're useless for the time being, but I've doubled experience drops on them just to make them a little bit more worth it! <3

- Decorative wood blocks! Introducing wooden beams and wooden panels. The beams are a nice, robust block to make all your builds look a little more sturdy and the panels are a soft, vertical variant of planks, making great walls and floors!


If you have any questions or issues regarding the mod, or just wanna keep an eye on progress, come by the Mystic Modding Team's Discord!


Have fun!


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