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Hello and welcome to the Wyrmroost mod!

We're in very early development so expect some bugs once our first version gets released.


Created by the Developers of Dragon Mounts 2 (But better!) we aim to add diversified dragons in the Overworld and in our own Dimension. The dimension will not be available in the very first versions as we need to figure out how that will be done.

Our first version will have many items and four dragons with unique models, textures and abilities. This mod isn't the same as Dragon Mounts 2 even though the developers helped that mod. Our mod is different and won't contain the same concepts or ideas as DM2. The only thing related is dragons. Play nice!


NOTE: The mod is under early development. The Dimension will not arrive until a few versions later and the mod will build up with content as time goes on. Please remain patient!


Current Features:

Overworld Drake

Silver Glider

Lesser Desertwyrm


Butterfly Leviathan

Dragon Fruit Dragon

Canari Wyvern

Dragon Staff (WIP)

Several useful items


Planned Features:

Many new dragon species


Several items & Blocks


Version: 1.14.4


We will port to future versions if necessary.

Feel free to report any bugs once our first version releases. But please be tame, this is a very early development mod.


How to Install:

1. Download Recommended Forge if it's available, otherwise try Latest. Click installer 

2. When it's done downloading, it may ask "Do you want to keep this? It might be unsafe" click keep because jar files sometimes can contain malware or viruses but Forge is a trusted site.

3. Click on the file and it will download Forge into your Minecraft Launcher. Once it's done, click "Ok" and open your Minecraft launcher.

4. Click the installations tab on the top left of your launcher.

5. Then, click "+ New..." on the top left corner of the tool bars and find the Forge version. It will be below the 1.14.4 versions and in the future (such as 1.15+ versions) it might be on the bottom of the list. Select it and save, then go to the furnace next to the "Play" button where it says "Minecraft 1.14.4" and find the Forge installation (it's going to be on the bottom of the list) and you are good to go.

6. Type %appdata% in the File Explorer then enter, it will take you to Roaming. Open the .minecraft folder and look for a folder that's named "mods". If you don't see it, create a folder named mods.

Install our mod by clicking on "Files" below our icon. Download the version that you want to use (never install Alpha versions because they are untested) then drag it into the mods folder. Install Citadel and do the same thing. When you're done, open the launcher and click "Play". The mods should load with Forge and if it doesn't, update Java.



For reporting bugs:

Please submit an issue on the github repository with a crash log (if applicable) and/or screenshots and/or steps to reproduce.
You can submit an issue here: https://github.com/WolfShotz/Wyrmroost/issues

Commonly Asked Questions:

How do I tame this dragon?

There are many different ways to tame different dragons. If you want to know how, visit our Wiki. https://wyrmroost.fandom.com/wiki/Introduction

Can I suggest ____?

Yes you can! But we cannot promise that it will be added. The best chances you have that we will see your suggestion is using GitHub or joining our discord server.

Can I join your development team?

Good chances are that we are not looking for any help. You're free to contribute with suggestions, bug reports, and ideas though!

Can you backport to ____?

No, we aren't backporting. The reason why is because it takes a lot of time to rewrite a mod for backporting, so asking will just be a waste of time. Your request will be ignored. We will port to future versions though, given time.

What happened to Dragon Mounts 2 (DM2)?

As you may have heard, our development team used to be a part of DM2. Unfortunately our main developer TheRPGAdventurer started to treat us in a disagreeable way and it festered into us looking for a way to escape it and stay united. The community was very nice and caring, but the only thing standing in the way of a good mod was RPG. Eventually we worked up the reason and courage to leave, and so we did. The Same day that it happened we created the discord server Wyrmroost, and about three months later we made our first version. The development team and community has been united since.

Where's the dimension and what are your plans for it?

The dimension is around the corner. Stay patient for our biggest update yet! Our plans are to make an overworld-style dimension with our own biomes and content along with countless dragons. But you'll have to see what exactly we're planning for.

Can I use Wyrmroost in my modpack?

Absolutely! Just give credit to all of the Developers.

Wyrmroost requires an outdated Citadel, can you please update?
We are dropping citadel support in the future and we have no need to update it. Please remain patient for the next update!


If you have any further questions, you're likely to get your answer from our Wikipedia on the Fandom website. Make sure to report bugs and ask suggestions in GitHub, or else it might be ignored.




We have a Patreon! You don't need to donate for the mod, we appreciate the support. 


Ukan - Modeller & Texture Artist

Shannieann - Texture Artist

Wolf - Coder

Kingdomall - Texture Artist

Former Dev Moon - Concept Artist

Moderator Lagoon - Dragon Fruit Drake and some textures


Honorable mentions:

Novacraft for RoostStalker model and texture + staff.

Una for Resource Pack contribution.

Lagoon for Resource Pack contribution + staff.

Coda for Resource Pack contribution + staff.

WalterTheMighty for giving us the mod name + adding us to his server.



RoostStalkerSilver GliderLesser DesertwyrmOverworld Drake

JOIN OUR DISCORD! Read the rules and obey them. 




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