Progressive Bosses

For the Fabric port, check [Fabric] Progressive Bosses (note that this is only a port and will probably not get new features in the future) 

This mod requires InsaneLib

Progressive Bosses! A mod that makes Wither and Ender Dragon harder each time a new one is fought. Also makes the Elder Guardian's fight harder.

The difficulty will adapt based off the players around the boss.

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Notable Changes include

  • Scaling health. Higher Difficulty = Higher health and health regen
  • New abilities, like Wither Charging
  • Minions. Both Dragon and Wither have Minions
  • Caged crystals. More cages will spawn around crystals
  • Faster Fireballs and Skulls. Dodging is harder
  • Elder Guardian Fight's harder and with an actual reward! 
  • And more!

Check out the website for a list of all the features



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Don't download this mod from any other website than Curse or the Curseforge app. It might be scam and might harm your PC. Check https://stopmodreposts.org for more infos.