RandomTP descriptionRandomTP Features


First of all, I would like to warn the people that are reading this that the BETA/ALPHA versions may not have all features, so please check the Change-Log of it to see the current features for it.


  • Command /rtp to teleport randomly
  • Command /rtpd to teleport randomly to another dimension
  • Default world to random teleport someone
  • Messages configuration files to change mod messages
  • Cooldown for both commands
  • Cooldown exempt for people with permission
  • Configuration file to change configs like max-distance, allowed dimensions, cooldown etc.... etc...
  • Support with Server Side and Client Side only

To-Do (Suggestions in GitHub issue tracker):

  • Add ability for admins random teleport other players
  • Make Donators have different min and max distance values
  • Add a /rtpback command for people to go back to the latest RTP location

RandomTP License

This mod is protected by the MIT License. Modpacks can use our mod without any requirement but said the credits would be very appreciated.

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