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Do you feel like enchantments are too fun? Then this is the mod for you! This mod provides many new curse enchantments with a large diversity of effects! This mod provides a nice way to spice up the game. It can also be used by maps and mod packs to create interesting situations and circumstances for players.



  • Curse of Blindness - Drastically lowers the vision of the user. This curse affects helmets.
  • Curse of Curtail - Reduces the block interaction range of the item. This curse affects tools.
  • Curse of Echos - Causes the wearer to hallucinate the sounds of random hostile mobs. This curse affects helmets.
  • Curse of Encumbrance - Slows down the attack speed of the user. This curse affects weapons.
  • Curse of Fading - Causes items to despawn significantly faster when dropped on the ground. This curse affects all items.
  • Curse of Fragility - Causes the durability of the item to deplete faster. This curse affects all items with durability.
  • Curse of Ignorance - Braking the wrong type of block will cause significant durability damage. This curse affects all tools.
  • Curse of Insomnia - Prevents the wearer from sleeping. This curse affects helmets.
  • Curse of Misfortune - Significantly lowers the users luck. This curse affects tools and weapons.
  • Curse of Obedience - Binds itself to the first user that holds it. Prevents everyone else from using it. This curse affects all items.
  • Curse of Radiance - Causes the wearer to glow brightly and be visible through blocks. This curse affects chest plates.
  • Curse of Silence - Prevents the wearer from making sounds. This curse affects footwear.
  • Curse of Sinking - Causes the wearer to sink fast in water.
  • Curse of Dullness - Lowers the damage of an item.
  • Curse of Ruin - Cursed item can not be repaired in an anvil.
  • Curse of Midas - Drops from blocks, mobs, and fishing will be turned to gold!


Questions and Answers


How to obtain these curses?
Under normal circumstances curse enchantments can only be obtained through loot chests and villager trades. These are vanilla mechanics and have not been added by the mod itself.


Does this mess up the enchantment table?
Curse enchantments can not be obtained through the enchanting table under normal circumstances. This mod does not change this and preserves the vanilla balance.


Why did you make this mod?
This mod was created as part of MMD's annual Spooky Jam event. Spooky Jam is an annual celebration of modding and all things spooky.


Can you add a curse that does X?
Feel free to leave suggestions for this mod. Do keep in mind that I make no promises that I will add your ideas.



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This project is sponsored by Nodecraft. Use code Darkhax for 30% off your first month of service!