Cosmetic Armor Reworked


This mod must be installed on both client and server for it to work in multiplayer.


This mod is my reworked version of Cosmetic Armor. This mod is for Forge.

The original mod has a few bugs, and it is licensed under MIT License. The author hasn't fixed them, so I figured why not make my own version.


This mod allows you to wear two sets of armor, one for display, one for function.

You can also hide armor for your skin.

For PVP, you can stop the mod from functioning on your client side.


You can press a key (default is set to 'None', you need to change it in Controls under Inventory category) or the button added in your inventory screen (bottom right to your character, similar to the Baubles button) to open the Cosmetic Armor Inventory, left side is your normal armor slots, right side is your cosmetic armor slots.

Any armor placed in cosmetic armor slots will not have any effect on you, only for display purpose.

They will drop on death. There is a config option to allow you to keep them after death.

Little square buttons on cosmetic slots are Skin toggles. When turned on (white), that piece of armor will not display at all.

This mod also adds those buttons to other supported mods' slots. When turned on (white), the item in that slot will not display at all. There is config options to disable these for each individual mod.

Little square button on the left to inventory button is mod disable toggle. When turned on (white), the mod will not work on your client side, this is for PVP.

There is a command '/clearcosarmor [player]' to clear one's cosmetic slots.

There is a command '/coshat' to swap the item in your main hand with the item in your cosmetic head slot.


There is an API for other mods to interact with.


I rushed coding for this in one day, there might be some issues, reporting them to me is appreciated.



dmillerw - original author

azanor - some code learned from baubles

izuminya - button icon

Deph0 and sblectric  - support when i'm absent