Infernal Expansion

145,523 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 27, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

A community-made Nether Update!

Infernal Expansion is a Vanilla+ styled Minecraft 1.16 mod-in-development for Forge that aims to expand the Nether beyond the scope of the Nether Update!


In this first release, we add five new mobs to each Vanilla biome:

The Voline, the Shroomloin, the Warpbeetle, the Embody, and the Basalt Giant!

See the trailer below:

We also added Smooth & Brick variations to Glowstone for all your building needs!

Ever wanted to put Glowstone Dust into block form? Now you can with Glowdust and it's Sandstone variants, too!

There's several more blocks and items included that you'll see utilized in a whole new Glowstone-themed biome down the road, too! ;)

And lets us not forget one of the most valuable additions...

The NTP command!
When used in either the Overworld or Nether, it teleports you there and back no problem!

No more summoning Nether Portal blocks for you! 


If you would like to contribute to the development of the mod with textures, models, or perhaps most invaluably coding ability... 

Come join the Discord! 

We hold monthly contests and have a wonderful community of brainstormers and artists!

We have a lot to do, so it may take a while, but hopefully it'll be worth the wait! :D

(Note: Requests for back-porting or mod-loader porting will be ignored/deleted.)
Wonderful Render by !

(Yes, this mod is compatible with Biomes O' Plenty, Biomes You'll Go, and other mods that add to the Nether ;)

We'll let you know if there's any exceptions.)


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