Trash Panda Craft

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Have you ever wanted to rip your own fingernails out, but also chug your 6th Monster energy drink of the night just because you couldn’t get enough of a modpack? Well, Trash Panda Craft might be the perfect pack for you!


Trash Panda Craft focuses on adventure, magic, difficulty and progression. While also being hardcore, a main focus is on enjoyment. It’s no fun playing a hardcore modpack just because it’s hard! This modpack adds spice to every corner, but in a pleasant way. It’s not so spicy that it just hurts, but rather has the perfect amount of spice and flavor so that it’s fun along the way.


It’s also no fun when you start a modpack and finish within the first day or two. This modpack aims to avoid that by implementing progression stages. Each stage is locked behind advancements that the player must achieve before going forward (stages are shown below!). Though, not every little thing is behind a stage so that players still have enough freedom within the modpack.


Main focuses:

Bosses are a big focus, too. There are currently 23 bosses across 5 dimensions. There are even custom bosses as well! These bosses you’ll have to summon using the summoning alter. Defeating them will give you things like access to other dimensions or items you need for future stages.

Though, there’s one particular boss that is like no other. It’s called the Wither Storm. This is an extremely powerful and dangerous boss. You can summon it through the summoning alter (see below). Once summoned, the storm will begin to overtake your world by swallowing blocks and entities. Not only this, but the Wither Storm slowly evolves over time and grows larger and more powerful.

!!! The Wither Storm is an extremely dangerous boss. Be prepared to fight for your world’s life, or there will be catastrophic and irreversible damage. !!!



- A custom resource pack that redesigns many gui's in same theme
- A complete overhaul of the world generation
- Many customized loot tables (with many more being altered in the future)
- A very customized progression system
- Increased difficulty
- Tons of custom recipes
- Countless amounts of new dungeons
- Build your own civilization with MineColonies
- Revamped villages
- Leveling system
- Custom bosses
- Dragons, naturally
- 2 new dimensions: the Atum and the Twilight Forest
- Revamped End portal system
- Much better caves than vanilla
- Tons of customized mob attributes and spawns
- Heaps amounts of new building blocks and items
- Seasons with crop support
- Magic
- Many visual tweaks to make the game look more appealing
- Additionally, a few audio tweaks to make the world feel more immersive
- Tons of things to collect
- Countless amounts of mobs to tame and keep as pets
- Mini-quests from the mod Bountiful
- Relics and Baubles that give you unique powers and abilities
- An overhaul of the vanilla health system and distribution
- Become Gordon Ramsey with the many food mods
- Be Cameron with Create
- A ton of new enchantments and curses
- Better looking trees
- Enchanting table overhaul
- Many quality-of-life mods
- Tons of performance mods and tweaks to provide the best gameplay as possible
- Many demons inspired by the famous game Doom roaming across the dimensions
- Mutant mobs
- A ton of new biomes to explore
- Tons of more fishes to catch and add to your aquariums
- Tons of new crops and plants
- A huge variety of weapons to master
- Additionally, heaping amounts of new armor sets
- Choose between team Edward or team Jacob
- Better vanilla mineshafts and dungeons
- Custom summoning rituals

- Pollution

- Atributes to armor and weapons



Each dimension requires the player to unlock a stage before being allowed to enter. These are the stages (not in any particular order):
- To obtain access to the Nether, you must defeat the Elder Guardian first.
- To obtain access to the End, you must defeat the Wither first.
- To obtain access to the Atum, you must summon and defeat Imhotep using the summoning alter (summoning ritual visualized below)
- To obtain access to the Twilight Forest, you must defeat Barako and craft the Precision Mechanism, which is used to light the portal to the dimension, unlike the standard diamond.
- Draconic Evolution is unlocked after defeating Arch Maykr.
- Magic mods are unlocked after defeating the Ender Dragon.

- Dragon eggs are locked behind stage Ice, Fire and Lightning, so if you want to hatch a Ice, Fire or Lightning dragon, you need to kill the same type of dragon.
- Doom weapons are locked behind a stage Doom and Nether. You need to kill Mother Demon to unlock stage Doom.





Ice and fire

Immersive petroleum

Infernal Expansion

Konkrete [Forge]


Sophisticated Backpack


Vampirism - Become a vampire!

Eidolon's Sanguine Arsenal

Architectury API (Fabric/Forge)


Drippy Loading Screen [Forge]

Dungeon Crawl

Enchantment Descriptions

FancyMenu [Forge]


GraveStone Mod

In Control!

Macaw's Fences and Walls

Scaling Health


When Dungeons Arise - Forge!

Xaero's Minimap

Xaero's World Map

Adorn (Forge)

Advancement Plaques

AIOT Botania

Alex's Mobs (Please update 1.16.5)


Applied Energistics 2

Aquaculture 2


Astral Sorcery


Atum 2: Return to the Sands


Auudio [Forge]

Better Animals Plus

Better Biome Blend

Better Villages - Forge

BetterEnd (Forge)

Biomes O' Plenty

Blame (Forge)




Bountiful (Forge)


Brandon's Core

Builders Crafts & Additions (Forge)

Camera Mod


Chisels & Bits - For Forge

Chromato Creeper

Chunk Animator




CodeChicken Lib 1.8+

CoFH Core

Collective (Forge)

Comforts (Forge)



Cooking for Blockheads

Corn Delight

Cosmetic Armor Reworked



Creatures and Beasts

Curios API (Forge)


Decorative Blocks

Dimension Stages

Draconic Evolution

Dungeons Mobs

Dungeons Plus

Dynamic Surroundings

Default World Type [Forge]

Dimension Stages

Draconic Evolution

Dungeon Mobs

Dungeon Plus

Dynamic Surroundings

Dynamic Trees

Dynamic Trees - Atum 2

Dynamic Trees - Biomes O' Plenty

Dynamic Trees - Forbidden And Arcanus

Dynamic Trees - Quark

Dynamic Trees - Upgrade Aquatic

Easy Magic 


End Remastered

Ender Chests

Engineer's Decor


Entity Culling


Falling Leaves (Forge)

Farmer's Delight Compats



FerriteCore (Forge)

Fins and Tails

First Aid

Flan (Forge)

Flux Networks


Forbidden and Arcanus


FPS Reducer

Frikinzi's Fauna

Game Stages

Global Packs

Goblin Traders

Guard Villagers

Ice and Fire Tweaker


Immersive Engineering

Iron Chests

Item Stages

ItemPhysic Full



Just Enough Items (JEI)

Kiwi (Forge)

Kotlin for Forge


Lazy DataFixerUpper(LazyDFU) [FORGE]

Legendary Tooltips

Library Ferret - Forge


Macaw's Paintings

Macaw's Windows



Mod Name Tooltip

Moonlight Lib

More Villagers

Mouse Tweaks

Mowzie's Mobs

Mutant Beasts

Mutant More

Mysterious Mountain Lib


Naturally Charged Creepers (Forge)

Nature's Compass


Neko's Enchanted Books


No Recipe Advancements

Not Enough Crashes (Forge)

Not Enough Creativity


Oh the Biomes You'll Go

Out Of Sight

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Core

Pam's HarvestCraft 2 - Food Extended


Pollutant Pump

Pollution of the Reals

Plymorph (Forge)

Poweder Power [Forge]

Puzzles Lib


RandomPatches (Forge)


Refined Pipes

Repurposed Structures (Forge)

Rereskillable Rereforked


Rigoranthus Emortis Reborn


Serene Seasons

Silent Lib (silentlib)

Sky Villages [Forge]

Smooth Boot (Forge)

Snow! Real Magic! (Forge)


Spartan Weaponry

Starlight x Create

Starter Kit (Forge)

Straw Golem Rebaled - Forge

Structure Gel API

Structure Gel API 


Subterranean Wilderness

The Endergetic Expansion

The Hordes

The Outer End

The Twilight Forest

Thermal Cultivation

Thermal Expansion

Thermal Foundation

Therman Innovation

Thermal Locomotion


Upgrade Aquatic

Upgraded Core

Upgraded Netherite

Valhelsia Core

Valhelsia Structures

Vampires Need Umbrellas


Werewolves - Become a Beast!


YOUG'S API (Forge)

YUNG'S Better Caves (Forge)

YUNG'S Better Mineshafts (Forge)

YUNG'S Briges (Forge)

Zen Summoning



How much RAM do I need to allocate to my game?

 - You need a minimum of 6GB of RAM, but 8 to 9GB is recommended.
If you plan to use shaders or resource packs, 12GB of RAM is recommended.


How do I improve the game’s performance?

 - OptiFine HD U G8 is highly recommended, as this can improve frames and reduce lag. Make sure to properly optimize all your settings for your computer. Each computer is built different, so they will all need different settings.
If you wish to use an alternative to OptiFine, you can try Magnesium + Magnesium Extras. The downside is that Magnesium currently does not support shaders.
Additionally, you can try installing Starlight x Create. If you have created already created a world and have played on it for a while, your world will most likely not fully start up if this is added. I suggest trying anyways, but if you notice this issue, you unfortunately cannot use Starlight unless you create a new world (beware that your save might stop loading up if you install the mod, even after a few weeks, but the world is not broken, you just need to simply uninstall Starlight to load into the world again)


The sky looks broken when I use shaders! How do I fix it?

 - This is most likely due to Astral Sorcery custom sky rendering. You can find the config file “astralsorcery-client.toml”, and change “skyRenderingEnabled = true” to -> “skyRenderingEnabled = false”


My game is experiencing lag spikes! How do I fix it?


 - For that we should blame CurseForge, as it comes with pre-bundled java version. I suggest using MultiMC, it might be a hassle, but you are going to experience better performance.


Can you add Tinkers Construct?

 - Perish


You can read here to increase your performance. Trust it, as it was written by my lovely nerd girlfriend


 - CurseForge & Performance and Better Performance Settings

The summoning altar is not working on my server.

- The altar is bugged on servers and you most likely will need to spawn the Pharoh and the Witherstorm by yourself. I have asked the developer of the mod to fix it, but he said no.



Special thanks to Antibang for helping with some stuff that I was too lazy to do


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