Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons TiC Edition

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Do you like roguelike dungeon crawling games? Or exploring Minecraft world for dungeons and structures for loot? Tired of all that tech stuff and just want more fun? Then this pack is for you. It is completely focused on adventuring and exploration, looting and fighting. Fight you way through the dungeons, improve your skills and gear, complete quests and conquer new undiscovered dangerous dimensions. There is no time to relax because as you grow stronger, gathering better equipment mobs will also gain health and becomes stronger!


Not enough for you? Want more? Explore new dimensions - Twilight ForestThe BetweenlandsAether, The Beneath, Cavern II, Atum II, Tropicraft! Find new mobs, experience new landscapes and unravel more mysteries. Step through dimensional doors to find mazes, dungeons and traps. Lose yourself in enchanted forest where time stopped at twilight and encounter boss monster like Lich, Hydra, Naga and few more.

Make your way to the wonderful world of Aether... Explore an amazing realm in the sky with help of your newly crafted airship! Delve into labyrinths, aquire new equipment and fight even more bosses.
Still reading and not dowloading the modpack? Got more for you - Betweenlands. It's a harsh unforgiving world of swamps and dangers with many new mobs and bosses with lots of new mechanics, blocks and items for you to explore.
Experience all the beauty of new worlds.

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Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons Tinkers Construct Edition is focusing on a popular mod Tinkers Construct but still have all the feature of original modpack, except all tools and armors are replaced with Tinkers.

◼️ new different ways of crafting better, faster and stronger equipment. Use patterns for tool and weapon parts that will allow you to create hundreds of combinations; each with their own strengths, weaknesses, and effects.

◼️ same with armor! Construct's Armory is an add-on mod for Tinkers' Construct that adds four armor items: Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots. These armor types can be customized just like the tools from Tinkers' Construct, allowing you to make different armor parts out of different materials in order to form a completely custom armor item.

◼️ large choice of tools ranging from normal pickaxes and shovels to the Hammer which will clear any stone/ores in a 3x3 area and the Mattock which is a combination of an axe, shovel and a hoe. Customizable arrows and bows are also available.

◼️ make tool parts out of various materials such as Cactus, Paper and Obsidian. Each material has a unique property to it and may enhance the capabilities of the final product.

◼️ as you use your tools you get xp for doing whatever the tool was intended for, and gain extra modifier.

◼️ if you're already familiar with Tinker's Construct mod - there are a lot of new modded materials that you should try to find and use. Materials from Twilight forest, Aether, Embers, Betweenlands!

◼️ a lot of items were replaced with Tinkers counterparts or disabled completely but main artifacts from mods such Atum or Twilight are still enabled.


1. For starting Tinkers Construct you will need couple items and new crafting stations:

  • Stencil Table
  • Pattern Chest
  • Part Builder
  • Tool station

Some basic materials for crating toolsparts: wood, stone, flint, bones.

2.Use Stencil Table to craft needed patterns for desired tools. You can see needed patterns in Tool station.

3. In Part Builder use Patterns and desired material to craft tool parts. Different materials provide different bonuses.

4. Use Tool Station and craft your tool or weapon.

5.You can apply modifier to your tools any time if you have free modifiers. You can gain modifier for doing whatever the tool was intended for.

6. Later you can change parts of your tool and ugrade mining level with that. (stone head -> iron head, etc)

7. There is also an addon for Tinkers construct that adds four armor items: Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, and Boots. These armor types can be customized just like the tools, allowing you to make different armor parts out of different materials in order to form a completely custom armor item.


◼️ tons of dungeons and new structures to find and explore. Delve underground or explore ruins on surface.

◼️ new dimensions with own bosses and adventures. (Twilight Forest, Aether, The Betweenlands, Cavern II, Atum, Tropicraft);

◼️ be a wizard! RPG-style system of magic spells to Minecraft with the aim of being as playable as possible. No crazy constructs, no perk trees, no complex recipes - simply find spell books, cast spells, and master the arcane!

◼️ dragons! 🐉 Ice or Fire - choose and try to tame them. 

◼️ door and portals that can teleport you to mazes, puzzles and traps.(Dimensional Doors);

◼️ harder and smarter mobs. Diablo-like modifiers for mobs will make you tremble from fear...

◼️ increased mobs variety: from peaceful chameleons to creepy creature.

◼️ quests that will guide you through the game and give you some challenges.

◼️ earn coins for completing quests and exchange them for valuable rewards you like.

◼️ scaling difficulty. As you become stronger mobs will too!

◼️ airships! Perfect for your Aether exploration.

◼️ some improvements to wolves. Make a new friend so you don't travel alone.

...and more for you to discover!

As of version - 1.0






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