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Supplementaries is a highly configurable Forge mod focused on adding valuable content which fills the gaps vanilla has. Its features are tailored to be functional, aesthetically viable, and complementary to preexisting content and provide many new ways to enhance your Vanilla+ experience.


Supplementaries requires Selene Library.


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Modding is taking a lot of my time so if you like what I and you would like to support me you can do so here. If you do you'll receive a custom globe and or statue just for you! This also applies if you purchase a server from Akliz using "supplementaries" code.


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📚 Documentation 📚

This section hasn't been updated in a while so for more recent and up to date information always refer to the official mod WIKI HERE 



🧊Old Description:


Wind Vane

The wind vane is a decorative & redstone block that will swing depending on the current weather in your Minecraft world. The wind vane also outputs a redstone signal, the strength of which depending on the weather, outputting 1 power when raining and 2 when thundering. The block will also provide strong power to the block below


Wind Vane


Hanging sign

The hanging sign is a decorative item that comes in all wood types. It can be placed under a block or on the side of a block, fence or wall. You can either write text on them by right-clicking the sign with an empty hand, or you can right-click any item onto the sign to display it.

The block can also display maps as well as banner patterns

Hanging signs are animated and will swing back and forth when an entity collides with it, providing a bit of a realistic touch to the mod. 

Hanging signs



Jars have many used. A normal jar can store 4 buckets or 12 bottles or 6 bowls of any forge fluid or vanilla "liquid" including and many many modded ones. This includes "fluids" such as honey, milk, potions, soups and stews, dragon breath, or even xp from bottle-o-enchanting.

Jars can also store Cookies and candy like items (with again a lot of modded support)

Finally one can also use them to capture small mobs, fishes, and critter by right or left clicking them with an empty jar.

Tinted jars function similar to normal ones with the exception that they can capture more mobs including hostile ones like vexes and endermites.

As with all the mod features jars have a bunch of config options, some of which are disabled by default like the ability to drink directly from them so be sure to check it out in the configs. 




The faucet s a block that is used to transfer items of fluid from the block behind it to the one below.
When a player right-clicks the facet to turn it on, it will keep dropping items from the inventory of a storage block up to two blocks behind it.

If you place it in front of a cauldron or waterlogged block, or any other fluid container like jars, forge tanks and other fluid containing blocks like beehives (and many modded ones as well like sappy logs from Autumnity or honey pots from buzzier bees) it will start dripping fluid particles, signifying that the liquid is ready to be transferred. To do so one can simply add another fluid "tank" block below and turn on the handle.

If the block below is left empty the block will emit a visual fluid stream instead. Such water stream can be used to turn harden concrete powder. Apart from this the effect is purely visual and doesn't consume any fluid.

Since it can extract items from the side of a block, it enables a new type of automation that is not possible with normal vanilla Minecraft. 

Finally they are able to pour liquids on pancakes (honey, syrup and chocolate) and tipped spikes (lingering pot)



Spring Launcher

The Spring Launcher acts as a solution to the 5+ year old problem with pistons and slime blocks that they are just inconsistent and bugged. The block only does one thing, which is that it pushes entities about twice as far as the vanilla piston-slime block setup. Additionally, though, the spring launcher can propel you upwards if you were to fall directly on it when enough force is provided to contract it, provided it's extended of course. Try it out, it's really fun!


Spring Launcher


Notice Board

The Notice Board is a simple block that allows you to insert a book and quill in it and the block will display the contents of the first page of the book, or even a map. You can interact with it using hoppers, meaning you have the ability to make interesting contraptions that display a specific text or map dynamically. For example, you could create an automatic system that sends a new note or piece of news everyday using redstone contraptions and daylight sensors. Note that the algorithm that displays the first page tries to fill as much space as possible, resizing the font accordingly so if it doesn't display as you would want try adding spaces at the end. 

Notice boards can also store maps and banner patterns


Notice Board


Speaker Block

You can use a Speaker block to send a message to all players around either through chat or through a narrator message. You can rename it in an anvil to change its name (that will be displayed at the start of each message) and if you would like to get rid of it altogether you would have to rename it "" .


Speaker Block


Wall Lanterns

This feature allows you to place and connect lanterns to the side of a block, wall, or fence. This feature should apply to all lanterns, including ones from other mods. Additionally, when an entity collides with the lantern, it swings back and forth, much like the hanging sign, another thing added by this mod.

The mod also adds candle holder that, once 1.17 comes out, will work pretty much in the same way allowing one to place candles on walls.


Wall lanterns


Sign post

Up to two sign posts can be place on any fence block. They will function like a normal sign, and you can shift right-click to reverse its orientation. If you use a compass on them, they point towards wherever the compass directs to, so it works for spawn points and lodestones. 


Sign Posts


Turn Table

When the Turn Table is powered, it will keep rotating the block that it's facing (if it's a directional block) or the entities that are standing on it. For reference, the block is similar to a piston, but with a different use. For a single rotation, provide the Turn Table with a short pulse. Power it with a weaker redstone signal and it will decrease its rotation speed or toggle it to reverse the direction [works sideways, too].


Turn Table



Planters are both a utility and decoration block that allows you to grow crops on it without need water or being able to be trampled on by entities. Plants and flowers can also be placed on them for decoration purposes. They are a good way to grow crops in the nether. 




Clock Block

This block reads the hour and minute within your Minecraft world, working like a vanilla clock but in block form. If right-clicked, it will display the time in chat. 

It interacts with observers and comparators allowing for some cool redstone creations. As regular clocks won't work in the nether.


Clock Block



Bellows will keep refreshing fire blocks when they are up to two blocks away from the bellow, keeping the fire lit indefinitely, unless it rains. The Bellows also push entities that are up to five blocks from it and speed up furnaces/campfires that are next to it. Pulsing speed depends on the power received, as all the effects described above will be more intense the more power it has and the closer you are to it.





The Crank is basically the more powerful version of the lever that lets you choose between 16 different power states as you turn it. Shift right click to reverse the turning direction




Redstone Illuminator

The Redstone Illuminator is a simple light source that stays on by default and decreases its light level depending on the power it receives. It works well with the crank, as you can easily determine the light level it admits using the crank.


Redstone Illuminator



The Pedestal acts as an item display and doubles as a column when placing one on top of the other. It will also display an item's custom name if it has one.

Observers can detect when an item is taken from a pedestal, allowing you to make some classic Indiana Jones style traps. Remaining in theme you can also swap an item on a pedestal using a sack and if you do it correctly the observer won't notice the difference!

Items like tridents end crystals and swords display differently on pedestals.

Additionally end crystals placed on a pedestals allows it to provide 3 enchant levels to bookshelves. This means that 5 such pedestals will be able to max out an enchanting table saving precious space at a cost.





Candelabras are a fancy, 1.17-ready new light source. They can be placed on the floor, wall, or even ceiling. A proper recipe and its functionality will be expanded further upon when 1.17 comes out.
As with other light sources in the mod they can be turned off with water and splash water bottles and lit up with fire charges, flaming arrows and flint and steel.
Silver candelabras have also been added and can be crafted with modded silver ingots.





Fireflies are passive mobs that, by default, spawn in plains, roofed forests, and swamps. They do nothing except fly around and add the the ambiance in your Minecraft world. You can put them in a jar by right-clicking one with it. They will only appear during the nighttime and despawn during the day. 





Aren't you tired of spamming those ugly torches everywhere? Well, now you have a more elegant alternative to light up your medieval builds! Sconces act as an upgraded torch and can be lit and unlit just like campfires. Additionally, their solid iron mount prevents them from accidentally being washed away by water. There is also a lever variant of the sconces for secret base entrances. It works in reverse when not lit.





A Mob Cage stores a mob inside it when you right or left click a mob with an empty mob cage in your hand. It can only catch small animals, though, like chickens and rabbits. As with basically everything in this mod, you can add more mobs to the whitelist in the configs. To release the mob simply right click on the ground. If you want to place the cage you'll have to shift right click instead. A few mobs that can me caught with cages and jars have some custom animations and behavior associated with them: for example rabbits and slimes will occasionally jump, while chickens will lay eggs from time to time. Currently many modded mobs have been added to the whitelist by default such as ice and fire pixies or druidcraft moths. Note that some of them will emit light too!



Item Shelves

Item Shelves act similarly to item frames. They can be placed on chests to label them, while having more space to access your chest, unlike the item frame counterpart. They also are a block and not an entity and that means they should overall cause less lag.



Cog Block

The Cog Block is a 1.17 ready block that will act as a form of upgraded redstone. Pretty intuitive to use, you just power one and it will power its adjacent cog block, up to 14 blocks away, just like with redstone dust. The real use for this is to be able to make compact vertical redstone signaling. It will probably be tweaked to make it less OP. 




The Globe is mainly a decoration item that is only obtained by buying it from a wandering trader. The globe's appearance is randomly generated and unique to every world seed. If you click on it or give it a redstone pulse, it will spin and display your current coordinates! Now you are now longer forced to press F3 anymore, if you want a more immersive experience. It can also interact with comparators, providing a redstone signal that depends on its current face (1-4) and a full strength one while it's spinning. One could even try to rename it.



Hour Glasses are a decoration and redstone component. You can fill it with any kind of sand, dust or powder (even modded ones!) and it will work like a real hourglass. You can use a comparator to get a signal that depends on the elapsed time. To reset it, you can either use hoppers or dispensers, or you can rotate it using a turn table on its side. It should be an useful block to make redstone clocks. Also note that the time it takes to deplete depends on the type of dust: for example sugar will be the fastest and honey the slowest.






Basically an early game shulker box. Works just like one, only catch is that it has reduced slots (can be increased a bit via the configs) and you can only carry a maximum of two. If one were to try to carry 3 or more he will be slowed by their weight. The effect of course depends on how many sacks one is carrying.

Sacks can and will react to gravity just like sand. To keep one from falling you'll have to place a supporting block either under it or above it. If it does end up falling be sure not to stay under it.. it will hurt.





Safes act like an upgraded shulker box that is immune to fire.

They have two modes: simple mode and key mode. By default they are set to key mode and you can change it via configs.

Key mode:

Safes will be unbound once placed. If you click on one with a named key the safe will be bound to that key name and will only be able to be opened whan a player has a key with the same name in his inventory. Choose your key names carefully!

To unbind a key simply shift click with it on its safe.

Simple mode:

Safes will be bound to the first player that places it / opens an unbound one. Other player's won't be able to open a safe they don't own but they will still be able to break it, unless you disable that in the configs too. Also if you were to pick up a safe you don't own you won't be able to see its content in the tooltip To clear the ownership of a safe place it down and right click it with a tripwire hook or any key.


All this of course only applies to survival players.


Firefly and Soul Jars

Two new interesting light sources. The first one can be obtained by clicking a firefly with an empty normal jar while the second can be acquired by using a tinted jar on soul sand while wearing soul speed boots to capture a soul. They will both emit particles and a faint light. Due to a vanilla bug the soul jar will only emit visible particles when in fabulous graphics. To fix this they have a simpler animation for the other two options.

Note that they are handled as a separate item from jars so you can't actually release fireflies or the soul from them.


Copper Lanterns


Another 1.17 ready item that can be crafted with copper ingots (or iron if you have no mod that adds them). They act just like normal lanterns with the added benefit of being able to be hanged on walls (of course). They will also have a slight animation when hanged from the ceiling and additionally can be turned off and on with an empty hand and a flint and steel

They can naturally be found in mineshafts



An item craftable with bamboo that will let you summon all non sitting pets that are around you. One can also right or left click a pet with a flute to bind the item to said pet. A bound flute will then only summon that one pet, this time regardless if it's sitting or not. Note that it will still have to be within 64 blocks of the player (configurable via the config of course). To balance it out the item has a very low durability.


Bell Tweaks

Bells will now visually connect to chains. Additionally the player can not click on a chain that's attached to a bell and it will ring it!



When activated the block offers basically a bare bones version of ms paint in Minecraft. In other words you'll be able to draw on in in black and white so you can finally unleash your inner pixel artist.

It will keep what's drawn on it once broken and you'll be able to duplicate your masterpieces just like you can with banners. You can also craft them with a water bucket to clear them in bulk.

Other than via gui they can also be edited free had by holding a dye(colored ones can be enabled via configs) or a sponge to clear it all


Throwable Bricks

Finally the mod make it so you can throw bricks at your foes. They work pretty much like snowballs except they are heavier, slower and deal 1 hearth of damage. Be careful where you throw them though because they like to wreak havoc when thrown against glass like blocks.




Basically a hybrid between a sign and a carpet. Cats love to sit on it from time to time.

You can also hide one item under a carpet by shift clicking on its side


Cake Tweaks

Cakes can now be stacked one on top of the other to make a wedding cake.

Additionally you can now eat a cake from all its sides.

Only work with the vanilla one. No plans to support modded cakes.


Hanging Flower Pots

You can now place flower pots un the underside of a block and they will visually appear to be attached to said block. 
They work just like normal pots and should support all the custom and modded flowers that normal pots support. They should also work on modded flower pots if they extend the FlowerPot class.



Bamboo spikes


A very useful block to build mob farms. It will damage entities that are standing and will deal more damage if it's pointing upwards and and entity is falling through it. Entities will also be slowed by it.

If the block is pointing upwards you can negate its damage by shifting. You can combine it with any lingering poison potion either via crafting or by right clicking with said item and it will convert into a tipped bamboo spikes. 
Tipped bamboo spikes will always have 15 poison charges to begin which will get consumed once and entity walks on top of the block, receiving the poison status effect for 6 seconds. You can charge them back with dispensers and can be easily automated since they will only make observers pulse once they get fully depleted



Extra doors and trapdoors

Gold and netherite variants have been added.

Gold act like an iron wooden door when they are powered off and will block any interacion when powered on.

Netherite ones will function like the safe block, meaning that they will be able to be assigned a key and will only open if a player has it in its inventory.

Additionally Lock block has been added. It has the same functionality as a netherite door except it gives a redstone signal when unlocked




A food item that can be placed down and stacked up to 8 times. 

If you put honey on top of them they will give you a small speed boost effect once you eat them.

They can also accept chocolate from Create and maple syrup from Autumnity! (also works with faucets and dispensers)



A new rare crop that can be found in pillager outposts, sold by the wandering trader and more rarely in mineshafts and dungeons.

You can grow it like any other normal crop and it will allow you to craft sacks and ropes

Using craft you can craft fodder, a mainly decoration blocks that can be eaten indefinitely by sheeps and also speeds up their wool regrowth



Ropes have many functionalities:
They can only be attached from the bottom of a block or the side for another rope but only if they are at least 6 blocks from the closest supported rope.
They can also be attached and supported by fences and they will visually connect too
You can fall straight trough ropes at maximum falling speed, unlike other ropes and ladders but you still wont take fall damage
Ropes have no hitbox for living entities unless one were to stand on horizontal placed ones, they you'll be able to walk on them but you'll walk slower. Walking on a suspended rope is hard
You can pull up a rope by clicking with another one or pull it down by clicking with an empty hand. If they pull up or down a cauldron they will actually fill it up 

Ropes can be instantly broken by hand, fire or by an arrow
Finally, like chains, they can connect to bells and offer the same functionality that chains do.


Rope Arrows

Pretty self explanatory. Shoot them and they will try to deploy a rope where they land. You can pick them back up to refill them with up to 16 ropes. Once emptied they turn back into arrows.

Now they can accept any modded arrow in their recipe (as long as they are tagged as such) but will only deploy 1 type of rope which can be chosen via configs. Of course by default they use Supplementaries (awesome) ropes




It's a pretty simple block with a single slot inventory that accept a stack of ropes or chains. Once rotated with a turn table it will start deploying or pulling back said block underneath it, with the same functionality as ropes themselves. Its working speed depends of course on the speed at which you are turning it. You can also activate it manually by shift clicking on a rope that's attached to it (which will then get pulled in its inventory) or via a crank attached to it


Magma cream blocks

magma cream blocks

A storage block that acts as something in between a magma block and a slime block. They are sticky on one side and terracotta like on the other ones meaning that they allow for some interesting interactions and are especially useful in redstone contraptions. Note that their sides act is a semi sticky way by only stickying to themselves. To access this feature you'll need Quark mod installed


Way Signs

way signs

A new structure added by the mod that will spawn randomly and point to up to two nearby villages. They also can point to some modded structures like castles from valhelsia structures. You can edit what it points to in the configs




A new fun to use weapon that explodes on impact and does not break blocks


Raked gravel

A new path like block that can be obtained by hoeing gravel. Can be curved (a bit like rails) to create interesting patterns



Goblets are a decoration item that can hold 1 bottle of liquid. Similar to jars said liquid can be interacted with.


XP Bottling

Experience can now be stored by shift clicking with a jar or a bottle on an enchanting table. Note that doing so will cost some health. Remember that you can directly acquire xp by interacting with a jar or a goblet that contains.


Custom Map Decorations

you can now use maps on beacons, lodestones, respawn anchors, beds, condiuts, portals, sign posts and flags to place a custom icon on a map. Some of those blocks eve support naming ability allowing the name itself to be displayed on the map.


Zombie horse conversion

Feed a stack of rotten flesh to a skeleton horse to turn him into a zombie one





 ❓ F.A.Q. ❓

Q: Will you port the mod to Fabric?
A: Extremely unlikely. Porting and learning a new mod loader takes time and I would rather spend this time in a way that I enjoy it so by adding new content. I might consider it once I'm happy with the state of the Forge mod. Dont click this.


Q: How do I disable/tweak X feature?
A: The mod is highly configurable and pretty much every aspect of it can be tweaked and disabled in the provided configuration. To do so you can edit the  supplementaries-common.toml, supplementaries-server.toml, supplementaries-registry.toml config files in your configs directory. I would also suggest to install the Configured mod to have access to them in-game.

Some other aspect of the mod (like entity and block whitelists) are also configurable and you can do so with a datapack.


Q: Could you update to the latest version?
A: I plan to eventually port the mod to every new major Minecraft version. If I haven't updated yet it just means I haven't had the time to do so, so please be patient.


Q: Could you port to 1.12/1.7.10?
A: Absolutely no, I'm not interested in supporting older obsolete versions. Maintaining this one version already takes up so much of my time and so much changed between those versions that I would have to pretty much re-learn how to mod.

Q: Could you add X feature/block?
A: I would encourage you to join our discord. We have a section dedicated to suggestions like that. If I'll feel like your idea fits well enough it will have a high chance to be eventually added.


Q: How do I use X block/item?
A: Check out the mod documentation up above. I took care to put as much information there as possible since it's such a shame when mods don't document their content. Having said that however newer content might take a while to get properly updated here so if it's missing be sure to check out all the latest patch notes in the files section. If it's not there either then join my discord and try asking there.


Q: How can I fix this issue/ crash?
A: If you are encountering any issues don't send me an error description or just mention that they exist. Instead first be sure you are on the latest version, then if it persist open an issue on the "issues" page here or on Github and be if it is crashing always include your crash report / log.


 🏆 Credits 🏆

Many people have contributed assets and textures to the mod and such list is too big to be included here.
However to view them directly in-game by inserting a written book named credits in a notice board.


 Also some sounds are from Zapsplat so credit to them




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