The Endergetic Expansion

94,800 Downloads Last Updated: Mar 18, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2


Made by SpeakerHornet.

Disclaimer: The current builds out on this page do not contain anything from the major update that is still being made previewed on this page 

The Mod: The Endergetic Expansion (originally Endthereal), or Endergetic for short, was originally create for ModJam-5. Since then, the project has been renamed and revamped.

The mod aspires to make the End a fully developed and exciting dimension through adding plenty of unique biomes, mobs, dungeons, mini-bosses, and loot to conquer and explore!


Our First Major Update is in Development: The mod is in pretty early development, however, we are working on our first large update. This update will add to and overhaul the Chorus Biome of the end while adding a completely new biome: The Poise Forest. Which looks like this: 


All of this and 6 new mobs, 3 new mini-bosses and more are planned to be in this update! Stay tuned!

The Update will ONLY be for 1.14.4!

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