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 Whisperwoods was created for MMD SpookyJam 2019

Whisperwoods is a spooky forest themed mod adding multiple creatures designed to make your gameplay experience not only spookier but more interesting overall.



Moths are harmless and rather stupid flying insects. They spawn at night, especially in forests. They are attracted to light sources, even harmful ones like fire. However, they can clutter up torches and break them.


The Hidebehind is a Fearsome Critter believed to be responsible for the disappearances of woodsmen and other forest travelers. It stalks its prey silently, and will duck behind trees and seem to melt into them if spotted, but gradually move towards its quarry. However, its vibrant eyes can give it away, and its eyes are sensitive to light and it will try to avoid bright lights. If it manages to reach its prey, it will consume them in a few violent bites, leaving no remains...


Wisps are strange gaseous spirits found in forests and swamps. They often flit around aimlessly, and tend to vanish if approached. However, a few Wisps can rip the soul from a person, and try to burn it up as fuel for its fire. If this happens, it can only mean certain death, unless the Wisp is killed in time and releases the soul. When a Wisp is killed, it may drop a Ghost Light, which can be placed as a light source.


Ghost Lights

Ghost Lights

Ghost Lights are wisp-like lighting that can be placed anywhere, producing a colorful flame and a moderate amount of light.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of frequently asked questions.

Can I use this mod in a pack?

Yes, so long as it is hosted on Curse or private. If you wish to publicly host a pack on another platform (like technic), please ask or consider using Curse as it supports developers.


Where can I find the configs?

Singleplayer: saves/(world)/server-config/whisperwoods-server.toml

Servers: rootdir/(world)/server-config/whisperwoods-server.toml


Is this mod compatible with (Insert biomes mod here)?

Yes, so long as the mod uses the Biome Dictionary provided by Forge. This includes Biomes O Plenty and Traverse, as well as many other biome mods.


How do I disable/modify the spawning of (insert entity here)?

Use the configs, you can see where to find them in "Where can I find the configs?" above. Switch doSpawning to false in order to disable spawning. You can also adjust weight and what biomes they spawn in.


How can I set a default / automatically place a server configuration in 1.14 because new worlds don't have my configuration?

Placing whisperwoods-server.toml in the defaultconfigs folder will make it automatically be copied into new saves.


1.12 backport?



Additional Information

Join our Discord for announcements, info, discussion, and suggestions: https://discord.gg/qjhznSF

Note the linked discord is the Better Animals Plus discord, but has a section for two other mods (Better Animal Models and Whisperwoods)



cybercat5555 - Artist

Art, Modeling, Texturing, Design


its_meow - Programmer

Programming, AI, Functionality


The assets (textures, models) in Whisperwoods are reserved to Cybercat5555, and cannot be reused or recreated without permission, unless within fair use. The source and binaries (jars) are licensed under the CC BY-SA-NC 4.0 IPL (see "License" above).


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