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Embers Rekindled

Embers is best described as a dwarven magic mod. It features a smattering of magical and technical content, from staples such as ore doubling and item transport to alchemy and magical ray guns. All centered around the core mechanic of Ember, a limited form of power that you must extract from the world's core near bedrock.

Hold up


Why is there two pages for Embers?

Initially we wanted to make Embers Rekindled available on the main Embers Curseforge page, but eventually we figured it would be better to make it a seperate project akin to Roots Classic.


Will my worlds be compatible?

Your worlds will be compatible with Embers Rekindled, as Rekindled will use the same Embers modid. Embers 2, the project that will be hosted on the main Embers curseforge page will not be compatible with your worlds.


Wait, Embers 2? Modid?

Embers 2 will likely have a different modid until 1.13, at which point the Embers Rekindled modid will change to something else and Embers 2 will receive the old Embers modid back. This is because worlds will likely not survive into 1.13 anyway.


Whats the difference between Embers Rekindled and original Embers?

Latest Embers version: Oct 30, 2017

Earliest Embers Rekindled version: Aug 14, 2018

Please stop putting this question in my comment section I beg you


Can I use Embers Rekindled if my world previously had original Embers?



Do I need to remove the original Embers?



Can you add X?

Maybe, but there's a much greater chance if you put your suggestion on the issue tracker.


The Codex is bad!

Maybe, but it could be improved if you put some suggestions on the issue tracker.


Does this work with Aetherworks?

Yes, but the Twitch Launcher will pull the wrong dependency and you'll need to disable/delete the original Embers from your list.


Clarification: As of 30th April '20 there is no Embers 2 Release, so no, you are not using Embers 2.



If you're looking to contact me about this project, head to my Discord.



There is now a (not fully completed) text guide, graciously provided by Alator.