Infernal Expansion

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Infernal Expansion is a community-based mod for Minecraft that seeks to expand on the official Nether Update, with both additions to the existing content in the Nether, and wholly new creations!

Our first release introduced several new Glowstone-based building blocks, a new handy command and 5 brand new mobs, one for each Nether biome.

Now, after 13 months from its conception, our second official release refines most of the content from our first, and also introduces a brand new biome... The Glowstone Canyon! 


The short version
1 New Biome!
2 New Discs, effects and weapons!
3 New Foods!
9 Total mobs!
Dozens of structures!
Numerous QoL improvements!
Nearly 100 new blocks!
And much, much more, all without any dependencies!

Important to know if playing with Biomes O' Plenty prior to 1.18

Our biome provider pulls in biomes from other mods with the "nether" tag, so by playing on a regular Survival world with these mods installed alongside IE, they'll automatically be added to the Nether (With our mobs spawning in BYG biomes, no less!) If you still want to have BOP's overworld biomes show up, you'll have to go to the generation.toml file in your config/biomesoplenty folder, find the line called "use_bop_nether" and change the true value to false. From there, the Biomes O' Plenty World Type should include our biomes and others' too! (Also, you can catch fire in Boric and Cryptic colours too!)


Important to know if playing with TerraForged prior to 1.18

TerraForged, by default, forces the Nether to generate as the Vanilla Nether. To get around this, we've created a custom World Type that will supply all modded Nether biomes into the Nether with TerraForged installed. To do this, when creating a world select the Terraforged World Type. Under the World Type button, you will now see a Customize button. After clicking Customize, click the right arrow at the bottom once. Then, scroll down to the Dimensions section. Click on the Nether button until you see Nether: infernalexp:compat_world_type. Then, continue creating the world as normal and all modded Nether biomes should generate in the Nether!


Important to know if playing with Incendium (Warning: Advanced)

Incendium, by default, overrides the BiomeSource for the Nether, resulting in modded Nether biomes not generating. In order to stop this from happening, it is necessary either to modify their custom BiomeSource or delete it altogether. If it is deleted, their biomes and structures will still generate, albeit more rarely. To modify or delete their BiomeSource you will need to open the jar using some zip file opener, such as WinRAR or 7zip. Then, navigate to data/minecraft/dimension/the_nether.json. You can then either modify this file to include modded biomes or delete it to allow all modded biomes to generate!


Everything there is to know about Infernal Expansion~

Nether Wastes

Voline (Feeding & Magma Cream throwing) - Volcanic ankle biters of the Nether Wastes. Can be killed for nuggets of gold, *or* used as your own personal army that'll rip anything doused in Fire Resistance to shreds. Magma Creams can now be thrown to inflict Fire Resistance for a couple seconds, so use it to your advantage! They can also be fed Magma Cream to be fattened up. Once full and sleepy, they can safely be fed Gold Items, and will spit out half their value in nuggets and the new Molten Gold item that can be used to craft a Blindsight Tongue Whip.

Quartz & Quartz Glass - Nether Quartz can now be found growing across the ground of the Nether Wastes around veins of Quartz Ore! This gives the biome a little more personality than it had before. You can also place Nether Quartz on Quartz blocks too, among others! Quartz can now also be crafted alongside regular glass into reinforced Quartz Glass that is blast resistant! No more Ghast griefing!

Striders now stay warm on Magma Blocks! Baby Striders, small Magma Cubes and unfed Voline can also be picked up in Lava Buckets for easy moving!

Fire Charges can be thrown like snowballs! They can also be used to craft Torches and Campfires!

Any Smooth block can now be used in Blast Furnace crafting, including Smooth Quartz!

Red and Brown Mushrooms can now be crafted into (chitin-based) Paper!


Both Forests

Fungus Caps - Storage blocks for Crimson and Warped Fungus! They can also be found rarely generating in their forests in patches!

Nylium Paths - Crimson and Warped Nylium (And Soul Soil) paths are here, allowing you to make your Nether builds cosier than ever before!

Shroomlight Tears - Warts of Shroomlight now grow on the block itself, finally making Shroomlight renewable in a practical way via bonemeal! They also look very pretty and grow in different directions dependant on the biome!


Crimson Forest

Shroomloin (Ascus Bomb & the Infection effect) - Defenders of the Crimson Forest from outside invaders, the Shroomloin sees Piglins and Hoglins as natural to the biome's environment, but players as outside threats to be disposed of. They can be fed a different kind of Fungus, and will transform into that fungus' variant, neutralising their reaction to the destruction of the Crimson Forest! If you would still like to kill them however, they drop Ascus Bombs, which can be thrown to induce the Infections effect that slowly poisons, and can be spread to other living entities. Ascus Bombs can also be brewed for the potion equivalent!

Hoglins now drop Hogchops, a better porkchop! It's only right given how tricky they are to fight, wouldn't you agree? (This can be toggled off!)


Warped Forest

Warpbeetle (The Spider slayer) - Simple stewers of the Warped Forest. Derived from a now extict race of Overworld Beetles, Endermen kiddnapped a bunch of them due to their love for eating small bugs like Endermites. Through aeons of exposure to Endermen, Endermites and the Warped Forest, Warpbeetles in their current form emerged. They'll attack any Spiders in sight! They can also shed into a brand new Chorus Fruit pattern if fed said fruit!


Soul Sand Valley

Embody (Soul Salt Clumps & Soul Spunk) - Wayward souls of the Soul Sand Valley given form. They seek out Skeletons for their bones to expand their physical forms' strength and will use any opportunity to bring an unsuspecting human down to the sand with them. They leave behind Soul Salt Clumps after being vanquished, which can be used to cure Rotten Flesh back into Jerky and eaten for 10 seconds of Speed. Rarely, you might rip an absolute jam out of their hearts in the form of the Soul Spunk music disc, created by LudoCrypt!

Buried Bones - Much like the Wastes, the Valleys have now been given just a touch more character by featuring bones that are sticking out of the sand throughout the biome! They can also be placed on a variety of other blocks, too.

Soul Shrines - Small new structures that show you what you can do with Soul Slate!

Soul Slate and Soul Stone building blocks.


Basalt Deltas

Basalt Giant - Titanic protectors of the Basalt Deltas. Natural stone colossi that came about to obliterate the Magma Cube menace that dares filthy its home turf. Trifling with the neutral creature is not reccomended, as it'll kick you like a football if you dare challenge it. If you win however, you'll be showered in XP.

Strider Altars - Tall lighthouses dedicated to Striders are now littered around the Deltas, and may contain hidden chests inside! Just be careful in case you get covered in lava.

Basalt Building Blocks - All new Basalt Bricks, which can be placed to imitate the verticality of Basalt itself!

Basalt Iron Ore - You can now find iron in the Deltas, giving you just that extra bit of incentive to go there!


Glowstone Canyon

A brand new biome comprised of gigantic Glowstone Stalagmites surrounded by fallen Glowstone Dust that has settled into Shimmer Sand! Be careful not to run into the Dullthorns sprouting from the biome, nor fall into any pits or overhangs! Environmental danger is the name of the game, so as long as you're paying attention, you'll be fine! (I'm sure...) Ambience and music in the biome was provided by LudoCrypt, the artist behind the biome's own song, Spindle!

Glowsquito, Glowcoke & Flush - Wispy blights on the Glowstone Canyon. These flying leeches suck the light out of Glowstone, reducing it to Dimstone and eventually Dullstone. The Dust hardens in their bodies, becoming pressurised Glowcoke that can be farmed for Glowlight items. If you dare emit light as their signature snack does, they'll come after you, so stay away from Dullthorns, Luminous Fungus and Glowlight Fire, whatever you do! Luring a Blackstone dwarf into killing one of these cretins will potentially reward you with the Flush music disc, yet again created by LudoCrypt!

Blindsight, Tongue Stew & Tongue Whip - Monsterous munchers of the Glowsquitos. These guys' stony shells have completely blotted out their eye-sockets, reducing them to relatively peaceful, boulder-looking creatures... When there isn't a Glowsquito in their wake. In spite of their effective disability, they're still a force to be reckoned with if you come unprepared! Their tongues can be put in a stew, or used in conjunction with Molten Gold to create a handy Blindsight Tongue Whip, great for dealing with enemies at a distance and knocking them back!

Blackstone Dwarf & Desolate Bastion Outposts - Creations of the Piglins run amok that slaughtered their creators, leaving themselves isolated and without purpose. Now, they'll rip apart any other humanoid who dares trifle with them or their Desolate Bastion Outpost structures, which can be raided for goodies! Crushing them reveals a golden apple core inside. How did that get there, I wonder?

Glowsilk Moth, Glowsilk Bows & Luminance - Dazzling flutterers found in multiple biomes but of Canyon Origin, these little bugs can be slain for their Moth Dust that can brew Luminance potions, which when consumed have you illuminate the path in which you walk. If thrown on the undead, the sunlight-like properties of the potion will burn them up! Their inert cocoons can also be found out in the open in multiple biomes (Crimson Forest, Basalt Deltas and Glowstone Canyon, the string of which can be used to repair your tools and armour or to make a Glowsilk Bow in a Smithing Table, capable of firing arrows naturally covered in Moth Dust that light up the trajectory they fly in.

Glowstone, Dimstone, Dullstone, Shimmer Stone, Shimmer Sandstone building blocks! Shimmer Sand can also be used in conjunction with Glass to create Glowlight Glass!

Heaven Portals - Numerous portal frames surrounding portals of Glowstone... What could they mean? Eh, who cares, free loot! Did you know that due to the amount of light in this biome (and likely some other supernatural forces,) all clocks point up as if they were in the daytime?)

Right-clicking Dull or Dimstone with Glowstone Dust regenerates it back into its more illuminated form!

Luminous Fungus - Fungus that lights up when approached! Great for building and Redstone contraptions, and also inadvertently dangerous in the Glowstone Canyon - Watch where you step, this thing will light you up with the Luminance effect just like their spinier, stemmier counterpart, Dullthorns!


General Additions

Catching fire in Soul fire will now have you burn blue! (As will other fire types their respective colour.)

In-Game Config - Tons of configurable features that you can turn on/off at your leisure! These include the ability to whitelist and blacklist biomes to your choosing, configurable mob hostilities and spawning, the ability to prevent the Luminance effect from lagging your machine called Luminous Refresh Delay (setting it higher increases the delay on the light update, decreasing lag), and much more!

/ntp - A new command that lets you travel to the Nether and back without hassle!

/setworldspawn now sets all players' respawn in the Nether if used there!

/setdimensionspawn has also been introduced, which sets an individual players' respawn point in an alternate dimension! It takes priority over /setworldspawn.

Infernal Paintings - Lovely new pixel art paintings made by our Discord community!



Compatibility with Supplementaries - Their mod adds a Glow Sconce when IE is installed!

Compatability with 'Dustrial Decor -  They similarly add a Large Glow Lantern when IE is installed!

Compatibility with Quark - When installed, vertical slabs for all our slab-based blocks show up in your creative menu!

Compatibility with Enhanced Mushrooms - This mod changes the hanging Brown Mushroom stems in the GSC to their custom stems!

Compatibility with Autumnity - We PRed Glowlight Jack-O-Lanterns and Large Glowlight Jack-O-Lanterns into Team Abnormals' Autumnity, ala textures from Slice!

They denied it. Their policy on compatibility, to quote TA moderator Mods, is "We handle cross-compatibility ourselves or not at all." Here's the full explanation from Bagel for more info: https://i.imgur.com/ckItrle.png Nothing we can do about it. Sorry!

Compatibility with Endergetic Expansion - At least you can catch on Ender Fire! The Shroomloin also has variants based on the mods' fungus, too!

(As it does with BYG, BoP, Darker Depths, Habitat, Shroomed, and Quark, too!) 

Update: AHA! Alas, Much More Mod Compat comes to the rescue! Check it out! https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/much-more-mod-compat


Full Release 2 Translations
Japanese (日本語)
Polish (ˈpɔlskʲi)
Spanish (español)
German (Deutsch)

Partially Complete (2.0 Betas)
Russian (Русский язык)
Romanian (românește)
Brazilian Portuguese (puɾtuˈɣeʃ)
Argentinian Spanish (español)

Release 1 Translations
Taiwanese Mandarin (臺灣話)
Bahasa Melayu (Malaysia)
Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesia)
Canadian French
French (français)
Hebrew ([ʔivˈʁit / ʕivˈɾit] (Ivrit) עברית)
Latvian (latviešu valoda)
Dutch (Nederlands)


(Note: Requests for back-porting or mod-loader porting will be ignored/deleted.) 

Come join our socials! We hold occasional contests and have a wonderful community of brainstormers and artists in our Discord, post previews on our Twitter, and have a cool website in the works! Similarly, consider checking out some of our other works!