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Supplementaries adds many animated and functional decorations and redstone blocks that fit in well with vanilla minecraft.



  • Wind vane: cool decoration blocks that swings depending on the weather and will give off a redstone signal depending if it's raining or thundering
  • Pedestal: acts as an item display and doubles as a column. Try placing one on top of the other!
  • Redstone Illuminator: simple variable light source that stays on by default and decreases its light level depending on the power it receives
  • Planter: used for growing crops without the need of a water source block. Now you can grow them even in the nether and you won't have to worry about animals trampling your crops!
  • Notice Board: simple block that lets you insert a book it it and will display the content of its first page. You can interact with it with hoppers meaning you can make some interesting contraptions that display a specified text dynamically. Note that the algorithm that displays the first page tries to fill as much space as possible resizing the font accordingly so if it doesn't display as you would want try adding spaces. You can now use it to display maps and cycle trough them with hoppers to make some sort of tv!
  • Crank: basically more powerful version of a lever that lets you choose between 16 different power states as you turn it,
  • Spring Launcher: I've added this one because it's been 5 years and slime blocks + pistons are still inconsistent and bugged as hell. This block does one thing, it push entities about twice as far as the vanilla setup(when it works). It also works as a spring and will proper you upwards if you fall on it with enough force provided it's extended. Try it out, it's really fun!
  • Faucet: when turned on it starts spilling on the ground the inventory of up to two blocks behind it. If you place it in front of a water block (cauldron, water/waterlogged), it will start dripping water particles. You can use it to pour liquids to and from jars. Since it can extract items from the side of a block it enables some sort of automation not possible with vanilla. It will also interact with other blocks like hives and concrete powder. Its water color will depend on what's behind it.
  • Turn Table: when powered it will keep rotating the block that it's facing or the entities that are standing on it. For a single rotation provide him a short pulse. You can toggle its face to reverse the direction.
  • Clock Block: I'm sure I don't have to explain this one. I'll just say that you can read the hour with a comparator (hello automation!)
  • Jar: can store 4 buckets or 12 bottles of any vanilla liquids (like honey, milk, lava, potions, soups, dragon breath or xp) as well as and fireflies. It basically functions as a shulker box for liquids or a rudimental tank. You can now also store cookies and fishes! Not compatible with the forge fluid system and with other fluid mods, meant to complement vanilla only.
  • Jars can also store small mobs like slimes, endermites and bees.
  • Firefly: a passive mob that spawns in plains, roofed forest and swamps. they do nothing except flying around. you can put them in a jar by right clicking one with it. Will only be present at night. Not in 1.16 version yet
  • Hanging sign: very cool decorative items perfect for you medieval build or for labeling. You can write text or hand an item on it: It's animated and it will swing if hit! For now only comes in spruce variant. You can now display maps on them.
  • Sign post: you can place up to two of them on any fence block. They will function just like a normal sign. You can shift right click to reverse its orientation. You can also use a compass to make them point to a lodestone or spawnpoint
  • Speaker Block: use it to send a message to all players around either trough chat or narrator. Rename it "" in an anvil to get rid of its name at the start of each message.
  • Wall lanterns: try placing vanilla lanterns on a wall. Should work with modded ones too like "skinned lantern" mod.
  • Bellows: will keep refreshing fire blocks that are closer to it (so you can keep them alive indefinitely without netherrack) and will push entities that are up to 5 blocks from it. Still missing some minor features and tweaks
  • Flag(s): Still a work in progress. They will be just a decorative item. Currently I've added a green one with 3 experimental animations on the 3 graphics settings. Feedback needed.
  • Sconces: aren't you tired of spamming those ugly torches everywhere? Well now you have a more elegant alternative to light up your medieval builds! They act as a torch upgraded and can be lit and unlit just like campfire: try throwing water bottles on them of light them up with flaming arrows . Additionally their solid iron mount prevents when from accidentally being washed away by water


Read me!

TLDR: If you would like to help in any shape or form, like proving screenshots, tweaking config values, provide feedback or suggestion contact me.

Please if you find any bugs, inconsistency or oversight, as small as they may be, be sure to report them here or send me the crash report in private.

Other feedback on animations, textures and so on is also welcome. 

I'm starting to add a lot of configs to tweak a bunch of parameters like animations and so on. Feel free to try them out and If you find a configuration that looks better than mine please send it to me so I'll add as a new default.

I'm also open to suggestions, If you have any idea that I think will fit with the theme with them mod post them here and I'll consider adding them.

Finally if you would like to help please contact me. I could use somebody that knows how to make custom sounds.

Also if you can get some nicer screenshots or thumbnail for the mod page be my guest :D



Also I just looked into it and basically making and maintaining a fabric version would mean basically rewriting the whole mod, so please don't ask for a fabric version unless you know an easy way to at least translate the mappings.

Pleas don't ask to port to older versions. maintaining this one already takes up alot of time and I'm non interested in supporting older obsolete versions.





Possible future additions:

(ideas about their implementation are welcome)

  • laser block
  • display case
  • label
  • fishing net
  • launcher rail
  • blackboard
  • plate
  • block activator
  • some kind of teleportation block
  • flags
  • bamboo spikes
  • gauge
  • door mat
  • bird cage
  • xp collector block: I don't want to do something boring like a retextured hopper so I was thinking of some sort of nether artifact or something like that. Creative ideas and names are very welcome
  • rework a lot of textures, add many sounds (help needed here)



You might notice that I've included a couple of blocks similar to the ones added from other mods. I wanted to point out that everything here, assets included was made by myself (of mojang of course) and I only took some inspirations and ideas which I really liked from other mods that, unfortunately, aren't available for 1.15.




Additional cretis:

- Plantkillable for illuminator texture

- Mikeliro for the Brazilian translation

- VladimirLemon for launcher texture

- Mcreator for original 1.15 mod

- Cutievirus_ for  the faucet idea.

- FlowerChild for the planter idea.

- Probably other older mods



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