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An add-on for Electroblob's Wizardry, introducing many new spells, artefacts and new elements




 Ancient Spellcraft is a Minecraft modification that adds magical content to your game. The mod is an addon for Electroblob's Wizardry.


Currently, the mod adds over 133 unique spells, rituals and over 70 artefacts and many more various things.


Some of the spells which are added by this mod... 

   ... a Will o' Wisp spell which can locate biomes for you!

   ... Teleport to your own pocket dimension to have a remote home

   ... teleport to the Nether through the purple flames of Hell's Gate - a way to quickly travel between the Overworld and the Nether without a nether portal

   ... summon an army of undead skeletal wizards to fight your battles for you

   ... turn a desert into a lush land (or drought some lush fields?)

   ... Contingency spells - prepare for a battle and release your magic right at the moment when you need them






Update 1.2.0 (2021.07.26)


- Added over 40 new spells

- Added 20 new artefacts

- Added the Ritual system with some of the first rituals, including the Arcane Barrier

- Added the Scroll of Transmutation and

- many other features 


Spells and other contents

Discover the spells in the game, or check the wiki list of all spells here


Required Dependencies

- Electroblob's Wizardry


Optional Dependencies

- ArtemisLib - for the size altering spells

- Baubles - for the artefact slots

- Patchouli - for the in-game manual book



You are permitted to use this mod in any mod pack, just make sure you provide a link to this page in your credits. Redistribution in public hosting is not allowed.



If you encounter any issues or problems, you can report them in the Github issue tracker, or more preferably in discord if you want a quicker way to discuss.



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