YUNG's Better Strongholds (Forge)

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YUNG's Better Strongholds

 Depends on YUNG's API Join the YUNG GANG on Discord! Follow me on Twitter! Subscribe to my YouTube! Support me on Patreon!

What is this?

 A complete redesign of Minecraft strongholds like never before, making them much more complex and exciting while still staying true to vanilla themes. There are over 15 different rooms, various types of tunnels and hallways, staircases, traps, and even hidden areas!


YUNG's Better Strongholds is intended to be fully compatible with every worldgen mod, including:

  • YUNG's Better Caves
  • YUNG's Better Mineshafts
  • YUNG's Better Dungeons
  • YUNG's Extras
  • YUNG's Bridges
  • Better End
  • Endergetic Expansion
  • Repurposed Structures - RS offers a custom data pack you can use in addition to the mod that adds repurposed versions of Better Strongholds to the Nether and End! Check it out here. Use the latest version of Repurposed Structures!!
  • Save My Stronghold! - You no longer need SMS! Better Strongholds includes all the functionality of Save My Stronghold built-in.
  • End Remastered - Better Strongholds will generate in addition to ER's End Gate and End Castle. The new eyes ER adds can be used with vanilla portal frame blocks, meaning you can use them with Better Strongholds just fine. If you want the eyes to take you to the Better Stronghold when right clicked, add betterstrongholds:stronghold to the eye_behavior (called eye_structure_list in 1.18) list setting in the ER config. The eyes will track any of the structures in the list - whichever is closest to you at the moment you use it. Note that starting in 1.18.2+ you shouldn't need to change any options - the two mods are fully compatible by default.
  • Other - If the strongholds are either not spawning at all or spawning in dimensions they shouldn't be spawning in, be sure you're on the latest version of Better Strongholds and YUNG's API.

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