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I am no longer interested in modding. This project will no longer be updated. I am not interested in maintaining this anymore. Requests and demands for updates will be ignored. Look mom I'm on tv. I got bored with modding. I'm too busy watching Hololive streams. My time is better spent on non-Minecraft projects. Is this long enough to be noticable yet? It's nice that curse finally lets you resize text with a color now, it only took 5 years. Nevermind it's still broken.


Here's What You're Looking AtLicense

HWYLA (Pronounced "Hwhy-la", similar to "Coo-Hwhip")

Hwyla is available for both Forge and Fabric. For Minecraft 1.14.2 and above, make sure you are downloading the properly tagged file for the loader you are using.


A fork of WAILA by ProfMobius. This fork is permitted under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.

I intend to update this fork quickly and often.

All plugins/addons/compatibilities created with the official mod are 100% compatible with this fork.


Hwyla is available for all versions since 1.10.2 for both Forge and Fabric (1.14 snapshots and above). Yes, the files exist. Stop asking me to port to versions I have already supported. Curse is bad and displays things poorly, use this page to find the file you want.

People are blind so I made this red. Maybe it'll work now? There's only so much handholding I can do before I'm defeated by the stupid.

Just in case you missed it, this entire line is a link to the page you want.

If comments are disabled, it's because a large quantity of annoying swept through there like a tornado. If they're enabled, I must be crazy.


You can find a list of most changes right here.

Notable Lesser Known Features

  • By default, Numpad 3 and Numpad 4 can be used to lookup the recipe of blocks in the world in JEI. This requires JEI to be installed to function.
  • You can change the colors and text formatting of the tooltip in-game by navigating to the in-game config, opening the "Waila" options screen, and selecting "Format content...".
  • If you are having issues with tooltip handlers added by mods, you can run "/dumphandlers" which will produce a text file with all registered handlers and what types they are registered to.
  • As of 1.12, the Narrator can be toggled for the tooltip. This will use the system's text-to-speech library to tell you what you're looking at.
  • If you feel that having the item being displayed in the tooltip is redundant, it can be disabled.

Modpack Permissions

Modpack permissions