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A signpost with destinations


A 1.16.5 & 1.17.1 version is in the making.

If you would like to help speeding up the update by testing the newest development version, check out the current release.

Here's a hint on some of what's to come:


12.02.2019: Version 1.08 released

06.04.2020: Fix 1.08.4 released

Also check out harceroi's Signposts mod (1.7.10 only) or Rikshy's Atlas Extras (1.12.2 only) for integration into the Antique Atlas!

Also supporting the Waystones mod.


This mod adds three blocks and three tools:

  • The waystone can be placed and named.
  • The signpost/large signpost looks like a single fence block. The players can register up to two waystones as destinations for every post (one for large signposts). Once a signpost has a destination, an arrow-shaped sign with the destination's name on it gets attached. After discovering a waystone (right-click), a player can use every signpost with this waystone as destination to teleport back to it.
  • Signpost variants:
  • The signpost wrench is used to rotate and flip the signs in the right direction.



  1. Place a waystone. For other types of waystones look here: Placing a waystone
  2. Open its gui (shift+right click with bare hands) and give it a fancy name. Players can now discover this waystone by simply right-clicking it.
  3. Place a signpost.
  4. Open its gui (right click) and enter the names of the desired waystones as destinations. You can force the signpost to display other names by pressing ENTER. These signs can obviously not be used for teleport.
  5. Use the signpost wrench to rotate (right click), counter-rotate (left click) or flip (shift+left click) one of the arrows.
  6. Players can now teleport to the destinations by right-clicking the signs, provided they have discovered the specified waystone.
  7. Right click a sign with the calibrated wrench to open the rotation gui. You can now enter an angle or the coordinates of a block. Left/shift+left click a sign to make it point in the direction/opposite direction you are looking.
  8. new: You can paint a post or sign by right clicking it with the signpost brush. This will turn the post/sign multi-colored. Right click it again with a block of your choice to assign this block's texture. For more information look here: Painting a sign 
  9. Hitting a sign with bare hands will make it point directly at its destination. Not available in creative mode
  10. You can add snow/gras/vine overlays to signs by hitting them with snowballs/seeds/vines. Remove them by hitting the sign with any item/block except signpost items. Not available in creative mode
  11. Note that signposts and waystones are generated in vanilla villages by default. Thus, villages have signposts pointing at each other. The first generated village will have an empty signpost. It will be filled as the second village is generated.

Grassy post pointing directly at waystoneSnowy post



  • "/getwaystonesleft [<player>]": Display the amount of waystones you/the specified player (op only) are allowed to place.
  • "/getsignpostsleft [<player>]": Display the amount of signposts you/the specified player (op only) are allowed to place.
  • "/setwaystonesleft <amount> [<player>]": Set the amount of waystones you/the specified player are allowed to place (op only).
  • "/setsignpostsleft <amount> [<player>]": Set the amount of signposts you/the specified player are allowed to place (op only).
  • "/discoverwaystone <name> [<player>]": You/the specified player will instantly discover this waystone (op only)
  • "/signpost list": List all waystones


Config file:

  • Enable/disable question whether to teleport on signpost right click.
  • Possibility to deactivate teleportation
  • Option to select an item as payment for teleportation
  • Restrict the amount on waystones and signposts a player may place.
  • Set a maximum distance between signpost and waystone
  • Disable/enable interdimensional teleport
  • Define which players can place/use waystones or signposts: everyone, owner+op, creative+op, op only
  • Choose whether recipes are expensive, very expensive, disabled or normal:








  • Disable needed discovery of waystones
  • Enable/disable generation of signposts and waystones in villages
  • Choose which waystone models can be crafted
  • Configure village generation stuff


 Recipies may differ, depending on the server's config.




Warning: Changing world names is not supported. Interdimensional teleport (via signposts) might be buggy.



Changelog 1.08:

  • Added generation of signposts and waystones in vanilla villages
  • Added "/signpost list" command
  • Some bug fixes
  • Some code refinement


Chinese localization by TartaricAcid

Russian localization by Aqelius 


You may include this mod in modpacks.






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