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Feder's Scarecrows



Feder's Scarecrows adds a new type of decorative and functional entity: the Scarecrow!

These scarecrows can be placed similarly to armor stands. However, that's not the only thing they do.

Scarecrows can also repel enemies away from them! The default scarecrow only repels zombies though. If you want to cover for more enemies, you need to change your scarecrow.
Using some crafting recipes, you can dress up your scarecrow with a couple of outfits, each of them protecting against different enemies.

For now, the outfits are:
Wolf Outfit - Protects against all Skeleton-like mobs. (Wolf Outfit's hat taken from Minecraft: Dungeons' Wolf Armor)
Ocelot Outfit - Protects agaist all Creeper-like mobs. (Ocelot Outfit's hat taken from Minecraft: Dungeons' Ocelot Armor)
Guardian Outfit - Protects agaist all Enderman-like mobs.
All of the enemies that the Scarecrows repel can be configured using Datapacks, so mod compatibility is easy.

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