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Welcome to Fins and Tails, this mod that aims to add more fictional ambient life to your Minecraft world, ranging from small fish to strange crustaceans, all designed to spice up your gameplay. Currently, the mod adds 25 creatures.

The current creatures this mod adds are:

  • Blu Wee
  • Pea Wee
  • Banded Redback Shrimp
  • Teal Arrowfish
  • Swamp Mucker
  • Flatback Sucker
  • High-finned Blue
  • Mudhorse
  • Ornate Bugfish
  • Phantom Nudibranch
  • Penglil
  • Spindly Gem Crab
  • Flatback Leaf Snail
  • Red Bull Crab
  • White Bull Crab
  • Wee Wee
  • Vibra Wee
  • River Pebble Snail
  • Siderol Whiskered Snail
  • Golden River Ray
  • Night Light Squid
  • Gopjet
  • Rubber Belly Glider
  • Papa Wee
  • Wherble
  • Crowned Horatee

Along with those creatures, this mod also adds a few other things, such as:

  • Food items for most of the creatures
  • Mudhorse Pouch, an item that can store up to 9 items inside of it
  • Fwinged Boots, a new armor piece that increase swimming speed, but make you slower on land
  • Spindly Gem Charm, another armor piece that gives a few effects when worn, but breaks shortly after
  • Red/White Bull Crab Gauntlet
  • Many snail shell blocks
  • Three new enchantments
  • Fluked Edge allows the wearer to jump out of water if they're at the right angle
  • Uppercutting makes mobs get thrown up into the air a few blocks when they're attacked in water
  • Crab's Favor makes mobs drop more experience when killed
  • Swamp digeridoo, an item used to command mudhorses to fight for you
  • Two new banner patterns
  • Gopjet Jetpack, a new armor piece that allows you to fly through the air when above water, or if you have water bottles or water buckets in your inventory
  • Armored Gopjet Jetpack, same concept as the regular but more stylish and gives you armor points
  • Spindly Emerald/Ruby/Pearl/Amber/Sapphire Charms, armor pieces which give a unique effect at the cost of durability

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