Falling Leaves (Forge)

594,014 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 19, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

This Forge mod for Minecraft 1.16.x adds a neat little particle effect to leaf blocks. Users can configure which types of leaf blocks will drop leaves and the frequency that these leaves are dropped at. This is a Client side only mod.


This is a port from Falling Leaves (Fabric)  (replacing the configuration gui with datapacks (see below for more info))





You can configure following setting in the fallingleaves-client.toml in the config directory


leafSize: modifies the size of the leaves

leafLifespan: modifies how long it takes for the leaves to disappear

leafSpawnRate: modifies the amount of leaves that are spawning

coniferLeafSpawnRate: modifier the amount of leaves are spawning from conifer trees

dropFromPlayerPlacedBlocks: weather player placed blocks should drop leaves too

minimumFreeSpaceBelow: how much room below the leaves block is needed for the leaves to spawn

disableWind: disable wind effects for the leaf particle

windlessDimension: a list of all dimension types where there should be no wind



To define leaves as conifier besides the predefined values here embedded values . You need to create a datapack following the same pattern as the embedded values in "data/<modid>/fallingleaves/<blockname>.json" with the following syntax and default values:

  "spawnrate": 1.0,
  "isConifer": false



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